Short Game

Even the most skilled golfers can find themselves struggling with the all-important short game. But when your chipping goes awry, how do you get it back on track? 2009 PGA Teacher of the Year Mike Bender can help in this week's "Free Lesson Friday."

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Quit Punishing Yourself - Learn to Lean it Forward
The most common thing that causes poor contact in shots around the green is the hands and wrists trying to scoop the ball in the air.  The scooping action results in punishing shots that are bladed over the green or hit fat and fall short of the target.  The scooping action of your h
End the Short Game Drama
Developing confidence in your short game is the key to a good short game. Practice makes perfect, but how are you practicing?  Players tend to chip, pitch and putt multiple balls from one location just trying to get it close.