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The national drink of Bermuda is the very potent and very popular "Dark 'n Stormy," made from Bermuda's own Gosling's rum.

Bermuda Shorts -- A look at what makes the island unique

Print News Coordinating Producer John Kim is in Bermuda for the 2008 PGA Grand Slam of Golf, and each day he will file Bermuda Shorts, which will examine some of the things that make this such a unique and interesting island.

By John Kim, Coordinating Producer

TUCKER'S TOWN, Bermuda -- Bermuda Shorts is a series of quick looks at what makes Bermuda unique, vibrant and a perfect setting for The PGA Grand Slam of Golf.

* Almost all golfers are familiar with Bermuda grass -- commonly found in many warm climates due to its ability to thrive with less water and endure high heat. But did you know that it's not actually native to Bermuda? It is believed that the grass is from Africa, brought to Bermuda by high winds and also slaves and traders. The locals do not call it Bermuda grass; here it is called "Crab Grass."

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* Bermuda is made up of about 150 islands, though only 20 of them actually have people living on them.

* Many people know that the national drink of Bermuda is the very potent and very popular "Dark 'n Stormy." Gosling's, the famous rum maker, is Bermuda’s oldest business house and the largest exporter of a Bermuda-made product. The company notes that the drink was named when an old salt, looking through the liquid as he held his glass aloft, observed that the drink was "the colour of a cloud only a fool or dead man would sail under."

Though the drink, and variations of it, is popular the world over -- a true Dark 'n Stormy must come from Ginger Beer and Gosling’s Black Seal Rum. Not only is a drink made from any other rum not authentic, it is also unlawful. Gosling's holds the trademark on the drink.

* Hungry in Bermuda? Ask someone for help because you won't find too much help on the roadways. Billboards, neon signs and other such structural advertisements are not allowed, as such intrusions would mar paradise. It is a very popular ordinance with the locals.

* Bermuda is the fifth-smallest country in the world by land mass. The four smaller are: Vatican City, Monaco, Nauru and Tuvalu. (And raise your hands if you knew of more than two of these. … liars.)

* Despite its small mass, Bermuda hosts well over half a million visitors each year, and a visit to the islands offers compelling reasons why. The scenery cannot be adequately described in words, and even pictures and video really don't do it true justice. It just has to be seen to be believed. The warmth and the friendliness of the locals is tremendous. And the location, as removed as it is from the hustle and bustle of mainland life, is incredibly convenient. Bermuda is less than two hours away from many Northeast cities including New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. It is less than three hours from Atlanta.

* Finally, Bermuda shorts were first donned by British military officers in the early 20th century. They are often bright and cut to a very specific length, just above the knee. They are quite prevalent at virtually all functions, from the most casual to the most formal. The traditional look includes a blazer, tie and nearly knee-high socks.

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