The Old Back Nine At Mountain High

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60650 China Hat Rd
Bend, OR 97702-9469
(541) 382-1111
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I've been here about 4 times. This last time I brought my fiancé out to play for her first time at the Old Back 9. This was the 3rd time she had ever played in her life. We had a later tee time almost at 5 pm. I let Paul know that she new to golf and that we would be moving slower. To be nice we let two sets of people play through. We got to the second to last hole where the club house was within view. As we were teeing off we heard Paul yelling at us from the club house. He was yelling "Hurry up!". I have never experienced such horrible customer service. I understand that we were taking a long time as we are new to golf. But to yell at us from about 100 yards away is ridiculous and extremely rude. We were already frustrated with the game itself and to add the pressure from Paul to "Hurry up" caused us to quit for the day. I drove the cart up (which I had paid for for the entire 9 holes) and dropped it off thinking Paul could clean it, go home, and stop yelling at us. He rudely informed me that he still had to wait until we were off the course AND that we were "taking forever". Although now we were walking, even after paying, which probably caused him to have to wait longer. We finished the hole we were on and skipped the last due to Paul's ruddiness. SO... I payed for 9 holes times 2. A cart for 2 for the 9 holes. And we didn't even finish the course and turned in the cart early due to the way we were yelled at and made to feel extremely uncomfortable. I thought this was a good course to learn golf at. I was wrong and we will take our money down the road to Lost Tracks or one of the other courses in town that are budget friendly to the new golfer. We will not be back and will never recommend this course to anyone. So if you're new to golf DO NOT go to the Old Back 9. You might just get pushed off the course and not get your monies worth.

Course Details/History

  • Architect Name – Jan Ward
  • Regulation Length Holes – 9
Blue tee7272.01316,656
White tee7269.81226,058
Gold tee7268.61185,677
Red tee7269.21205,268
Gold (L) tee7271.61265,677
Front Nine
Blue tee3984554451551765984965332873543
White tee3634284011391515084604862353171
Gold tee3434073841191244894324662192983
Red tee320379368109824654164462042789
Gold (L) tee3434073841191244894324662192983
Back Nine
Blue tee3341583395333504814601762823113
White tee3171413234763264644491452462887
Gold tee2971252844553004504251322262694
Red tee2761002634312684134091201992479
Gold (L) tee2971252844553004504251322262694
*Par value varies depending on tee boxes used.