Grand Slam of Golf
Twenty Questions

20 Questions with Curtis, Furyk, Micheel, Weir, and their Caddies

1. Favorite Course, U.S.?
Mike Weir: Pebble Beach
Jim Furyk: Olympia Fields
Ben Curtis: Spyglass Hill
Shaun Micheel: Oak Hill Country Club

2. Favorite golf hole, U.S.?
Mike Weir: Pebble Beach, Hole 8
Jim Furyk: Augusta National, Hole 15
Ben Curtis: Pebble Beach, Hole 8
Shaun Micheel: Oak Hill, Hole 18

3. Favorite course, outside U.S.?
Mike Weir: Taboo, Muskoka, Canada
Jim Furyk: Royal Birkdale
Ben Curtis: Royal St. George's
Shaun Micheel: Safra Resort & Country Club

4. Favorite golf hole, outside U.S.?
Mike Weir: St. Andrews, Hole 18
Jim Furyk: Troon, Hole 8 (Postage Stamp)
Ben Curtis: Royal St. Georges, Hole 4
Shaun Micheel: Safra Resort & Country, Hole 18

5. Favorite golf course architect?
Mike Weir: Jack Nicklaus
Jim Furyk: A.W. Tillinghast
Ben Curtis: Donald Ross
Shaun Micheel: Tom Fazio

6. Who would be in your dream foursome?
Mike Weir: Ben Hogan, Bobby Jones and Jack Nicklaus
Jim Furyk: Jack Nicklaus, Byron Nelson, My Father
Ben Curtis: Ben Hogan, Bobby Jones and Jack Nicklaus
Shaun Micheel: Buck Micheel (Dad), Dr. Cary Middlecoff and Jack Nicklaus

7. Best shot of your career?
Mike Weir: 2nd putt on the 18th hole at the 2003 Masters
Jim Furyk: 1st Eagle - #15 Overlook GC in 1982, holed a 6-iron from 135 yards (12 years old)
Ben Curtis: Final putt at the 2003 British Open
Shaun Micheel: 18th Hole, Oak Hill, 2nd shot, 7-iron

8. One mulligan you'd like to take?
Mike Weir: 2nd shot to 18 at the 1997 Greater Vancouver Open
Jim Furyk: 1998 Masters, 2nd shot to #15, long left over green for a 6, finished 2 shots behind winner O'Meara
Ben Curtis: College tournament at Firestone, (North) 54th hole, 3rd shot from bunker
Shaun Micheel: 5-foot putt on 17 at BC Open in 2002

9. Favorite club in your bag?
Mike Weir: Driver
Jim Furyk: 60 Degree SW
Ben Curtis: 7-iron
Shaun Micheel: Cleveland TA7, 7-iron

10. Oldest club in your bag?
Mike Weir: Driver
Jim Furyk: 3 and 5 irons
Ben Curtis: 9 through 3-iron
Shaun Micheel: 3 wood

11. Best golf book you have read, not written by you?
Mike Weir: Hogan's Five Fundamentals
Jim Furyk: Dead Solid Perfect by Dan Jenkins
Ben Curtis: Hogan by Curt Sampson
Shaun Micheel: Dead Solid Perfect by Dan Jenkins

12. Last time you bought a golf ball?
Mike Weir: Junior Golf
Jim Furyk: 1998, before a Long Drive contest, Strata Distance
Ben Curtis: High School
Shaun Micheel: Probably 1993

13. Favorite male athlete?
Mike Weir: Barry Sanders
Jim Furyk: Byron Nelson
Ben Curtis: Payne Stewart
Shaun Micheel: Lance Armstrong

14. Favorite female athlete?
Mike Weir: Jackie Joyner Kersee
Jim Furyk:Lisa Leslie
Ben Curtis: Mia Hamm
Shaun Micheel: Anna Kournikova

15. Favorite sporting event, non-golf?
Mike Weir: Hockey
Jim Furyk: Professional Football (Super Bowl)
Ben Curtis: Football
Shaun Micheel: College Football National Championship

16. Favorite sports team?
Mike Weir: Detroit Red Wings
Jim Furyk: Pittsburgh Steelers
Ben Curtis: Cleveland Browns
Shaun Micheel: Tennessee Titans

17. All-time favorite movie?
Mike Weir: Caddy Shack
Jim Furyk: Animal House
Ben Curtis: Meet the Parents
Shaun Micheel: Fletch

18. Favorite TV show?
Mike Weir: Sports Center
Jim Furyk: Sports Center
Ben Curtis: Everybody Loves Raymond
Shaun Micheel: The Discovery Channel, Wings

19. Favorite musician or group?
Mike Weir: Bare Naked Ladies
Jim Furyk: Hootie & The Blowfish
Ben Curtis: Metallica
Shaun Micheel: KISS

20. Who would you buy a ticket to watch?
Mike Weir: Barry Bonds
Jim Furyk: Any sporting event
Ben Curtis: Ray Romano
Shaun Micheel: Super Bowl


20 Questions with the Caddies

1. What Major Championship wins you have been on the bag for?
Brennan Little (Mike Weir): 2003 Masters with Mike Weir
Mike Cowan (Jim Furyk): 1997 Masters with Tiger Woods, 2003 US Open with Jim Furyk
Andy Sutton (Ben Curtis): 2003 British Open with Ben Curtis
Robert Szczesny (Shaun Micheel): 2003 PGA with Shaun Micheel

2. How many tournament wins have you been on the bag for?
Brennan Little (Mike Weir): 6
Mike Cowan (Jim Furyk): 19 PGA tour wins
Andy Sutton (Ben Curtis): 6
Robert Szczesny (Shaun Micheel): 1

3. What is your golf handicap?
Brennan Little (Mike Weir): 4
Mike Cowan (Jim Furyk): 5
Andy Sutton (Ben Curtis): 9
Robert Szczesny (Shaun Micheel): 6

4. What is your lowest round of golf?
Brennan Little (Mike Weir): 64
Mike Cowan (Jim Furyk): 62
Andy Sutton (Ben Curtis): 74
Robert Szczesny (Shaun Micheel): 66

5. What is your most memorable moment while caddying?
Brennan Little (Mike Weir): Winning the Masters
Mike Cowan (Jim Furyk): Too many to count
Andy Sutton (Ben Curtis): Thomas Bjorn's chip shot on 72nd hole of this year's Open Championship coming up short, which in turn was the moment Ben Curtis became Open Champion
Robert Szczesny (Shaun Micheel): Watching the 7-iron by Shaun Micheel at Oak Hill on #18

6. What is your most forgettable moment while caddying?
Brennan Little (Mike Weir): Forgetting about the burn in 2000 British Open while laying up
Mike Cowan (Jim Furyk): Losing Mike Shea's watch and ring while caddying for him at the 1978 Atlanta Classic
Andy Sutton (Ben Curtis): Europe getting beaten in 1993 Ryder Cup Matches where I caddied for Joakim Haeggman
Robert Szczesny (Shaun Micheel): Kicking Blaine McAllister's ball in the middle of the fairway

7. One mulligan you'd like your player to take?
Brennan Little (Mike Weir): Can't think of one
Mike Cowan (Jim Furyk): Jim's 1st bunker shot at 2001 NEC Invitational during 1st playoff hole. It stayed in the bunker but next bunker shot was holed
Andy Sutton (Ben Curtis): Joakim Haeggman's 3-foot putt to win the Belgium Open.
Robert Szczesny (Shaun Micheel): 25 foot putt on #7 in round 1 of the Intenational

8. Best shot you have witnessed?
Brennan Little (Mike Weir): Holed fairway iron in last round of 2003 Air Canada
Mike Cowan (Jim Furyk): The 4-iron that Jim hit out of the fairway bunker on the 72nd hole in the 2002 Memorial, which he won.
Andy Sutton (Ben Curtis): Joakim Haeggman's 3-foot putt to win the Belgium Open
Robert Szczesny (Shaun Micheel): Shaun Micheel's 3-wood on #7 at Callaway Gardens, 278 yards to 5 feet

9. Favorite course, U.S.?
Brennan Little (Mike Weir): Pebble Beach
Mike Cowan (Jim Furyk): Congressional Country Club
Andy Sutton (Ben Curtis): Oakmont Country Club
Robert Szczesny (Shaun Micheel): Oak Hill Country Club

10. Favorite golf hole?
Brennan Little (Mike Weir): Hole 7 at Pebble Beach
Mike Cowan (Jim Furyk): Hole 8 at Kebo Valley GC in Maine
Andy Sutton (Ben Curtis): I haven't seen enough of U.S. courses to comment
Robert Szczesny (Shaun Micheel): Hole 7 at Pebble Beach

11.Favorite golf course, outside U.S.?
Brennan Little (Mike Weir): Magna Golf Club
Mike Cowan (Jim Furyk): Crail in Scotland
Andy Sutton (Ben Curtis): St. Andrews
Robert Szczesny (Shaun Micheel): St. Andrews

12. Favorite golf hole, outside U.S.?
Brennan Little (Mike Weir): Hole 6 at Carnoustie
Mike Cowan (Jim Furyk): Hole 17 at St. Andrews
Andy Sutton (Ben Curtis): 17th hole, Littlestone, Kent, England
Robert Szczesny (Shaun Micheel): Hole 17 at St. Andrews

13. Who would be in your dream foursome?
Brennan Little (Mike Weir): George Roberts, Wayne Gretzky and my Dad
Mike Cowan (Jim Furyk): Peter Jacobsen, his father Earling and my father Colan
Andy Sutton (Ben Curtis): Trevor Booking (ex West Ham United & England soccer player), Eminem and Winston Churchill
Robert Szczesny (Shaun Micheel): Peter Jacobsen, Joey Sindelar and Fuzzy Zoeller

14. If you weren't a caddie, what would you be?
Brennan Little (Mike Weir): Investment Business
Mike Cowan (Jim Furyk): Golf Superintendent
Andy Sutton (Ben Curtis): A lottery winner
Robert Szczesny (Shaun Micheel): Horse Trainer

15. Favorite sporting event, non-golf?
Brennan Little (Mike Weir): Stanley Cup Finals
Mike Cowan (Jim Furyk): NCAA Basketball Playoffs
Andy Sutton (Ben Curtis): TT Isle of Man (Motorcycle Road Racing)
Robert Szczesny (Shaun Micheel): Kentucky Derby

16. Favorite sports team?
Brennan Little (Mike Weir): Washington Redskins/Toronto Blue Jays
Mike Cowan (Jim Furyk): Boston Celtics
Andy Sutton (Ben Curtis): West Ham United
Robert Szczesny (Shaun Micheel): Cleveland Indians

17. All-time favorite movie?
Brennan Little (Mike Weir): Slapshot
Mike Cowan (Jim Furyk): Caddy Shack
Andy Sutton (Ben Curtis): As Good as it Gets
Robert Szczesny (Shaun Micheel): Shawshank Redemption

18. Favorite TV show?
Brennan Little (Mike Weir): America's Most Wanted
Mike Cowan (Jim Furyk): M.A.S.H.
Andy Sutton (Ben Curtis): Only Fools and Horses (British Comedy)
Robert Szczesny (Shaun Micheel): Law & Order (The original)

19. Favorite musician or group?
Brennan Little (Mike Weir): Kenny Chesney
Mike Cowan (Jim Furyk): The Grateful Dead
Andy Sutton (Ben Curtis): The Smiths
Robert Szczesny (Shaun Micheel): Skitch Henderson

20. Favorite food?
Brennan Little (Mike Weir): Ice Cream
Mike Cowan (Jim Furyk): Pizza
Andy Sutton (Ben Curtis): Traditional Roast Dinner
Robert Szczesny (Shaun Micheel): Hamburger

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