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The 2008 PGA Grand Slam of Golf Caddies: (from left) Neil Wallace, Ronan Flood, Colin Byrne and Mike Cowan. (Photos: Getty Images)

20 Questions with the 2008 PGA Grand Slam of Golf Caddies

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It's not often that people wonder what a caddie's favorite movie might be, or what his favorite sports team is, or what his favorite golf course is. Then again, it's not often a caddie earns the right to tote a bag in the most exclusive foursome in the game. So we posed 20 questions to the caddies in the 2008 PGA Grand Slam of Golf, and here's what they had to say.

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20 Questions with the 2008 PGA Grand Slam of Golf Caddies

Neil Wallace
(Trevor Immelman)

Ronan Flood
(Padraig Harrington)

Colin Byrne
(Retief Goosen)

Mike Cowan
(Jim Furyk)

1. What Major Championship wins have you been on the bag for?

2008 Masters with Trevor Immelman

2007 & 2008 Open Championship, 2008 PGA Championship with Padraig Harrington

2004 U.S. Open with Retief Goosen

1997 Masters with Tiger Woods and 2003 U.S. Open with Jim Furyk

2. How many tournament wins have you been on the bag for?





3. What is your golf handicap?





4. What is your lowest round of golf?





5. When was the first time you caddied, and for whom?

1990 Europe, Santiago Luna

For my dad

For my father, when I was 10

Hartford Monday qualifier for David Smith

6. What is your most consecutive number of tournaments worked?

About 15




7. What is your most memorable moment while caddying?

Winning the 2008 Masters

Winning the Open Championship

My player, Anders Forsbrand, making cut in Germany by birdieing the last hole with his back facing the hole for his second shot. Figure that out!

1984 colonial with Peter Jacobsen, 1997 Masters with Tiger Woods and 2003 U.S. Open with Jim Furyk.

8. What is your most forgettable moment while caddying?

Shanking my tee shot on the 17th at TPc course during the Wednesday caddie shot


Having to snatch an umbrella from a spectator when it rained and I had forgotten the umbrella

Western Open 18th hole, 1970

9. Favorite course, U.S.?

Pebble Beach

augusta National Golf Club

Cypress Point

Kebo Valley GC -- Bar Harbour, Maine

10. Favorite golf hole, U.S.?

18th at Pebble Beach

12th at Augusta National

15th at Cypress Point

Eighth at Kebo Valley

11. Favorite course, outside U.S.?

St. Andrews

Portmarnock Golf Club

Portmarnock Golf Club

Crail in Scotland

12. Favorite golf hole, outside U.S.?

17th at St. Andrews

11th at Hermitage

12th at Portmarnock

Seventh at Crail

13. Who would be in your dream foursome?

Scarlett Johansson, Warren Buffett and Tiger Woods


Dalai Lama, Mahatma Ghandi and Gene Sarazen

Erling Jacobsen, Colan Cowan (dad) and Bobbie Cowan (daughter)

14. If you weren't a caddie, what would you be?

No idea (that's why I'm a caddie)


A writer

Club Professional

15. Favorite sporting event, non-golf?

Super Bowl

At Ireland Final

Downhill skiing events

NCAA Tournament

16. Favorite sports team?

Manchester United

Sunderland Football Club

Kilkenny Hurling Team

Boston Celtics

17. All-time favorite movie?

American Beauty

Pulp Fiction

No Country For Old Men


18. Favorite TV show?



Curb Your Enthusiasm


19. Favorite musician or group?



The Smiths

Grateful Dead

20. Favorite food?

Lamb chops

Home-cooked roast turkey

Stribed Sea Bass, caught and cooked my way


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