No Cinderella story for Caddyshack-clad White Sox

White Sox in Caddyshack attire
The White Sox aren't playing so great in Baltimore, but they looked hilarious getting there.

Son of a son of a golfer

Landshark golf bag
Courtesy of Margaritaville
Even if you're playing in the coldest of climes, The Landshark golf bag will have you thinking tropical swing thoughts.

Playing Mr. Nice Guy backfires -- literally -- on Weir

Mike Weir
Getty Images
Mike Weir suffered a strange, unlucky injury on Sunday night.

It's a home game for former PGA Champ Bradley

Keegan Bradley
Getty Images
If Keegan Bradley looks like he feels right at home this week it's because he is.

A chance to become a "world champion" golfer

World Am Golf Championship
Over 3000 golfers of all levels, from all over the world, compete in the World Am Golf Championship.

Mad at your putter? You're not alone

Nick Watney
Getty Images
Nick Watney clearly was happy with his putter at The Barclays, but a couple dozen players across the Atlantic weren't so fond of their flststicks.

CamCaddy Solves Video Problem

A South Carolina entrepreneur has solved the problem of videoing your swing on the range with the easy and affordable CamCaddy.

Look at what I got!

Slammin' Sam beer
Touting his 82 record victories and 7 major championships, Slammin' Sam lager bills itself the smoothest beer in golf.

Olazábal completes European Ryder Cup Team with wildcard picks

European Ryder Cup team
Getty Images
European Ryder Cup Captain José María Olazábal poses with the Ryder Cup shortly after making his wildcard picks.

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