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Jordan Spieth bobblehead
AT&T via YouTube
"Bobblehead Jordan" takes dead aim at a co-worker's coffee cup in the AT&T offices.
Last fall, the creative folks at AT&T conjured up an extremely cool mosaic of their spokesman Jordan Spieth made entirely out of more than 24,000 golf balls. It took a 25-member team two whole days to lay out all those balls in a pattern precise enough to create an incredible likeness in a park in Spieth's – and AT&T's – hometown of Dallas.
Now, though, those folks are thinking just a little bit smaller. They've come up with a Spieth bobblehead, and plan to give away 8,000 of them to fans who attend Saturday's action at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am out on the Monterey Penisula.
The one similiarity between the mosaic and the bobblehead is that both depict Spieth holding his finish. The big difference is that the Spieth bobblehead is a bit of a scamp – in a funny YouTube video, "Bobblehead Jordan" is in an AT&T office, where he hits spitballs toward the coffee cup of a coworker.
I can't picture the real Spieth doing such a thing, so maybe BobbleHead Jordan is his evil twin or something. But I do know this – that bobblehead will very likely prove to be a popular collectible.
The John Deere Classic created the first Spieth bobblehead back in 2014, when it handed out 200 of them to children. Spieth won the John Deere that week, and soon enough some of those figurines made their way onto eBay, where they were listed for as much as $799.99 apiece. 
That, according to people who follow the bobblehead market, is far more than other golf bobbleheads have sold for, and no doubt this new one will be very much in demand as well – just as Spieth is as his fame explodes around the world.
Here's "Bobblehead Jordan" causing trouble in the AT&T office:
February 8, 2016 - 1:17pm
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T.J. Auclair
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Rickie Fowler
@CamCox12 on Twitter
After a tough playoff-loss to Hideki Matsuyama at the Waste Management Phoenix Open on Sunday, Rickie Fowler tried hard -- but to no avail -- to fight back tears in his press conference.

In case you missed it on Sunday -- understandable because there was a pretty big football game going on -- Rickie Fowler was outlasted in a four-hole playoff by Hideki Matsuyama at the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Fowler, working his way towards the "King of Cool" status that Fred Couples has enjoyed for a few decades, showed us a side of himself we've never seen before in a post-playoff presser.

Fowler has been one of the best players in the world for some time now, so his tough loss on Sunday was nothing to be ashamed of... but he was more than a bit disappointed.

"The hard part is having, you know, all my friends and family and grandpa and my dad who haven’t seen me win, but I will be able to kinda hang with them tonight," Fowler said, fighting back tears. "I'll be all right. With how good I'm playing, I know I can win. Thats the hard part."

Here's the video:


As mesmerizing as it is to see guys like Fowler make an excruciatingly difficult game look so easy, it's refreshing when we're reminded they're human too.

As if Fowler didn't have enough fans already, one would have to think he gained even more here. 

Peyton Manning at Super Bowl 50
USA Today Sports Images
Peyton Manning earned a lot of praise from PGA Tour ranging from Tiger Woods to Jordan Spieth on Super Bowl Sunday.
So what did you think of the Super Bowl? Personally, neither of my two favorite teams came anywhere close to the playoffs this season, so I watched the game with as little emotional attachment as maybe I've ever had.
Even so, it was fun to watch the game and banter back and forth while it was unfolding. A number of PGA Tour players also were interested in the game, and spent the entire time hashing out the happenings on social media.
Here's a rundown of some of the best comments from some of our favorite players, including Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth, Luke Donald and more:
and finally:
Rickie Fowler and Hideki Matsuyama
USA Today Sports Images
Rickie Fowler and Hideki Matsuyama needed 22 holes to decide the champion in Phoenix on Sunday.
The final round of the Waste Management Phoenix Open was pretty exciting, as Rickie Fowler and Hideki Matsuyama jousting back and forth down the back nine and then through four holes of overtime. 
But we also know that their battle was at its peak just about the time the Super Bowl was kicking off, and didn't even until the game was well underway – and that even if you're the world's best channel flipper, you might have missed some of the great action.
So, without further ado, here's a quick video recap of the final round, along with a couple of interesting notes:
-- Fowler now is 2-2 in his PGA Tour career in playoffs. Both of his losses have come in Phoenix (Sunday, and 2009 at Grayhawk).
--Matsuyama got his victory a year after finishing second at TPC Scottsdale.
Here you go: 
PGA Tour/YouTube
Jon Curran gets calf-deep in the pond at the 17th hole Saturday.

If getting up-and-down from a bunker is called a "sandy," then perhaps what Jon Curran pulled off Saturday at the Waste Management Phoenix Open could be referred to as a "soggy."

Curran's tee shot at the 17th hole wound up at the edge of the lake surrounding the green, but the ball was resting on some cattails. So Curran took off his shoes and socks, rolled up the pants and decided to hit it from the hazard rather than taking the penalty.

Technically, it's not really an up-and-down, since Curran needed two putts for his par. But since we've defining a new term, we can call it anything we like. As in, "pretty good shot from a lousy lie."