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March 28, 2013 - 10:20am
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T.J. Auclair
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Bobby Jones
Bobby Jones
The spring line of the new Bobby Jones apparel includes bright, bold colors.

Bobby Jones has long been known as one of the more high-end lines when it comes to golf apparel.

That's not changing. 
What is changing, however, is that the company's offerings are getting younger, hipper and adopting more of the athletic fit that seems to have taken over the clothing racks in golf shops these last several years. 
For example, the new XH20 Performance Technology shirts from Bobby Jones are described by the company as, "Shirts that will keep you cooler and drier throughout the day due to its patented moisture management system. The performance technology transfers moisture away from the body by distributing it across the fabric and quickly evaporating. This technology also has an anti-static element and will not irritate the skin. The fabric has a UV rating of 15 which will protect you from the sun's damaging rays. The permanent performance application and soft cotton hand feel will last wash after wash."
The three-button polo is available in turquoise, tang, or thistle and retails for $82.50.
Bobby Jones is also introducing a Tri Color, 1/4 Zip Birdseye Sweater with its spring line. Retailing for $175, the 1/4-zip sweater comes in french blue and iris.
A 1/4 Zip Ripstop Pullover Jacket, which was made with Water/Wind Resistant Fabric, is available by Bobby Jones as well. It comes in a variety of colors from key lime to black to geranium. It retails for $195.
You can find all of the new items being offered by Bobby Jones this spring on its website, here.
Along with the great shirts, sweaters and jackets, vests, shorts and pants are also available. 
You can visit Bobby Jones via its Facebook page, here, or on Twitter, @golfbobbyjones.
March 27, 2013 - 4:07pm
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John Holmes
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Keegan Bradley
Getty Images
Michael Jordan is enouraging Keegan Bradley to be more cocky and aggressive in the course.

Move over, Dr. Bob Rotella. The hottest mental coach in golf right now is -- Michael Jordan!

A few weeks ago, we ran a Buzz item about how Luke Donald had turned to His Airness for help with his on-course attitude. And now comes word that Keegan Bradley has done the same.

Bradley frequently plays golf with Jordan down in Jupiter, Fla. And while Bradley says he's taking Jordan’s money, he's also picking his brain – and that some of Jordan's advice helped him last week at Bay Hill, where he tied for third.

Jordan wanted ''to be more cocky out there, more aggressive [on the basketball court], and I'm learning ... what he was thinking and it's a big help to me,'' Bradley told The New York Daily News. ''I just kept telling myself I've hit these shots a million times no matter what shot it is and to just let my talent take over and not wonder if I'm going to hit a good shot.''

Jordan also has reminded Bradley to remember the times on the course when he's been at his emotional and physical best – such as at the last Ryder Cup, when his energy lifted not only his playing partner Phil Mickelson but also the entire team.

Bradley plays with Jordan ''a bunch,'' usually giving him five shots a side, and jokes that it's ''the easiest money I've ever made.''

Seriously, though, Bradley loves playing with Jordan because ''there's going to be a lot of trash talk and he's going to want to beat you,'' he told the newspaper. ''I think that his short game is above average, what a tour player's would be. He's a very good player. Hits it very short. I make sure to point that out to him.''

And despite all the ribbing, Bradley is thankful for Jordan's help.

''He's such a good guy. He's so good to me,'' Bradley told The Daily News. ''It's really a good thing to have somebody like that to be able to text and reach out to. He's very approachable, very willing to give me information and help me out, which is really cool.''


March 27, 2013 - 3:06pm
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Nike Covert Irons
Buying golf clubs online is both popular - and risky.

One thing we know for sure - golfers love to buy golf toys. Whether it's clubs, clothes, accessories, shoes, souvenirs, whatever -- there may be no better demographic for advertisers than the 26 million golfers in the United States.

You know what else golfers love? Deals. Not necessarily being cheap, but golfers definitely have an eye toward value for the dollar spent. I'm as guilty as any of them. I don't need a new wedge, I have more than enough golf shirts for any foursome -- but if I spot a good deal online or at the local pro shop, I have to purchase

This week, in our "A Quick Nine" franchise, we asked our 175,000-strong Facebook nation what they liked to buy (and where they bought it) when shopping for golf items online.  The results were interesting, but not surprising.  Again, golfers love to shop and find deals. 

However, when coupled with another recent story I read -- this from The Wall St. Journal on the prevalence of counterfeit clubs for sale online -- it does give me some pause about what I buy (and even more, where I buy it.)

Hey, here's a good spot to plug the 'PGA on eBay' shop on eBay, where you can shop with confidence that the merchandise you're purchasing has been carefully vetted and approved by a PGA-staffed facility.

OK, that's enough as far as advertising. But just thought I'd share the read -- and wish you well in your hunting for great golf items. 

March 26, 2013 - 9:44pm
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John Holmes
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TaylorMade Spider Blade and Callaway Versa putters
TaylorMade Spider Blade (TaylorMade) and Odyssey Versa blade (Callaway)
The TaylorMade Spider Blade putter (left) unveiled in Houston on Tuesday, immediately caught the attention of Callaway, whose Odyssey division is marketing its Versa (right) putters.

No one has been releasing more compelling new equipment and marketing it more aggressively this year than Callaway and TaylorMade. So maybe what happened on Tuesday was inevitable.

On the practice green at the Shell Houston Open, TaylorMade unveiled its new Spider Blade putter. The TaylorMade rep who goes by the Twitter handle @CharlieTour tweeted out a photo of it, and said, ''Here's a first-look @TaylorMadeGolf's new Spider Blade putter - coming soon - from the practice green @ShellHouOpen.''

Clearly, the introduction didn't escape the notice of Callaway Golf, whose Odyssey division has been actively promoting its new Versa putters this spring. An hour after the TaylorMade tweet came a reply from Callaway Senior Vice President Harry Arnett, who responded: ''Just got pictures sent to me by our guys @ Houston event. The Versa knockoffs have made their way to Tour already! #thatdidnttakelong.''

The putter on the right is the Odyssey Versa #1 blade, one of several putters in the Versa line whose dominant feature is the striped head – the thick black and white stripes running laterally down the head to make alignment easier.

The putter on the left is the TaylorMade Spider Blade. We don't know much about it yet, but it also has a distinctive black and white color scheme.

TaylorMade didn't respond to Arnett's tweet, but we have a feeling this discussion is just beginning.

March 26, 2013 - 11:56am
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T.J. Auclair
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Phil Mickelson
Phil Mickelson hits a flop shot over Roger Cleveland's head.


Don't try this at home, friends.
The video is a must-see. Mickelson, with Cleveland standing the length of a sand-wedge in front of him, explains and executes a flop-shot that travels just over Cleveland's head.
Mickelson explains before hitting the shot:
"Well you've probably seen this on the Golf Channel with Dave Pelz. You're not quite as tall as Dave, so this shot is not as hard. But I put you a sand-wedge away in front of me. The key to this shot is keeping the leading edge low. If my hands stop and I try to flip it up like a lob shot, the leading edge is going to go right into the ball, I'm going to blade it and you're going to feel the effects."
A nervous laugh from Cleveland ensues, before Mickelson proceeds.
Man... that guy is good! Suddenly, that flop-shot wall on Golf Channel's Big Break looks like a piece of cake.
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March 26, 2013 - 10:26am
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T.J. Auclair
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Lindsey Vonn
Lindsey Vonn celebrated her boyfriend Tiger Woods taking over the No. 1 spot in the Official World Golf Ranking on Monday with this tweet.


You know, like Facebook and Twitter official. Because in this social media era, it's not official unless it's tweeted or FB'ed.
Well, fast forward to Monday when Woods won the Arnold Palmer Invitational for an incredible eighth time in his illustrious career and reclaimed the No. 1 spot in the Official World Golf Ranking.
Vonn, delighted with her boyfriend's accomplishment, sent out a simple tweet to her 200,000+ followers to recognize the occasion:
@lindseyvonn: "Number 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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