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PGA Authentic Junior Apparel by Fore!! Axel & Hudson
PGA Authentic Junior Apparel by Fore!! Axel & Hudson
PGA Authentic Junior Apparel by Fore!! Axel & Hudson was honored with a 2013 Earnie Award for Best Licensed Apparel.
Stylish clothing for the links isn't just for adults. PGA Authentic Junior Apparel by Fore!! Axel & Hudson has proven that and, thanks to their work, has been honored with a 2013 Earnie Award.
Here's the release with news of the award:
MONTEREY PARK, Calif. -- Fore!! Axel & Hudson – maker of stylish, sharp, golf-inspired, eco-friendly children’s clothing – announces its PGA Authentic Junior line of boys and girls clothing has received a 2013 Earnie Award for Best Licensed Apparel.
Presented by leading fashion trade magazine Earnshaw’s, the Earnie Awards annually celebrate childrenswear design excellence. No stranger to these honors, Fore!! Axel & Hudson was named Best New Company in 2011 and nominated this year for Best Boys Collection. Its newly-launched sister line – Fore’N’Birdie – was also nominated as Best Girls Collection.
“I was completely blown away to be nominated in three categories and truly cherish this victory for PGA Authentic Junior,” says Paul Nguyen, Fore!! Axel & Hudson Co-Owner and Creative Director. “It’s a testament to the amazing relationships we’ve built with retailers and their customers and I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to vote for us!”
Launched for Spring 2013 for the off-course market, PGA Authentic Junior is an official partnership with the PGA of America. It includes a range of classic and fashion-forward apparel, accessories and headwear for boys and girls. Capturing Fore!! Axel and Hudson’s Southern California roots and the PGA’s pride and passion for the game, the designs feature eye-catching details and luxurious, eco-friendly fabrics. Retailing from $34 to $101, items are available in sizes 2T through 12.
As the only comprehensive awards program for manufacturers in the industry, the Earnie Awards denote children’s retailers’ seal of approval. All winners will be presented with a trophy and a cast of adorable kids to model the front-running looks during the annual runway show at the Earnie Awards Ceremony, taking place at the Javits Center on Monday, October 7. 
September 9, 2013 - 7:40am
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Green jacket
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A very special green jacket -- the one given retroactively to Horton Smith, winner of two of the first three Masters Tournaments played -- sold for nearly $700,000 at auction.
The auction closed for the winner of the inaugural Masters Tournament's green jacket at 3 a.m. EST on Sunday, Sept. 8. 
The winning bidder was not identified.
Here's the description of the jacket from
Augusta National first awarded the Green Jacket to Masters Champions in 1949, beginning with Sam Snead, and at the same time retroactively awarded jackets to the nine former Masters Champs that had won the Masters from 1934-1948, including Horton Smith. Those jackets are affectionately referred to as the "Original 10".
The offered jacket is that exact Green Jacket that was awarded to Horton Smith in 1949 -- the only one of the "Original 10" Green Jackets to ever be offered for public sale.
Condition/Notes: The jacket is in exceptional overall condition, with no important condition issues to note. Jacket is a two-button single breasted model. Size 43L, Model 357X jacket. Two smooth brass buttons on front of jacket, and single smooth brass button on each cuff. Amalgamated Workers 1949 Series tag. No manufacturer is listed, though this is consistent with other known early Green Jackets that are attributed to Brooks Uniform Co. Augusta National Golf Club & former Chairman Clifford Roberts have both been quoted as stating that these original 1949 Green Jackets were produced by Brooks Uniform Co. 
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September 8, 2013 - 7:09pm
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Thomas Aiken at the Avantha Masters
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Thomas Aiken won the Avantha Masters trophy last spring, but likely won't get a chance to defend his title in the biggest golf event in India.

There’s good news, and a little bit of bad news, on the global tour front.

On Friday, the PGA Tour revealed two good pieces of news: The Tampa Bay Championship signed Valspar paints as its new title sponsor, while Hyundai renwed its title sponsorship of the season-opening Tournament of Champions in Hawaii.

A few days earlier, however, the Avantha Group said it would no longer sponsor the Avantha Masters on the European Tour, likely ending the biggest golf event in India after four years. Losing the tournament is a big blow to the small but growing movement of golf in India.

"It's definitely going to affect India's golfing scenario,” Sunil Manocha, the COO of promoter Nimbus Sport, told The India Times. “This is a bad signal for things to come in the future." 

The Avantha Masters was sanctioned by the European Tour, the Asian Tour and the Professional Golf Tour of India. With its loss, India now has three international tournaments – the $300,000 SAIL-SBI Open, the $300,000 Panasonic Open India and the $1.25 million Indian Open. 

The Avantha Masters' purse proved to be its downfall, as The India Times explained that the falling Indian rupee meant that Avantha was having to put in more and more money to pay the $2.3 million purse offered in recent years. Avantha, the paper said, had to increase its cash contribution as much 57 percent this year just to sustain the event.

For now, European Tour officials are keeping the Avantha Masters' dates – the week of March 23, 2014 – open, in hopes that another sponsor steps forward. 

Meanwhile in Tampa, Valspar signed on for four years, and its 2014 Valspar Championship will be played March 13-16, keeping intact a Florida Swing of four straight PGA Tour tournaments in March. In addition, BB&T Corp., a banking concern based in Winston-Salem, N.C., will be the presenting sponsor for the next four years. 

The Valspar Championship will remain at the Copperhead Course at Innisbrook, which many players consider one of the best tournament courses in Florida. 

Valspar is the Tampa Bay event’s fourth title sponsor since 2003. The tournament didn’t have a title sponsor last year, and there were concerns that it might not be played in 2014 without one.

Meanwhile, Hyundai signed a two-year extension to keep its name on the PGA Tour's first tournament of the calendar year. It’ll be held Jan. 3-6 on the Plantation Course at Kapalua, where the tour has opened its season since 1999. 

Next year, however, will be the first time that it won’t be the official season opener because the PGA Tour is going to a wraparound season that starts in October with six events. Its field will be made up of PGA Tour winners from the 2013 season, and those six tournaments that start the 2013-14 season. 

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

September 6, 2013 - 1:32pm
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Rob Labritz
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PGA Professional Rob Labritz (right) will never forget this practice round at Oak Hill two days before the 95th PGA Championship where he and Keegan Bradley lost a hefty bet to Jason Dufner. Despite the loss, Labritz may now be Dufner's biggest fan.
There's no denying the fact that 2013 PGA Champion Jason Dufner has become a fan favorite. Whether it's Dufner's flat-liner approach on the golf course, the fact that he looks like a cartoon character, his cracking wit and relentless busting of buddy Keegan Bradley on Twitter, or the #Dufnering phenomenon that nearly crashed Twitter earlier this year (OK, that's a slight exaggeration), there's nothing not to love about Dufner.
Well, add this to the list of reasons to love Dufner too.
Here's the background: it's no secret that there are a lot of money games going on between players during practice rounds. This was no different at Oak Hill when Dufner and Dustin Johnson squared off against Bradley and Rob Labritz -- one of 20 PGA Professionals who qualified for the PGA Championship with a top-20 finish at the PGA Professional National Championship -- on Tuesday of Championship week. 
Aside: Labritz -- a four-time PGA Championship participant -- miraculously did this to earn a spot at Oak Hill in case you were thinking, "I've seen that name before." 
According to Sobel's report, after some discussions on the first tee, the bet was set -- $500 per man. 
From Sobel's report:
Even after birdies from Labritz on 10, 11 and 13 and one from Bradley on 14, they found themselves 4-down with four to play. On the 16th tee, they pressed for half the amount, with Bradley taking the banter to another level.
“Keegan goes, ‘Hey Rob, did I ever tell you this story? I was 4 down with five to go and I won this tournament,’” Labritz says, recalling Bradley’s needling of Dufner about the PGA Championship finish from two years earlier. “Dufner goes, ‘Hey, it ain’t going to happen that way this week.’”
After a halve on the final hole pushed a second press, Labritz and Bradley found themselves $750 in the hole -- which was a slight problem for the club pro.
Labritz, you see, didn't have $750 cash on him. He had to write a check out to Dufner and left it in his locker. In the memo, Labritz wrote:
A few days after Dufner claimed his first major title, Labritz received a surprise in the mail. His $750 check...
Sobel tells us the rest:
It included Labritz’s check with the word “VOID” written through it and a note from the champ:
The gesture floored Labritz.
“Oh my God, are you kidding me? That’s just phenomenal. It’s just a classy move,” he says. “I think he’s a great guy.”
So, we gotta ask -- how cool is that?
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September 6, 2013 - 10:30am
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Golf Stereotypes
We've all played with "The Tee Box Talker Guy" haven't we?
In the last couple of weeks here at, we brought you a story on our "Unwritten Rules of Golf," and not long after, we reached out to our Facebook friends to give us YOUR unwritten rules of golf.
Well, to add to those two pieces, we wanted to share this video we stumbled across entitled, "Stereotypes: Golf."
Created by YouTube user "Dude Perfect" the video is a humorous look at many of the of the stereotypes we encounter on the course, including "The Old Guy" -- you know, the elderly gentleman who always says, "I don't hit it long, but I hit it straight"; "The Sand Trapped Guy" -- the player who takes several tries to get out of a bunker; "The Tee Box Talker Guy" -- the person who can't keep their mouth shut when you're about to tee off; and more.
It's a good laugh and, if you've played golf for any amount of time, surely you've encountered several of these.
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Salty Grips
Salty Grips
Salty Grips are cork putter grips that are a sustainable alternative to rubber.
In 2012, Mark Button and Whitfield Flowers -- two entrepreneurs with a love for both fishing and golf -- set out to combine their two passions by developing a lightweight putter grip inspired by the cork handles on fishing rods.
From that premise, Salty Grips was born.
A premium cork putter grip company based in Richmond, Va., Salty Grips aren't simply pretty grips that look different from others.
While they sure are pretty and different, the fact is Salty Grips also provide two key elements any golfer can appreciate. First, Salty Grips are a sustainable alternative to traditional rubber grips. And second, the light weight of cork and the smooth texture of the grips enhance feel and encourage a confident putting stroke. 
Unlike rubber grips, which need replacement, you can restore Salty Grips without even removing them from your putter. Simply give the grip a light brush with a fine-grit sandpaper and the cork will be restored to its original feel and hue.
"My Salty Grip is just what I need to feel quiet hands during my stroke," says Adam Smith, the 2008 Middle Atlantic PGA Section Teacher of the Year. "I teach tempo and connection during putting lessons. My students will truly improve their stroke and feel with this putter grip!"
Salty Grips are hand-crafted in Portugal and harvested from sustainable cork oak forests, and then finished, sealed and engraved in Richmond, Va. Currently, there are two grip options available: Mid-Plus Salty Grip at 40 grams (the lightest mid-plus putter grip available) and the Oversize Grip at 70 grams.
Custom engraving options are available on both grips and the grips, it should be noted, conform to USGA rules.
Salty Grips are available for purchase at, retailing from $34.95 to $39.95 with an additional cost for custom engraving. Free shipping in the U.S. and discounts on bulk orders is also available.
You can also check out Salty Grips on Facebook, or follow Salty Grips on Twitter, @SaltyGrips.
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