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September 19, 2012 - 12:27am
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John Holmes
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GoBe Golf shoes
Courtesy of GoBe Golf
The men's line of GoBe shoes includes three models (top), while the Elite model (lower right) is for women. All the shoes feature GoBe's unique stars and stripes traction pattern (lower left).

No one spends more time out on the golf course – teaching, working, and sometimes even playing – than PGA Professionals. So it’s no surprise to hear that PGA Professionals are involved in creating one of the most innovative new lines of shoes in golf.

GoBe Golf, a boutique footwear company based in Austin, Minn., was founded for the sole purpose of making the best shoes for playing golf. The shoes – there are both men’s and women’s lines -- are built from the ground up using innovative materials derived from advanced footwear technology to provide better traction, comfort and support for golfers, both on the course and off.

The most striking feature of GoBe’s shoes is their patent-pending Talon tread sole design, which uses a molded five-point star traction pattern to provide grip throughout the swing. The points of the stars grip the grass, creating superior traction without damaging the turf. The stars are strategically spaced to keep dirt and debris from building up, and the sole's non-slip stripes complement the star treads to stabilize the golfer during the powerful motion of the swing.

"The technology behind GoBe's five-point star tread elevates the golf shoe so it is a part of a golfer's performance equipment," said GoBe Golf President Joe Allen. "The stars are a terrific breakthrough in tread design because the five points on the stars can really grip the grass without creating the pressure points traditional cleats cause, which tire feet.

"The traction stripes are placed right where your feet need the most support during the swing to keep from sliding; it's added insurance against slippage," he explained. "The confidence you get from those traction points will make a big difference in the power of your swing."

The shoes – there are three men’s models and two women’s models – feature a PurTEC upper that is designed to be roughly 20 times more water resistant than treated leather. It breathes, keeps its color and shape, resists stains and is extremely durable in hot or wet conditions.

Inside the shoes is a GoBe Dry liner that has a patent-pending interior moisture management system with drainage channels, aeration holes at flex points and notches above the toe area to drain perspiration away from feet. The moisture-wicking fiber lining also aerates, and has anti-microbial and anti-odor properties to keep feet cool, dry and fresh. And to extend the life of their shoes, customers can order an additional pair of shoe liners at no charge.

The men’s shoes carry a suggested retail of $159 and the women’s shoes carry a suggested retail of $139. They come with a two-year warranty and will be sold only through high-end resorts, golf course pro shops, and online at


September 18, 2012 - 12:14am
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John Holmes
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Mizuno Aerolite X golf bags
Courtesy of Mizuno Golf
The current release of Aerolite X golf bags from Mizuno includes the Koi, Orochi, Script and Reaction designs.

There are a lot of cool products in golf, but one of the coolest we’ve seen this year is the GEN4 collection of AeroLite X bags from Mizuno Golf.

These bags are aimed at the younger, more fashion aggressive player looking to stand out on the course. They accomplish this by featuring a series of limited-run graphics printed on the bags, keeping the bags for sale for only six months, and never repeating a design.

"Golf has changed so much in the last decade,” said Aerolite designer Clint Vosloo. "People are less conservative and more likely to express another side of themselves on the course."

Available now is the fifth cycle of the Aerolite X line, featuring four designs: Koi, Orochi, Script and Reaction.

The Aerolite bags weigh in at four pounds, and contain Mizuno’s Kabuki Organizer Top Cuff, a seven-way divider with ‘Divide and Slide Technology’ that uses the natural weight of the clubheads to separate clubs for easy and quick access during play.

A lightweight, pre-curved AeroStrap dual shoulder harness features triple padding for enhanced carry comfort, and the Airmesh Hip Pad allows free flow of air, providing a comfortable carry with reduced perspiration build-up. The bags also have a lightweight, flexible handle with soft-touch tubing, as well as a waterproof rainhood that takes up less pocket space than many other hoods. They retail for $159.99.

"We had a mixed reaction to the first wave of these designs -- from love to pure horror," said Vosloo. "But they are pretty established now, and we get asked when the next set are coming out. 

"The more extreme the designs, the more people seem to like them," he added. "I can't wait to see the Koi Carp out on the course somewhere."

fFr more on the Aerolite X bags, visit


September 17, 2012 - 12:03pm
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Todd Anderson
The PGA of America
2010 PGA National Teacher of the Year Todd Anderson speaks at the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show

Todd Anderson is the PGA Director of Instruction at Sea Island Golf Club and renowned as one of the top golf instructors in the world. He was the 2010 PGA National Teacher of the Year and has a number of students playing at the highest levels including 2012 U.S. Ryder Cup team member Brandt Snedeker and U.S. team captain Davis Love III.

Even more, he's a great and respected friend to many - has been to me and virtually everyone he's met and interacted with.

But most of all, he's a tremendous father.  And that's the reason - and the anguish - for this posting.

Todd's 19-year old son Tucker, a student at the University of West Florida where he was attending on a golf scholarship, was in a serious car accident a little over a week ago.  Until we knew a little more about his condition and/or prognosis, I really didn't want to publicize it more than the family was comfortable with.  Updates are now coming, mainly through Todd's Twitter account. and through Tucker's CaringBridge site.

Many in the golf world have reached out to offer their support and the Anderson family is grateful and touched by the overwhelming response. This post is to share the difficult news with those that may know Todd and his family but haven't yet heard of the accident, to encourage you to share your best wishes and thoughts with Todd on his Twitter account, the CaringBridge page or through his website; or simply to offer support and prayers in any way you can. 

Our thoughts and prayers are certainly with the Anderson family.  Get well Tucker, we'll hold a spot for you on the first tee. 


September 17, 2012 - 8:42am
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T.J. Auclair
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PGA Junior League Championship
A team from California captured the inaugural PGA Junior League Championship on Sunday.


A neat new tournament was contested for the first time in Chicago this past weekend at Cog Hill Golf & Country Club.
The PGA Junior League Golf Championship featured six teams from around the country. It's a new team concept for aspiring young golfers, ages 7-13, and is similar to "Little League Baseball."
To read about the event, won by California, click here.
September 16, 2012 - 7:50pm
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John Holmes
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Most of us who pay attention to golf are well aware of the state of the sport here in the United States. So what’s going on north of the border? Canada’s National Allied Golf Associations (NAGA) has just released a study of golfers in Canada, surveying 1,300 players about their involvement, interest and support for the game; their level of play; and demographics.

The study determined that Canada has about 5.7 million golfers between the ages of 18 and 59 (it excluded people older and younger). About 18 percent of people enter the game each year and 18 percent also leave the game each year. Also, 38 percent of the golfers say they’re playing fewer rounds now than previously, while only 14 percent say they’re playing more.

The game appeals mostly to a well-educated, higher-income demographic, a finding that represents both a positive in the strength of that player base but also a threat in terms of its appeal to such a narrow slice of the population. Worryingly, only 25 percent of the golfers surveyed are considered “engaged” in golf, meaning that they play, follow, support and endorse the game, while the other 75 percent say they could “take or leave the game.”

Also, the survey said, there is a limited interest in golf among Canadians outside of those who already play. Of the 73 percent of Canadians who don’t play, only 12 percent are very interested in golf, while only 3 percent believe they’re likely to take it up in the next three to five years.

The survey’s most surprising finding is that time and money (or the lack of either or both) don’t necessarily drive players’ level of participation. Women in the survey tended to say that they’re interested in playing, but that “the game is not worth the cost.” Conversely, men tended to believe that “the game is worth the cost.”

The bottom line, according to the survey, is that golf in Canada is both vulnerable and on the cusp of greatness. It’s vulnerable, the report says, because such a significant part of the playing population isn’t fully engaged with the game. At the same time, many people play even though they’re not fully engaged, and increasing their level of engagement could, in the study’s words, “be a significant breakthrough in the golf industry.”

In summary, the suvey said, golf in Canada needs more engaged players -- arguably more than it needs new participants. To accomplish this, it said, “the Canadian golf industry must work together to find innovative ways to show golfers that the game and everything attached to it is fun, enjoyable, social, challenging but winnable, inspiring, prideful and lead edge.”

How to do that, well, that’s the challenge.

For more on the Canadian golf study, click here.

September 15, 2012 - 11:23pm
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John Holmes
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Ryder Cup Heritage Exhibition
Getty Images
The Ryder Cup Heritage Exhibition features personal items from past players as well as rare photographs and a series of graphic storyboards that recount the event's history.

Chicagoland, of course, is fully into Ryder Cup mode, but it’s not the only place. England is also celebrating the Ryder Cup, thanks to the staging of the Ryder Cup Heritage Exhibition.

The exhibition, which opened Thursday and runs through mid-October, is being staged at a BMW showroom on Marsham Street, Westminster, in London. That location makes sense because BMW is an official partner of the Ryder Cup.

The Heritage Exhibition features personal items from past players and rare photographs, while a series of specially created display cases and graphic storyboards recount the history of the past 38 matches, covering its growth from a friendly competition to one of the biggest sporting events in the world. The Ryder Cup itself is also on display, at least for another week or so, until it makes the trip back over the Atlantic with European Captain Jose Maria Olazabal and his team.

“The storyboards show the evolution of the Ryder Cup from its origins back in 1926 at The Wentworth Club through to the 39th match, which will be played at Medinah Country Club in two weeks time,” said European Ryder Cup Director Richard Hills. “Samuel Ryder himself was a man whose style mirrored the values of golf such as honesty, respect and integrity and his legacy spreads across many boundaries many of which the iconic Ryder Cup represents.”

Another Ryder Cup display, this one called “The Ryder Cup Exhibit … Where Legends are Forged and Legacies are Made,” debuted a few weeks ago in the Chicago suburb of Oakbrook, and is open to the public through the end of September. You can see a photo gallery of it here.