Orange Whip, Orange Peel
Orange Whip
Both the Orange Whip and the Orange Peel have been popular training aids for top-level touring professionals, but they can also help your game no matter your playing ability.
Whether you're hanging out at the driving range during a professional event, or hanging out at your local muni waiting for your tee time, chances are you've seen an orange ball sticking out of someone's bag -- mixed in with the clubs -- and wondered to yourself: what the heck is that?
What it is is a training device developed by PGA Professional Jim Hackenberg called, "The Orange Whip."
The Orange Whip is described as, "the ultimate golf swing trainer and fitness tool for today's golfer and athlete. It is versatile, dynamic and the most effective swing aid on the market. Consistent use of the Orange Whip will improve your golf swing and provide an essential core-muscle workout."
If you're really into golf, chances are you've seen countless infomercials promoting golf-training aids. But how many of those are proven to work? With the Orange Whip, it seems there's no question as to whether or not it works -- over 100 PGA Tour players currently use the whip, as do over 50 on the Champions Tour and over 30 on the LPGA Tour. IN 2012, 47 of the top 125 money winners on the PGA Tour used the Orange Whip regularly.
If that's not a ringing endorsement, I don't know what is.
Recently, we had a chance to sit down with Hackenberg to talk about the Orange Whip and the Orange Peel (a boogie board-sized platform to improve balance that promotes proper rotation around the center of gravity). What compelled you to create the Orange Whip? It seems like the perfect aid to develop tempo and rhythm especially right before a round of golf.
Hackenberg: As an instructor, my goal was to encourage my students to learn a more reliable golf swing motion. What is it that good players do, that bad players don’t? They swing in a balanced athletic motion.
I had the opportunity to caddie for a friend on the PGA Tour for a couple years. This allowed me the ability to watch the best players in the world and how they go about hitting balls so effortlessly. I started seeing the pros swinging the golf club as if it was a ball on the end of a chain. Imagine the medieval weapon the Mace and Chain.   
The only way to swing a device like this is to synchronize your arms and body into a natural rhythm, like the Tour pros. So the idea came from this concept, but early on in my prototype development I had to switch from a spiked steel ball to an orange rubber ball and the chain was replaced with a very flexible shaft, all in the name of safety! Clearly the feedback has been fantastic evidenced by the number of touring professionals who use the Whip. What's the best feedback you've received by a top-level player?
Hackenberg: It would be difficult to state the best feedback that I've received from a top-level player since I have spoken with so many and they always have positive comments.   
The most satisfying thing for me is to receive pictures from various sources showing an Orange Whip in the bag or hands of a top player preparing for an event.
I did receive a great email from Greg Norman last year and he stated this: "Jim, Greg Norman here. I just tried your Orange Whip when I played with a friend who had one yesterday, impressive. Can you tell me if I can get one shipped (Fed/Ex'd) before I depart for a tournament Wednesday morning? Happy to pay for it, just wanted to make sure getting one ASAP is possible. Well done on the product. I wish you all the very best for a successful business venture with a product that gives you a tremendous amount of feedback with the timing and release of your swing." Well, that's pretty cool! Hackers in particular may be weary of trying or purchasing an aid that Tour players use, simply because they may not think they're good enough to use it. That couldn't be further from the truth with the Whip, could it? This is one aid that transcends playing ability. It seems like the perfect tool not only for pros, but especially for beginners who are trying to "feel" what the athletic golf swing feels like.
Hackenberg: That is exactly correct. The Orange Whip was originally designed for those who are just learning the game of golf and how they can develop a consistent swing. The great thing for my business has been that the Tour players and top instructors immediately noticed the benefits, so they were the first to begin using it. I was grateful for this situation because I feel that golfers who are looking to improve will look up to the 'better' players at their golf club and do the things they do.
One of the best and often overlooked features of the Orange Whip is the ability to use it indoors without compromising its unparalleled performance. It only requires a minimal amount of space and 5-10 minutes of training time per day. No golf swing trainer is more time efficient and effective. You can work with an Orange Whip year-round and never again have to depend on weather conditions or daylight when you want to improve your golf swing and fitness. It’s the ideal tool for those living in challenging winter environments and busy individuals with little time to practice. The Whip obviously has a number of great benefits. Can you highlight some of them for us?
Hackenberg: Sure.
Power -- By swinging the Orange Whip back in forth in a repetitive motion, the user will develop the most efficient way to use their body to create an athletic swinging motion.   An athletic swinging motion leads to more relaxed muscles, therefore allowing more freedom and trust in one’s swing.   If a person has trust, they can really let it go and create much more power.
Flexibility -- The weight on each end of the flexible shaft provides a low-impact stretch while swinging.
Strength -- The Orange Whip provides a core muscle workout when used during repetitive motion drills. The wrists and forearms receive a workout doing various drills and during the hinging action while swinging.
Coordination -- The Orange Whip synchronizes the arms and body while swinging it repetitively. If this motion is out of sync, the user will lose their balance and/or feel awkward.
Tempo -- As the arms and body work together, a natural rhythm takes over the swing. This is how your tempo develops, some may be fast or slow, yet always in balance with an efficient motion.
Consistency -- Being able to reproduce the same motion allows the user to be consistent in their swing. If the user is also consistent in their address position, their ball striking has to improve and become more consistent. Along with the Whip, you offer the Peel... yet another brilliant aid. Tell our readers a little about the Peel and what a player can accomplish when using both aids simultaneously.
Hackenberg: The Orange Peel is a balance platform that will center your core and promote a much more powerful rotation in your golf swing. The Peel is the size of boogie board and placed on the ground. The surface you stand on is concave, so it resembles standing at the bottom of a nine-foot diameter sphere. Also, by simply moving the position of your feet on the peel, you can create any lie angle you could find on the golf course: uphill, downhill, side-hill.
The Orange Peel and the Orange Whip are individual products that work very well together.    Since the Peel focuses on balance and rotation, and the Whip synchronizes the arms and body motion to create an athletic use of your body, by using the two products together speeds up the learning process. Being a PGA Professional, I'm curious -- just how beneficial do you think the Whip and the Peel are in assisting other PGA Professionals when it comes to teaching?
Hackenberg: I am also a PGA Professional, and with my focus being instruction, I have found that teaching is much more effective when both the Orange Whip and the Orange Peel are used to convey an idea to a student. If a person can 'feel' the proper motion and athletic balance, the job of the instructor just became much easier. The thing I love most about the Whip and the Peel is the ease of use. There's nothing to put together, there's no video to shoot -- unless you so choose -- and they pretty much offer instant feedback. Shouldn't everyone who plays golf be using these tools?!
Hackenberg: A good friend of mine (PGA Golf Instructor, Ben Weir) always says, “If you're not using the Orange Whip, you are at a disadvantage to those who are using the Orange Whip on a regular basis.”
I do believe all golfers should be using the Orange Whip products, even if the only reason is to stay flexible and balanced; those are very important benefits. But, learning to swing like an athlete is so important to improve one’s game and enjoyment of the game!
To learn more about the Orange Whip and Orange Peel, visit
You can also find The Orange Whip on Facebook, or follow on Twitter, @OrangeWhipGolf.

The Orange Whip is available at most golf retail stores for around $109, while the Orange Peel retails for $209.
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PGA Professional the mastermind behind popular Orange Whip, Orange Peel
Cru Golf
CRU Golf
Cru Golf personalizes its leather headcovers for everyone -- not just the pros. Here's a look at a couple of headcovers that were made for Rickie Fowler. First (left and middle), Fowler's one-of-a-kind headcover made specifically for the Masters; and (right) a headcover with the Oklahoma State University logo that Fowler has in play regularly.
Golf is in the mainstream. It's been that way for a while now. With its popularity come loads of items you can purchase to stand out in the crowd. Whether it's apparel, shoes, accessories, the color of your golf ball, whatever -- you can be unique.
One of the cooler accessories I've seen in recent years is what seems to be a headcover explosion. While the headcovers that come with your expensive driver, fairway woods and hybrids are great, the fact remains anyone who purchased that same club has that same headcover. 
Why not change it up?
That's exactly what Adam Blake, co-founder of CRU Golf is doing. 
CRU Golf specializes in 100 percent leather headcovers. The vintage designs fit all 460CC drivers and are made to ensure a proper fit on all clubheads that require headcovers. A moisture-wicking interior allows the headcover to slip on and off your club in dry or wet conditions. And, finally, perhaps the coolest thing about CRU Golf: custom leather headcover options are available to ALL golfers... not just the pros, although they love them too (see the photos above of Rickie Fowler's one-of-a-kind Masters headcover, as well as his usual OSU headcover).
Recently, we had a chance to chat with Blake about his idea behind starting up CRU Golf. What was the inspiration to create these headcovers? 
Blake: I truly wanted to create a headcover that was superior in functionality and design. I felt that the market for leather headcovers was lacking in this area. My appreciation and respect for the history of the game was further fueled in 2008 while I was recovering from knee surgery. During this time I caddied at BallyNeal, which is an amazing walking-only course located in Colorado. I looped there part-time for the summer and the idea was planted. So when did you officially start your business? 
Blake: We opened our first account with Shady Oaks Golf Club in Fort Worth, Texas in 2011. Our research and development began in 2010. It was quite a learning curve and an adventure to start Cru Golf -- sourcing of materials; location of production; quality craftsmanship. These were all challenges that we faced when building the brand. Tell our readers about the turnaround time on your products. It's pretty impressive how quickly orders are delivered considering they're all handmade. 
Blake: Yes, they are all handmade from start to finish right here in Texas. Our Reserve Cru Custom headcover is delivered in 4-6 weeks. This is the style that lets you design your own headcover, just like the pros. We've got a really cool designer tool online that lets the user design their own unique headcover. Our online Retail Headcover options all ship within 5-7 business days. Tell me a little about you. Avid golfer? 
Blake: I absolutely love the game! I grew up in a small town in Colorado playing on the local public course. I actually still hold the course record there with an 11-under 61. 
I played collegiate golf and then I was a PGA golf professional at Dallas National Golf Club before joining the mini tour scene in South Florida. For five years I played everywhere but where I really wanted to play on the PGA Tour. These days, I take my son out to the course and we work on our short game and hit some balls about once a week. 
Cru Golf provides me with the challenges to do something competitive and I still have my fingers in the golf industry. There's no better feeling than having a product made in the USA and available to the masses. Oh, and it sure beats trying to make 4-footers for the mortgage! Where can people buy your products? 
Blake: Cru Golf is uniquely positioned so that our variety of styles allows us to be found in many places. I like to call it an "Affordable Luxury." We are located in the finest golf shops across the states as well as in every Edwin Watts golf store.
You can shop our online store too, but you will find many more styles/options of headcovers within our distribution network. Can you talk a little about how you're able to personalize your products for customers?  
Blake: We're able to personalize our headcovers with initials, logos, and phrases. If you can dream it, we can usually do it. We do many events for our buyers looking for a unique golf event tee prize. Tournament coordinators are looking for something different than a polo shirt, towel or hat. That's where we flourish; giving players something they will appreciate.
I'd just like to thank all the Cru Fans that have helped us achieve the level of success we have had in our short journey. It's great to know that people still notice and appreciate quality products made in the USA.
CRU Golf's beautiful headcovers start out at around $39 and go up from there. If you're still looking, they make for a great Father's Day gift, or... well, a gift for yourself!
To learn more about CRU Golf, visit
You can visit Cru Golf on Facebook, or on Twitter, @CRUgolf.
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CRU Golf leather headcovers add an 'affordable luxury' to your bag
Odyssey Versa USA-themed #7 putter
Courtesy of Odyssey Golf
The bold alignment stripe behind the head of the Odyssey Versa USA #7 putter is blue.

With the U.S. Open just around the corner, Odyssey Golf is feeling patriotic – so much so that the company has created a limited edition of its Versa #7 putter with a red, white and blue color scheme.

All the Versa models, of course, come standard with a bold black and white color scheme designed to help improve alignment. On this special model, the stripe right behind the face is blue, and a series of three small red dots on the crown also serve as an alignment aid.

As you can see in the photo above, the USA #7 is a modified mallet with weighted alignment wings. It also has a double-bend shaft and full-shaft offset.

The Versa line debuted in January, with Odyssey designing them with the thick black and white stripes that run perpendicular to the putting line to accentuate the face angle at address, through the stroke and at impact. This contrast, says Odyssey, prompts golfers to better align their putts, which is critical since a mis-aim of just one degree can cause a golfer to miss a 12-foot putt.

All the Versa models – including this USA edition – contain an improved White Hot insert, which has been meticulously engineered for more dependable feel and performance across the striking surface. A new laser milling cutting process allows Odyssey to better match its insert shapes to the various head shapes, resulting in more consistency, as each insert is designed and cut specifically for a specific putter model.

The USA #7 comes with a 35-inch shaft and in right-hand only. It carries a suggested retail price of $249.

For more information, visit And to see our video "Game Changers" feature on the Versa line, click here.


Odyssey unveils USA-themed Versa #7 putter
Cobra Tour Trusty limited-edition wedge
Courtesy of Cobra Golf
Only 1,600 Tour Trusty wedges were made with Rickie Fowler’s famous #GoTime hashtag set off by his trademark orange paint fill.

Coming this fall, Cobra Golf will release a full line of Tour Trusty wedges. To get a little buzz going, the company has come out with a pretty unique teaser – a limited-edition Tour Trusty with stamping created by Rickie Fowler.

They're available now, but only 1,600 were made. All of them are 55-degree models stamped with Fowler’s famous #GoTime hashtag set off by his trademark orange paint fill.

This Fowler-stamped club, like all the other Tour Trusty wedges to come, was designed for better players with feedback from Fowler, Ian Poulter and Jonas Blixt. They're made of 8620 Carbon Steel that is nickel plated and finished in matte satin to enhance the feel and reduce glare. 

The compact head features a teardrop shape with no offset, and its grooves have been enlarged to the USGA allowable limit for more spin and control. Cobra's new Tour notch K-Grind provides significant heel and toe relief for versatility around the greens, while the company's proprietary Variable Feed Rate (VFR) milling creates a rough surface to maximize spin on even the shortest and softest of shots.

The limited-edition Tour Trusty is outfitted with a True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shaft and Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord grip. It carries a suggested retail price of $149.

For more information, visit


Cobra releases Rickie Fowler-stamped limited-edition Tour Trusty wedge
The BLUNT Golf_G2 golf umbrella will keep you and your equipment dry.
One of the most important pieces of equipment in a golfer’s bag is one they hope to rarely use --an umbrella.
But, when the time comes and Mother Nature decides to unleash her fury, you’d better be prepared. Nothing spoils a round of golf quicker than soaking wet grips.
Offering a new take on the traditional golf umbrella, a company called BLUNT USA has gone to extreme lengths to ensure that its new GOLF_G1 and GOLF_G2 umbrellas provide you with all the protection you need to stay dry.
BLUNT umbrellas can withstand winds up to 72 mph. And, let’s face it, if it’s ever windier than that chances are you won’t be on the course!
The most notable difference between a BLUNT umbrella and a traditional golf umbrella is the design, which was developed with input from caddie Steve Williams, the former caddie of Tiger Woods and current looper of Masters champion Adam Scott. 
While still round in shape, the BLUNT umbrella provides a better canopy than traditional umbrellas because its edges are smooth as opposed to the sharp spokes you're used to seeing on the traditional variety.
“What BLUNT has achieved is simply game-changing,” Williams said. “They have revolutionized a product that I have always had an issue with. During my 30+ years of caddying all over the world, I’ve experienced every possible weather condition and used many different umbrellas. You fight the wind to hold onto a normal umbrella. The difference with the BLUNT is that you don’t have to fight with it -- it’s effortless to control in the wind and lasts much longer than all other, so called, golf umbrellas.”
The GOLF_G1 is the ultimate performance golf umbrella for carrying around course. It provides a generous 60-inch diameter canopy on a 37-inch shaft, but weighs just 1.95lbs.
The GOLF_G2’s canopy is 4 inches larger in diameter with an extra 3 inches in shaft length. This creates the perfect shelter system for attaching to your golf cart, with enough coverage to keep you and your equipment dry, whatever the weather.
Both incorporate BLUNT’s revolutionary canopy-strengthening RTS Technology, which redirects, transfers and distributes the effort used in opening the umbrella throughout the entire canopy surface. As the BLUNT canopy unfurls, specially-designed struts redirect the user’s effort into telescopic ribs that reach out like fingers stretching into a glove. These transfer the opening force into the patented BLUNT TIPS on the end of each rib, which open like miniature umbrellas inside specially designed pockets. The result is that tension is evenly distributed right to the canopy’s edge.
The BLUNT GOLF_G2 also features Duel RTS, which incorporates additional tensioning struts to maintain ideal tautness across the larger canopy area.
Both are delivered with a sleek carrying sleeve for easy care, transport and storage.
The GOLF_G1 retails for $99.95, while the GOLF_G2 retails for $119.95.
For more information, visit
You can also visit Blunt Umbrellas on Facebook, or follow Blunt Umbrellas on Twitter, @BluntUSA.
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BLUNT USA offers new spin on golf umbrellas
Tiger Woods
Getty Images
Tiger Woods will be sporting the Nike "swoosh" for many years to come after he signs an anticipated new deal.

Tiger Woods and Nike are nearing the completion of a new endorsement agreement that will "emphatically" keep Woods as the highest-paid endorser in golf, according to a report on

"We're down to the very, very short strokes right now,'' Woods' agent Mark Steinberg told ESPN golf writer Bob Harig. ''I would expect we would come out with some sort of joint announcement when we get the paperwork signed. I hope this is viewed as a pretty bold statement."

Woods could sign the new deal as soon as the next couple of weeks, Harig wrote.

Woods signed with Nike for a reported five years and $40 million when he turned pro back in 1996, and Nike stuck with Woods during his personal troubles. His current equipment and apparel contract is said to be roughly $20 million per year.

Earlier this year, of course, Nike signed Rory McIlroy to a major deal worth a reported to be anywhere from $10 million to $20 million per year. Steinberg didn't give any indication of the figures involved in Woods' new agreement, except to say that it would ''emphatically'' keep Woods as the king of the golf endorsement mountain.

Steinbeg did indicate to Harig that the new deal would be for multiple years.

"Tiger started his professional career with Nike in 1996,'' Steinberg said. ''He has a long way to go in his career, but I feel with the type of deal we've constructed … I feel confident that he will be with Nike for his entire career."


Tiger Woods close to megadeal with Nike
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