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65 Thortons Ferry Road II
Amherst, NH 03031
(603) 673-0200
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Dear golfers.

Souhegan Woods Golf Club located in Amherst, NH is a very pretty 18 hole golf course, that is the only good thing I can say about this place.

If you do decide to play golf there, watch your back. The grounds keepers, made up mostly of arrogant and defiant teen aged kids, always seem to be in your way on their tractors. I have been told this repeatably by other golfers who used to play there.

In fact I played there recently and politely asked one of these young lads to turn the engine down so we can putt when the kid totally ignored me and kept on tractoring in the greenside bunker, engine blaring. I then got a little upset with his demeanor and asked him more firmly to which he remained defiant and told me to walk away, which I did.

In fact later on, his tractor actually got hit hard by another golfer because he was in the middle of their fairway.

A little later I saw the cart girl and asked if I could report a complaint about this kid, and she said she would tell manaement.

Ahh, the story gets better folks....

To my astonishment two gentlemen who work there as club pro and manager came barreling toward me with their cart in a very intimidating manner. The young grounds keeper told these two gentlemen(who were both large and intimidating men) that I had threatened him. I then received a verbal tongue lashing from both of these guys. When my golf pal (who had witnessed the whole thing) tried to explain our side of the story they wouldn't listen and actually told him to shut up.

This kid's story is an absolute and pure fabrication and my 3 other fellow golfers (who were only a few feet away when I spoke to the kid) can corroborate my story.

And it gets even better...

A few hours later while I was relaxing in my home, I heard a loud knocking on the door, it was the police! Apparently this young lad and management had filed a police report, stating that I had threatened to beat the kid up. My golf pal and I went down to the police station to tell our side of the story and the officer was very dismissive to us, she didn't even take any notes. We both felt like we were bothering her. The officer then told me I am no longer welcomed at Souhegan Woods Golf Club, and if I do return, I will be arrested.



Beautiful course. Well defended greens and challenging landing areas. Certainly one of my favorites in the area. Staff is amazing.