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The PGA Grand Slam participants, including Tiger Woods, open up in
The PGA Grand Slam participants, including Tiger Woods, open up in "20 Questions With ..." (Photo: Getty Images)

20 Questions with the Grand Slam fab four

Geoff Ogilvy, Tiger Woods, Jim Furyk and Mike Weir tell all in this exclusive feature from the PGA Grand Slam of Golf Journal, answering 20 questions ranging from their favorite golf course to play, the last time they paid for a round of golf and their favorite athletes.

1. Favorite course, U.S.?
Ogilvy: Augusta National GC
Woods: Augusta National GC
Furyk: Olympia Fields Country Club
Weir: Augusta National GC

2. Favorite golf hole, U.S.?
Ogilvy: Augusta National GC, Hole 13
Woods: Cypress Point, Hole 16
Furyk: Augusta National, Hole 15
Weir: Pebble Beach, Hole 8

3. Favorite Course Outside U.S.?
Ogilvy: St. Andrews, Old Course
Woods: St. Andrews, Old Course
Furyk: Royal Birkdale
Weir: Turnberry, Ailsa Course

4. Favorite Golf Hole Outside U.S.?
Ogilvy: No. 7 West at Royal Melbourne
Woods: No. 18 St. Andrews
Furyk: No. 8 at Troon The Postage Stamp
Weir: No. 7 at Muirfield

5. What age were you when you first broke par for 18 holes? What did you shoot and where?
Ogilvy: Ask my father, not sure!
Woods: 71 at Navy GC at age 11
Furyk: 69 at Gittlin Memorial Tournament at age 15
Weir: 70 at Seaforth, Ontario at age 13

6. Favorite golf course architect?
Ogilvy: Alistair McKenzie
Woods: AW Tillinghast & Donald Ross
Furyk: AW Tillinghast
Weir: Jack Nicklaus

7. What is the most obscure time of day you have practiced hitting balls?
Ogilvy: Wasn't sure it was ever obscure
Woods: Middle of the night
Furyk: 7 p.m. at night as a kid and now 7 a.m. as I get older
Weir: December 25th inot ice of Lake Huron

8. Favorite motivational quote and by whom? Golfers?
Ogilvy: I can't remember it, but I am sure it sounds good!
Woods: Care and share, you get out of it what you put into it
Furyk: Don't have one
Weir: The man who can never be beaten is the man who never quits

9. When was the last time you paid for a green fee?
Ogilvy: Not for a while, but not sure
Woods: In college
Furyk: 1998 at St. Andrews
Weir: Don't remember

10. If you weren't a professional golfer, what would you be?
Ogilvy: Struggling guitarist
Woods: Navy SEAL or businessman
Furyk: Broke
Weir: Minor League hockey player

11. Who would be in your dream foursome, non-golfers?
Ogilvy: Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Tommy Emanuel, Alistair McKenzie
Woods: Twosome: My Dad and I
Furyk: --
Weir: Wayne Gretzky, Jordan, Terry Fox

12. Who would be in your dream foursome, golfers?
Ogilvy: Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, my father
Woods: Twosome: My Dad and I
Furyk: Jack Nicklaus; Byron Nelson; My father, Mike
Weir: Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson, Jack Nicklaus

13. All-time favorite movie?
Ogilvy: The Usual Suspects
Woods: Caddyshack
Furyk: Animal House
Weir: Wedding Crashers

14. Favorite musician or group?
Ogilvy: Led Zeppelin
Woods: Van Halen, Prince, Janet Jackson & Madonna
Furyk: Hootie and the Blowfish
Weir: Nickelback

15. Favorite sporting event, non-golf?
Ogilvy: Wimbledon
Woods: Baseball World Series
Furyk: NFL Super Bowl
Weir: College Football National Championship Game

16. Favorite sports team?
Ogilvy: St. Kilda Football Club
Woods: Lakers, Raiders, Yankees, Dodgers
Furyk: Pittsburgh Steelers
Weir: Detroit Red Wings

17. Favorite male athlete?
Ogilvy: Steve Nash
Woods: Michael Jordan
Furyk: Byron Nelson
Weir: Gretzky

18. Favorite female athlete?
Ogilvy: Maria Sharapova
Woods: Mia Hamm
Furyk: Lisa Leslie
Weir: Justine Henin-Hardenne

19. Who would you buy a ticket to watch?
Ogilvy: Almost anything worth watching!
Woods: Ali vs. Frazier (1, 2 and 3)
Furyk: Any sporting event
Weir: U2 concert

20. Favorite TV show?
Ogilvy: House
Woods: South Park & The Simpsons
Furyk: ESPN Sportscenter
Weir: Hockey Night in Canada

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