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November 22, 2016 - 3:34pm
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T.J. Auclair
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Andrew Johnston
USA Today Sports Images
Andrew "Beef" Johnston was undoubtedly one of the most memorable characters from PGA Championship week.

This time of year is all about reflection.

Today we're going to look back and revisit nine of our favorite memories from the week that was at Baltusrol in Springfield, N.J., during the 2016 PGA Championship, where Jimmy Walker picked up his first major victory.

9. Phil Mickelson's second-round, even-par 70. How the heck is that on a list of memorable moments, you ask? An even-par round on the second day of the season's last major in ideal conditions for scoring? Well, it deserves a spot on the list for two reasons: 1. Mickelson's awful start; 2. Mickelson's remarkable perseverance.

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Mickelson won the PGA Championship at Baltusrol in 2005, the last time it was contested there. He had high hopes in 2016, coming off a runner-up finish in the Open Championship... and then a first hole, triple-bogey 7 happened to immediately put Lefty behind the 8-ball on Day 2.

He could have packed it in right there. But, he didn't. Mickelson buckled down, got locked in and bounced back with four birdies against one bogey the rest of the way for his even-par total. An awesome display.

8. Andrew "Beef" Johnston... all week long. The man affectionately known as "Beef" endeared himself with fans in arguably the toughest sports market in the country and became a cult hero. He may have tied for 60th by tournament's end, but Beef was the people's champion at Baltusrol.

7. Rich Beem turning back the clock and a very special chip-in for the fans on Sunday. The 2002 PGA Champion at Hazeltine, Beem doesn't play a whole lot of tournament golf these days, spending more of his time as an on-course reporter. At Baltusrol, he showed a flash of brilliance with a 1-under 69 in Round 1. He eventually tied for 73rd, but gave fans this memorable moment on Sunday.

6. The work of the Baltusrol grounds crew. It isn't the most glamorous job in the world and it's probably one of the more thankless, but if it weren't for the effort of these tireless men and women at Baltusrol, the tournament never would have finished on Sunday. Hats off to them.

5. The little kid who got up in Jason Day's face... for a high-five on Friday. Probably my favorite moment of the tournament, personally. Day played his shot from outside the ropes and this little dude didn't miss his opportunity to get a high-five from the world's No. 1 player and defending PGA Champion.

4. Rickie Fowler waits behind the 18th green to congratulate his buddy Jimmy Walker after the win. Just a cool gesture.

3. Jimmy Walker's hole-out birdie for his first birdie of the final day at the 10th hole. Walker needed something to jumpstart his final round and this sure was it.

2. Day's eagle on the 72nd hole to put pressure on Walker. Getting an eagle when you absolutely need it to have any chance at all is no easy feat. Doing it in a major makes the task that much more difficult. Day did it and made Walker sweat. What a finish.

1. Walker's winning moment. It was a short putt and maybe not the flashiest of moments, but it was a putt that Walker had to have after Day eagled up ahead of him. I don't care what the length of the putt is -- when it's to win your first major, the pressure must be like nothing you've ever experienced before.


November 22, 2016 - 1:58pm
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T.J. Auclair
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hole in one
This story out of England is sure to make all you lifelong golfers out there without an ace go absolutely bonkers. During her first ever golf lesson, a lady named Becky Marsh did the unthinkable and made a hole-in-one.

How long have you playing golf? Have you made a hole-in-one? If so, how long were you playing before that ace came?

I'll bet you it didn't come as quickly as this woman's from England.

Golf Digest stumbled upon a video posted to YouTube on Nov. 16, showing a lady named Becky Marsh -- during her "first ever golf lesson," the video claims -- making a hole-in-one on a 60-yard, par-3 at the Academy Course at Kendleshire Golf Club in Bristol, England.

The club of choice? A 7-iron. And, as if you weren't already jealous enough that a lady playing for the first time did something you probably never have that carries 12,500-to-1 odds, it was even caught on video:

Are you buying what this video is selling? As Golf Digest notes, it's posted by a a teaching pro named Emma Brown, who actually shot the video. That would seem legit? Plus, Marsh's swing certainly looks like that of a beginner...

... Who has nothing left to experience in golf but disappointment, just like the rest of us!

Great video, great shot and great reaction. If that doesn't make Marsh a golfer for life, I don't know what will. 

November 22, 2016 - 8:54am
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T.J. Auclair
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Rickie Fowler and Jimmy Walker were among the players during a World Cup of Golf welcoming ceremony that posed for a picture with a massive snake in Melbourne, Australia.

Players representing 28 countries are in Melbourne, Australia, this week for the World Cup of Golf, including USA teammates Jimmy Walker and Rickie Fowler.

As part of the welcoming ceremony, some players posed with wildlife from Down Under. Like Belgian teammates Thomas Pieters and Nicolas Colsaerts here with a baby kangaroo:



Adorable, right?

Well then how do you feel about Walker, Fowler, Joost Luiten and Portuguese team members Ricardo Gouveia and José-Filipe Lima with a MASSIVE snake?







I'd prefer to not be within a long par-5 of that thing.

November 21, 2016 - 12:27pm
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Rickie Fowler
@dannygolf0724 on Instagram
Rickie Fowler and buddy Danny Lee have been engaged in a prank war with one another for over a year now. Over the weekend, Lee took it up a notch.

Since the Tour Championship in 2015, PGA Tour players Rickie Fowler and Danny Lee have been locked in a fantastic prank war.

It all started when after winning for the first time at the 2015 Greenbrier Classic, Lee admitted in a post-round interview that he wished he had a girlfriend.

Fowler then put a nice hashtag on Lee's reserved parking space at the Tour Championship a few weeks later:

Lee responded by doing this to Fowler's car:


Can't wait for Rickie Fowler to finish his 2nd round at Tour Championship and see what Danny Lee did to his car

A photo posted by Zach Klein (@zachkleinwsb) on

The shenanigans went back and forth, with Fowler getting Lee good earlier this year at the Players Championship with the 'ol shaving cream in the shoes trick:


good one @RickieFowler put shaving cream inside my shoes... @pgatour #playerschamp #howcanipayback

A video posted by danny lee (@dannygolf0724) on

There were a few other pranks in between, but Lee really, really got Fowler good over the weekend as the two were on their way to Australia for this week's World Cup of Golf.

If you're a frequent traveler, is there anything more annoying while going through airports than waiting in those TSA lines? Yes. There is one thing: When TSA stops you to go through your bag.

Unbeknownst to Fowler, Lee -- standing behind him in the TSA line -- snuck a bottle of water into Fowler's carry-on bag. That set off the detectors in the security line and forced Fowler to step to the side while an agent examined his bag.

A+ troll job by Lee in the video that followed:

Based on the expression on Fowler's face, I get the feeling this won't be the last prank pulled in the war. 

Keep that head on a swivel, Danny.

November 21, 2016 - 11:54am
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T.J. Auclair
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black friday
If you need an excuse to not feel guilty about playing golf instead of shopping on Black Friday, we've got seven of them for you.

Black Friday. Some people love it. Others dread it. Whatever your take is, can we just all agree that it results in absolute madness?

Instead of dealing with all that craziness, why not play golf instead?

Here are seven to play golf instead of shopping on Black Friday.

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1. Pegging it on the first tee is far more appealing than long lines and traffic, isn't it? Plus, in many parts of the country there may not be many opportunities left to sneak out for a round of golf before the courses are covered in snow. You don't have to get up at 4 in the morning and be the victim of a stampede.

2. Piggyback on the family time from at home on Thanksgiving and extend it to the course. Less than 24 hours earlier, you and your loved ones stuffed yourselves silly at the dinner table. Why not take the chance to spend a few more quality hours together on the course while also burning off some of those calories?

3. The opposite of the last entry -- and hopefully it doesn't apply to any of you... Playing golf on Black Friday is a chance to sneak away from everyone you might be sick of from spending all that time with the day before! There's no sweeter escape in the world than the serenity of the golf course.

4. Since most people will be shopping, the course shouldn't be too busy. If you're anything like me, you're as excited as a kid on Christmas morning when you arrive at your favorite local course only to find that it's basically all yours. What's better than that?

5. It'll likely be cold outside. Take the opportunity to see your course from a different perspective -- you know, instead of the perspective of a golf cart. For starters, walking will keep the blood flowing and, in turn, keep you warmer. Plus, it'll afford you the chance to spend more time thinking about and mapping out your next shot, while also perhaps noticing beautiful details of the course you may not have noticed before.

6. Play a game different from what you're used to. With a firmer ground, you're going to get more roll. Take advantage of that and your cold hands to play more of the bump-and-run game at your course that you're used to seeing at the Open Championship every summer. Try to focus on hitting shots that stay low and pierce through the wind. You can't believe how fun it is to hit shots with clubs from yardages you'd never even consider when it's 80 degrees with not a breath of wind in the summer.

7. Ever heard of online shopping? Why waste your time fighting the masses at the malls this Black Friday? Hit the links, folks, and then -- later in the day -- hit your keyboard to take advantage of all those deals without costing yourself a cherished late-season round of golf.

November 21, 2016 - 8:22am
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T.J. Auclair
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Billy Horschel
@PGATOUR on Twitter
After playing 72 holes of brilliant golf at the RSM Classic, Billy Horschel earned a spot in a five-man playoff... but he was quickly eliminated after missing a 2-foot putt on the first playoff hole.

Golf is a cruel game. What happened to Billy Horschel on Sunday is all the proof you need.

Horschel, who last won on the PGA Tour in the 2014 Tour Championship (the same year he tore through the FedExCup Playoffs on his way to winning the season-long prize), played great golf last week in Sea Island, Georgia. So much so, that after 72 holes, he found himself in a five-man playoff.

For Horschel, however, disaster struck on the very first hole of said playoff and he was quickly eliminated after missing this kick-in putt:

That's just not fair. But, it happens. And kudos to Horschel for taking it in stride.

Darkness put an end to the playoff on Sunday and it was forced to resume Monday morning. Aside from the obvious -- a chance at a fourth career PGA Tour title -- there's another reason Horschel likely wished he was still around for Monday's resumption of overtime in Sea Island:


Can't the guy catch a break?