Hybrid positioning in your stance



Yes Robert. The ball position toward the front of your stance encourages a more sweeping swing. Good luck and my pleasure! Hit em great!


Thanks for the advice on striking the ball for my fairway shots. I will try it out tommorow when I go to the range (practicing with the 3 wood further forward in my stance and using a more "sweeping" swing, right? thanks again.


Thanks for the question Robert. I just want to make sure that you do not play the hybrid as far up in your sance as a 5 wood, 3 wood or driver. It is much shorter than those clubs and therefore should be played in the same position in your stance as your long irons. Even though it looks like a wood it shouldnt be played like one. The ball position in your stance will dictate weather the ball is to be hit down on or swept. As the positionof the ball gets further forward in your stance the club will hit 'less down' on the ball. I hope I answered your question.


This video seems to be inconsistent with your other hybrid video. This says the ball should be set up similar to an iron and struck down on. The other says it should be setup more like a fairway wood and swept. I believe this video is correct but would like some feedback. Very confusing. Which is correct?