September 8, 2012 - 10:32pm
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John Holmes
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Nike Lunar Bandon golf shoes
Courtesy of Nike Golf
The Nike Lunar Bandon is a high-top golf shoe with low-profile traction elements on the sole.

Nike Golf created its newest golf shoe, the Lunar Bandon, to be what the company calls the ultimate mudder. 

"You have outerwear, all-weather gloves, and covers for your golf bag," said Nike Golf Footwear Product Director Lee Walker. "We wanted to complement that with a shoe that works with the rest of your gear to protect while it performs."

Nike’s footwear designers recognized that no traditional low-profile golf shoe could be truly waterproof as long as water could enter it over the collar. So they crafted a higher silhouette to work in concert with rain pants, creating the ultimate waterproof protection in a shoe that looks more like a hiking boot than normal golf footwear.

This uniquely styled waterproof upper boasts seam-sealed construction that is designed to help keep water out and feet dry. A booty tongue construction catches any water that could breach the upper when golfers are putting on the shoes, keeping feet as dry as possible.

A bright, asymmetrical zipper across the top of the shoe provides a waterproof shield without adding pressure to the foot. And speed lacing with an easy-to-use toggle simplifies the fastening process and a notched-out heel maximizes comfort for walking and bending to read putts.

Underneath, Nike’s Integrated Traction on the outsole is engineered to help eliminate clogging and increase ground contact. This level of traction keeps a lower profile and provides more stability. And Nike’s Lunarlon cushioning in the heel helps provide lightweight comfort and increased ground-feel.

"In some climates, if you waited for fair weather days, you wouldn't have many options to get out and play," said Walker. "In the Lunar Bandon, golfers have a shoe that allows them to practice and play in any condition."

The Nike Lunar Bandon will be available at retail on Oct. 1, and will carry a suggested retail price of $180 per pair.

September 6, 2012 - 8:29pm
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John Holmes
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Cobra Baffler Hybrid Iron Combo set
Courtesy of Cobra Golf
The Baffler Hybrid Iron Combo set from Cobra Golf is available in right- and left-handed models with steel-shafted irons and graphite-shafted hybrids as well as graphite-shafted hybrids and irons.

Just ahead of its 40th anniversary, Cobra Golf is launching its new Baffler Hybrid Irons and Baffler Hybrid Iron Combo sets. Cobra, by the way, was founded in 1973 and introduced the original Baffler, golf’s first utility wood, in 1975.

The brand-new Hybrid Irons use the latest iteration of Cobra’s traditional railed sole – which was influenced by the Baffler but designed specifically for irons – to reduce turf drag and improve contact from all lie conditions. The irons’ progressive, oversized face profile improves their forgiveness and their low center of gravity helps get the ball up in the air. In addition, their variable thickness face, which progresses from the short to the long irons, enhances ball speeds and distance on off-center hits.

The Baffler Hybrid Irons are also available in a Baffler Hybrid Iron Combo set (in both men's and women's), where the long irons are replaced with Baffler Hybrids. The hybrids have a wide, railed sole and shallow face for easy launch as well as a top-line alignment system for added confidence.

The Hybrid Irons are available in right- and left-handed models in steel shafts and graphite shafts (both sets contain 4-iron through pitching wedge plus gap wedge), and graphite lite (5-iron through pitching wedge plus gap wedge and sand wedge) sets. They’re priced at $499 for the steel-shafted sets and $599 for the graphite sets.

The Baffler Hybrid Iron Combo Sets are available in right- and left-handed models with steel-shafted irons and graphite-shafted hybrids (4-6 hybrids and 7-iron through pitching wedge through gap wedge) and graphite hybrids and irons (4-6 hybrids and 7-iron through pitching wedge through gap wedge). They’re priced at $599 for steel combo sets and $699 for the graphite combo sets.

The men’s Baffler irons and hybrids feature Lamkin Cobra REL grips, while the hybrids feature MRC Cobra Baffler hybrid shafts and the Baffler irons come with MRC Cobra Baffler iron shafts. The full set is Revolver Grey with Barbados Red highlights.

In the women's line, the Baffler Hybrid Iron Combo set comes in right- and left-handed graphite models (4-6 hybrids and 7iron through pitching wedge plus sand wedge, priced at $699. The set is Capri Blue with silver highlights, and the clubs feature Cobra Winn Wrap grips and MRC Cobra Baffler Hybrid/Iron shafts.

The new clubs will be available at retail on Oct. 19.

For more on Cobra Golf, visit

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September 6, 2012 - 6:12pm
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Steve Eubanks
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Tin Cup The Stash
Tin Cup
Once the easiest part of golf, marking your golf ball has become a sophisticated process with hundreds of artistic options at your fingertips. Tin Cup, the "Best New Product" of the 2010 PGA Merchandise Show, continues to add to the list.
It was once so easy: a dot or a line, maybe both. Now marking your golf ball is an act of artistic self expression, a creative statement on which you and your hipness could be judged.

Enter Tin Cup, maker of stainless steel stencils for golf balls. Since being introduced at the PGA Merchandise Show in 2010, the company has created a hundred different designs, including beer mugs, martini glasses, American flags, college logos, service branches (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines), whales, cats, pigs, and everything else you can imagine.

Their newest one is a handlebar mustache.

"Our loyal customers really get a kick out of adding a healthy dose of personality to their golf balls and it’s remarkable how many requests we received for a mustache," says Cabell Fooshe, Vice President of Tin Cup. "The design looks amazing against the all-white background, and we anticipate it will quickly become a top seller for individuals, tournaments, outings, events and more."

Who knows? Maybe this will be the next tee gift at the Facial Hair Open.

For more on Tin Cup, visit

September 4, 2012 - 7:46pm
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John Holmes
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VC-420 Driver from KZG
Courtesy of KZG
The VC-420 Driver features a forged beta titanium face plate featuring an ultra-fine microstructure to help produce greater ball speed.

Designed for maximum ball speed, penetrating trajectory and workability, the VC-420 Driver from KZG was created for the better player seeking performance and value.

"Clubs are not a one-size-fits-all proposition," said KZG President Jennifer King. "Every player's swing is unique and that is why KZG now offers eight different driver models with a myriad of shaft options. The VC-420 is designed specifically for the better player who prefers a smaller clubhead that gives a lower, boring trajectory."

The VC-420 Driver features a forged beta titanium face plate featuring an ultra-fine microstructure where the grain in the metal is smaller and more tightly packed than other lesser grades of titanium. This results in greater ball speed and enhanced workability, and it delivers a dense sound and solid feel.

The clubhead is vacuum-cast forged titanium (hence the VC in the name), which KZG describes as a costly method of manufacturing that assures greater durability and quality control. With its smaller 420cc head and aerodynamic shape, the VC-420 imparts less wind resistance for greater swing speed, and its minimal face progression and square face angles are designed for better players.

The head comes with a matte black finish, and the VC-420, like all KZG drivers, is custom fit and available with numerous shaft options. Retail pricing depends on the options selected, with the suggested retail price starting at $399.

For more information, visit


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September 2, 2012 - 6:52pm
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John Holmes
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Dynacraft Hindsight II mallet putter
Courtesy of Hireko Golf
The Hindsight II mallet helps create forward press by angling the shaft 3 degrees forward instead of aiming it straight up off the head.

The new Dynacraft Hindsight II mallet putter from Hireko Golf is designed to get the ball rolling forward sooner after impact. It does so by incorporating two key features in unison -- a forward press and roll face technology.

A convex roll face on the putter instead of a flat face "normalizes the effective loft at impact to create the proper amount of loft to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible for better distance control," said Hireko Golf's Technical Director Jeff Summitt. "Lastly, it is completed with grooves into the roll face as well as being face balanced."

The forward press is created by angling the shaft 3 degrees forward instead of aiming it straight up off the head, effectively getting the hands even with the putter’s leading edge. Forward hand press creates a more fluid stroke by helping to prevent golfers from breaking their wrists as they swing.

The new Dynacraft Hindsight II putters follow after the original Hindsight blade models. They are available in right-handed models and can be purchased custom assembled online starting at $44.95 each at

August 30, 2012 - 9:23pm
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TRUE Linkswear
TRUE Linkswear
TRUE Linkswear has come out with shoes color-themed to support a wide number of schools.


Tomorrow has been designated College Colors Day.  Many companies nationally will encourage their employees to wear their college colors to work.  Here’s more info -

TRUE linkswear golf shoes has a neat tie in with the opening of the football season with the release of their team color shoes. 

For a complete list of colors available: TRUE lists them at

If my boys from Vanderbilt end up winning tonight...I'm face painting myself black and gold before heading into the office.  Just sayin'

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