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Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn at the Met Ball
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Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn attended the Met Ball in New York on Monday.

Tiger Woods spent a good part of Tuesday at TPC Sawgrass, putting the final touches on his game ahead of The Players Championship.

On Monday night, of course, he and girlfriend Lindsey Vonn were in New York City, where they attended the Met Ball – a fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art that is widely considered among the Big Apple’s biggest social events of the year.

So why did Tiger, who has demanded so much privacy off the golf course, attend such a high-profile event? 

''Lindsey wanted to try and grow her brand. She's come out with a new perfume and makeup line, so that was a big thing for her and I'm supporting it,'' he told the Associated Press on Tuesday. ''As you know, I'm not really big into fashion stuff. The theme was pretty interesting, because obviously I remember some of that stuff when I was a kid. But I certainly didn't wear that stuff.''

Are more red carpets on the horizon?

''We'll see,'' Woods said. ''Maybe I can just go in jeans and a T-shirt or something.''


2014 Masters tickets
Getty Images is now taking applications to enter the lottery for tickets to the 2014 Masters.


If you're 21 years of age or older, you can now apply to be included in the lottery for 2014 Masters tickets.
The Masters Tournament announced this week they its now taking lottery applications on You can click here to visit and apply.
There are two very important deadlines for the lottery application:
1. The deadline to apply for practice round tickets (April 7-9, 2014) is June 30, 2013.
2. The deadline to apply for the dily tournament tickets (April 10-13, 2014) is May 31, 2013 and notes, "A very limited number of Daily Tournament tickets are available."
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Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ, G30 Iridium
The Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ, G30 Iridium golf-specific sunglasses are perfect for enhancing the details of a golf course.


Most of the sunglasses worn by players on the PGA Tour are made by Oakley. And it's not just because the glasses look cool. Believe it or not, they can help your game.
Oakley's G30 Iridium lens promises to provide more detail, more definition and more depth perception so you can analyze the slope and see the smallest variations in grass grain.
Here's what Oakley has to say about the glasses, which are offered in the Flak Jacket XLJ style in the colors Polished Black and Polished White:
You’ll have the performance of razor-sharp vision that helps you avoid the bunkers and the rough, along with balanced light transmission that lets you read every nuance of the green and precisely gauge ball speed. World-class golfers consider Oakley eyewear to be essential equipment, so if you really want to improve your game, don’t stop at the right club. Get the right lens: Oakley G30 Iridium.
The golf environment challenges your vision in very specific ways. We engineered the G30 Iridium lens with precisely balanced light transmission to give you the best possible clarity, contrast and depth perception on the course. For us, lens tints are a science and an art, and every aspect of G30™ Iridium® was designed to maximize your vision for the game.
Think you know where the pin is? If you’re looking through ordinary sunglass lenses, you’re probably wrong. Inferior lenses can magnify what you see and fool your brain into thinking the hole is shifted from its true position. They can also corrupt clarity, and with all the eye fatigue, you may as well add a penalty stroke to every hole. We solved those problems with High Definition Optics (HDO).
Oakley HDO is a collection of patented technologies that ensure precise, accurate vision with razor-sharp clarity. We developed HDO for the world’s best athletes and for action sports where visual fidelity is the difference between going home with a medal and going home with a body cast. With HDO, you’ll see everything exactly where it is, and you’ll get the added benefits of unrivaled impact resistance and 100% UV filtering.
Oakley G30 Iridium is also available in a premium HDPolarized version that eliminates 99% of reflected glare.
The Flak Jacket XLJ frames provide superior comfort and -- aside from the enhanced details of the course you'll no doubt enjoy -- you won't even know you're wearing sunglasses.
To learn more aboout the Flak Jacket XLJ and the G30 Iridium lens, which retail for $150, click here.
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Kassandra Komma
Courtesy of Oakland University
Kassandra Komma recently had two aces on consecutive par-3 holes.


On May 3, Oakland University golfer Kassandra Komma did something pretty much unheard of: she scored the first -- and second -- holes of her career on consecutive par-3 holes.
The senior from Niddatal Hessen, Germany, scored her first career ace on the 177-yard third hole at R&S Sharf Golf Course in Rochester, Mich., and followed it up with another hole-in-one on the 108-yard seventh hole on her way to a 3-under 69.
“After I had the first (hole in one), I couldn't believe it at first because I did not see it go in,” Komma said. “The people we passed were standing on the green and they were yelling, but I still couldn't believe it. The second one, I did not know what to do. I started tearing up because there was no way I could get another one.
“I guess you can say I had a good round of golf ... to say the least.”
Komma finished sixth in the Summit League with a scoring average of 78.67 and earned all-league second-team accolades this past season.
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Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn at the Met Gala
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Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn made their first official public appearance as a couple Monday night at the Met Gala.

Tiger Woods will tee it up in The Players Championship on Thursday, but he spent Monday almost 1,000 miles away from TPC Sawgrass.

Woods and girlfriend Lindsey Vonn were in New York, where they attended the Met Gala – an extremely high profile fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The evening's theme was ''Punk: Chaos to Couture,'' but the couple played it straight with their wardrobe choices. Woods wore a skinny-tie tuxedo, while Vonn was attired in a long white dress. They attended the gala as guests of Vogue Magazine, which ''dressed them,'' according to Us Weekly.

Woods and Vonn confirmed that they were dating back in mid-March, and Vonn attended the Masters with Woods.


May 6, 2013 - 7:29pm
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Saxby Chambliss, Barack Obama
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Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss made his round with President Barack Obama quite memorable.


Call it the bipartisan shot heard around the world?
Making a hole-in-one is pretty awesome anytime. But all politics aside, making one as a United States Senator - while playing golf with a sitting President of the United States - well, that's just beyond amazing.
Such was the case on Monday for Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss.  The Republican lawmaker was invited to play with President Barack Obama, as was fellow GOP senator Bob Corker (Tenn) and Democratic Senator Mark Udall (Colo.)  
On the par-3 11th hole at Joint Base Andrews course in Maryland, Chambliss hit what he called a "choked down" five iron to ace the 156 yard shot. 
"It was pretty special", Sen. Chambliss told reporters after his round. "I didn't scull it. Hit a little fade."
His reward for such a feat: a signed flag by the foursome to commemorate his accomplishment. 
The round was actually cut short by an afternoon vote on Capitol Hill, so Chambliss was not held to the tradition of buying drinks for the group (or clubhouse) after the round. Chambliss stated this was his second career hole-in-one.
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