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Kristoffer Broberg
PGA Tour via YouTube
A chagrined Kristoffer Broberg got a congratulatory pat from his caddie after his wedge shot dropped into the 16th hole on the fly Friday at Doral.
At No. 68 in the world ranking, Kristoffer Broberg was about the last man into the field for this week's Cadillac Championship. And after an 11-over 83 to open on Thursday, it's pretty clear that he'd didn't quite have a handle on the Blue Monster.
This afternoon, however, the 29-year-old European Tour player from Sweden hit a shot he'll remember a long time after he forgets the start to his week. 
Broberg was sitting 86 feet away from the flag on the par-4 16th hole, and pulled out a wedge to try to knock his ball up close and salvage a par. He made solid contact – maybe a little too solid – and his ball flew all the way to the flag – and dove into the hole for an unlikely birdie. The ball never hit the ground – and had it not hit the flag, it would have finished up waaaay past the hole.
Broberg's chagrined reaction was as hilarious as his shot was eye-popping. But hey, a birdie is a birdie – and we're happy to report that he's playing much better today. That slam-dunk birdie was the second of three in a row for him, and he's 2 under par for the day as he plays his final nine holes.
Here's his shot:
PGA Tour/Twitter
This Fowler fan was spotted on the course during the WGC Cadillac Championship.

So this young man was seen on the course Friday at the WGC Cadillac Championship.



A true Rickie Fowler fan.

We can only hope he made it to the No. 12 hole to see this gem from Fowler.



That was Fowler's third shot, setting up a short birdie putt, which he made.

Fowler started on the back 9 and the putt took him to even on the day and 2-under for the tournament.

Tiger Woods
Bluejack National via YouTube
Tiger Woods enveloped Taylor Crozier in a big bear huge after the youngster made a hole-in-one at the grand opening of Tiger's par-3 course at Bluejack National.
When Tiger Woods isn't hitting 9-irons or giving advice to Jason Day, he's helping to break in the new golf course complex he designed at Bluejack National, a new community outside Houston, Texas. 
Woods was there Wednesday, in fact, for the grand opening of The Playgrounds – a 10-hole loop of par-3 holes that range from 53 to 102 yards in length. A large crowd was on hand for the festivities, which included some kids getting to check out the facilities.
One of those kids was 11-year-old Taylor Crozier, who was announced to the crowd as having "perfect attendance in school this year – until today." Young Taylor might have missed some lessons, but safe to say he etched a pretty good chapter into his own personal history.
Taylor stepped up to hit the very first shot on the new course – it landed on the green, and spun right into the hole. So the first ace to be recorded at The Playgrounds came o the very first shot struck there – and it happened with Tiger standing right there.
The crowd went nuts when the ball disappeared into the cup, and Taylor got plenty of congratulations – including a big bear hug from Tiger. In fact, no one seemed happier than Tiger for the kid's special shot on this very special day.
Here's the video of the hole-in-one and, down below, a shot of a scorecard that Taylor no doubt will cherish the rest of his life. Not only does it have Tiger's autograph, it also shows that both Taylor and his playing partner beat Tiger by three shots!: 
Russell Grove and Taylor Robert
Russell Grove via Instagram
Russell Grove used two golf balls, two clubs, and one buddy on a dirt bike for a very unusual trick shot.
Rickie Fowler is without a doubt the most accomplished golfer who has a motocross background, but he's not the only one. Just recently, we came across Russell Grove, Taylor Robert and Pat Smage, motorcycle champions whose careers span motocross, X Games competition and even enduro racing.
Grove looks to be the big golf enthusiast of the bunch – he posted shots of him playing TPC Scottsdale and attending the Waste Management Phoenix Open last month on social media – and a budding trick-shot artist to boot. He's recently starred in a couple of trick shots that we've never seen before – mostly because they incorporate very cool dirt bikes.
In the first one I’m posting below, Smage rides his bike down onto a little seesaw, which flips a golf ball and a can of Red Bull up into the air. Grove hits the ball in mid-air, while Robert catches the Red Bull can, pops it open and takes a drink. Nice.
The second one, though, is the jewel. Grove is standing out in the desert with two golf balls stacked on a range mat. Robert comes roaring up on his bike and, just as he reaches the mat, Grove takes a full swing – the bottom ball goes flying out into the scrub, while the top one pops straight up into the air.
At that moment, Robert pops a nose-wheelie, and Grove yanks another club off his bike. Robert drives away and Grove smacks the fast-falling top ball with his new club. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is a trick shot!
Robert "made his first caddie loop today and did quite well," Grove noted on Instagram. Could be a career in golf awaits both these guys down the road.
Here are the videos. Be sure you turn your sound on for full effect:
Tiger Woods is working on getting stronger and more flexible, according to Wednesday's post to his web site.

A week after he posted a video on social media showing him practing in a simulator, Tiger Woods added an update Wednesday to his website.

WOODS WORKING?: Tiger posts video of him practicing

In it, Woods states "there is no timetable on my return to competitive golf." He also wrote that he and son Charlie have three-hole chipping contests, with the loser having to do push-ups. However, Tiger didn't comment on how many times he's been on the short end of those games, only that his "short game feels pretty sharp."

Here's the full transcript of what Woods wrote:

As I announced last week, I am starting to feel a lot better. I have been chipping and putting at home, and recently started hitting 9 irons. That's been so nice. After all, Florida is the Sunshine State.

My son Charlie and I compete in just about everything and have three-hole chipping contests. The loser has to do push-ups. My short game feels pretty sharp.

The big thing right now is trying to get stronger and more flexible. Sitting out as long as I did, some weakening occurred, and I have a lot of work ahead of me.

FANS HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN: Tiger Woods remains relevant

While there is no timetable on my return to competitive golf, I want to play this game at the highest level again. In order to do that, I have to get healthy.

I've received many nice calls and texts from my fellow PGA TOUR players and want to thank them for their support and encouragement. It's a fraternity out there, and we're all in this together. 

Today, I am excited to be outside Houston to host a special member day for the official opening of The Playgrounds and The Place at Bluejack National. The Playgrounds is a 10-hole short course where the focus is on fun and family. The vision is to attract multi-generations to promote socializing with family and friends and introduce new players to the game. Players can practice there too, and it challenges golfers of all skill levels to learn to hit a variety of shots.

We will also celebrate the opening of The Place, just the third Nike Performance Center in the world. I'm grateful to Nike for its support.

The front nine at Bluejack National is now open, and I am very appreciative for the nice reviews. I couldn't be more proud of how it is turning out. The back nine is scheduled to open in late April. 

That's all for now. As always, thanks so much for your great support. Without a doubt, I have the best fans in the world.

Take care.

-- Tiger Woods