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November 16, 2014 - 4:13pm
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Brooks Koepka
Brooks Koepka is all smiles as he prepares to cut up his Turkish Airlines Open victory cake at 30,000 feet above the ground.

Post-round victory celebrations shouldn't surprise us, not after Bubba Watson's late-night trip to Waffle House after winning this year's Masters.

But after winning the Turkish Airlines Open on Sunday, following the trophy ceremony and photos, Brooks Koepke boarded a plane for what he thought would be a routine flight. Instead, the sponsor presented him with a very large sheet cake for his win.

TURKISH AIRLINES OPEN: Brooks Koepka rallies to post first European Tour victory

Here's a photo snapped by fellow touring pro Pablo Larrazabal and posted on Twitter:



At least Koepka didn't have to try and slice that cake with a tiny plastic knife. And that's definitely an upgrade from a tiny package of roasted peanuts.

Plus, there's nothing wrong with having wi-fi at 30,000 feet.

Stadium Course at TPC Scottsdale
Courtesy of TPC Scottsdale
The Stadium Course at TPC Scottsdale boasts renovated tees, greens and landscaping.
The Stadium Course at TPC Scottsdale is home to what many call "the world's biggest golf party" each winter when the Waste Management Phoenix Open comes to town. And, as anyone who's ever hosted a big party knows, after a while you've just got to clean the place up.
The PGA Tour has done just that. The Stadium Course, which closed last spring, reopened to public play today – just in time for the winter season – after an eight-month, $12 million facelift that included renovating both the course and the clubhouse.
"The time had come to update the Stadium Course at TPC Scottsdale to provide a more modern and state-of-art tournament course for today's tour players," said Tom Weiskopf, who co-designed the course back in the 1990s and led the renovation project. "These changes will also position the club to continue as the leader in the competitive Scottsdale resort and daily fee market."
During the makeover, Weiskopf resurfaced all the green, and relocated the greens on No. 2, 3, 4 and 14. He also reshaped the bunkers – replacing the brown sand with white – and tee complexes, added a new irrigation system and cart paths, and enhanced the course's desert landscaping by planting more than 250 trees. The clubhouse, meanwhile, now boasts larger locker rooms and meeting rooms, and upgrades all around.
The 2015 Phoenix Open is set for Jan. 29-Feb. 1.
November 14, 2014 - 1:15pm
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T.J. Auclair
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Jason Dufner
A baby elephant in Thailand took the hat right off Jason Dufner's head.

Jason Dufner, the 2013 PGA Champion, is in Thailand this week for the Chiangmai Golf Classic on the Asian Tour.

As part of his trip, Dufner went to visit some elephants on Thursday. One elephant in particular -- a baby -- decided to take Dufner's hat right off his head, tease him with it for a few seconds and then return it back to his head.

Funny and adorable video:

Worth noting that Dufner is a fanatic of his alma mater, Auburn University, sports teams. Alabama's mascot -- Auburn's arch rival -- is an elephant named, "Big Al." Surely 'Bama fans will love how this Thai elephant teased Dufner.

h/t Golfweek

November 13, 2014 - 4:16pm
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T.J. Auclair
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goose attack
This poor golfer was minding his own business when out of nowhere, he was attacked by a goose.

So, you're out on the golf course trying to enjoy a nice, relaxing round.

When, all of a sudden, a goose comes out of nowhere and attacks.

That's what happened to this poor dude, as you can see in the video below posted today on the America's Funniest Home Videos YouTube account:

As if the goose attack wasn't enough, the poor victim has to listen to his cameraman buddy laugh the whole time.

Not cool... but very funny assuming the man -- and the goose -- weren't hurt.

h/t Luke Kerr-Dineen at Golf Digest 

November 13, 2014 - 2:56pm
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Pebble Beach
Pebble Beach is one of the more-requested golf courses on our fans' bucket lists.

It seems like there's always another golf course that golfers want to play. And why wouldn't they? 

From Pebble Beach to Augusta National to St. Andrews, the world is full of terrific golf courses that would take a lifetime to play. But that's where a wish list -- or a #PGABucketList if you will -- comes in handy. 

We want to know what course you haven't played yet, but would love the opportunity to get in a round there. 

We went through the responses, and here are the top three most-wanted courses. You can see all of them below:

Augusta National

Eric Adamczyk: Augusta National. I'd love to just walk it, forget playing it, that's forever left to my imagination, we know that'll never happen.

Bobby Dunnigan: Augusta, hands down. I drive by there at least 10 times per month covering my territory with work. It's like Fort Knox.

Scott Anderson: Really, is this really a question? If you're really a golfer it's Augusta!

Arnie Oss: Augusta. One time in my life. Anyone have a in?

Pebble Beach

David Crowe: The one shown in the picture. The 7th green and 8th tee at Pebble Beach. There aren't too many golf courses with this kind of scenery.

Barry J C Meyer: Pebble, only if I can play with my son!

Jim St. Pierre: Pebble. Will be my military retirement gift to myself in 5 years!

St. Andrews

Bill Denfeld: The Old Course. I've stood on the 17th green but not with my putter.




Jason Dufner and elephants
Asian Tour via Twitter
Jason Dufner made some new pachyderm pals this week. No word on whether one of them will caddie for him this week.
This time of the year often finds some of golf's biggest names expanding their horizons. This week alone, for example, Bubba Watson is playing in Japan, John Daly is teeing it up in Turkey – and Jason Dufner is in Thailand, playing in the Asian Tour's Chiangmai Golf Classic.
To warm up for the tournament, Dufner spent some time at the Maesa elephant camp, which is home to one of the Asia's biggest concentrations of elephants. In the photo posted above, the Duf got to know some of the camp's littlest residents.
I do, however, have two questions:
--First, I see on the Maesa website that some of the pachyderms occasionally kick a soccer ball around. Do they ever swing a golf club?
--And second, how are Dufner's fellow Auburn fans going to feel about one of their own socializing with the unofficial mascot of the Alabama football team?
The answers to those questions will have to wait. But at least Dufner provided some clarity on his health situation this week. After missing 12 weeks – including the Ryder Cup and the PGA Tour playoffs – this is his fourth straight event halfway around the world.
"There were some questions if I was being too ambitious playing four weeks in a row after being away for almost 12 weeks. But I’m feeling good and stronger," he said. "This will be my last event before I get some time off again to get stronger and make sure I’m ready for the start of next year.
"I've been getting better with my results and game," he added. "I'm excited to be here and the conditions are close to what I played on growing up in South Florida. It is hot, humid with Bermuda grass. I'm excited to play in this type of golf conditions."