Interview with Keegan Bradley

Keegan Bradley, defending champion of the PGA Grand Slam of Golf.  Keegan, welcome back, how you doing?

KEEGAN BRADLEY:  I'm going great.  Great to be back in Bermuda.  Weather is perfect and course is even better than I remember it.  Looking forward to playing with him (Bubba, in back of room) the next couple days.

Q.  Have you ever had a better WD getting into an event as an alternate than this one?

KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Yeah, this is great.  Any time you get to come here and play this tournament is a bonus, and the PGA putts on a great tournament.  And the people of Bermuda really make you feel very nice when you come here.  So any time I get a chance to come, I'm going to jump on it.

Q.  I was just wondering if you were thinking about getting a nose ring now that you've had a look at Bubba's artwork outside?

KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Yeah, I think that looks pretty good, and I have a black tooth.  I really like what Bubba said that I like belly putters so much; I'm glad he's being vocal about that for me.

Q.  What do you have the rest of the year and what do you to start next season?

KEEGAN BRADLEY:  I'm going to play HSBC in China next week.  Then I go to Chevron and then Shark Shootout.  I'm going to really try to work the hardest I've ever worked this off season.  I've already been working a lot on my physical fitness side of things that I have never worked as hard as I am now, so it's going to be a busy off season.  But I'll be trying to get better just like I always did.

Q.  Will you still go down to see Jim and practice at Doral?

KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Yeah, there's another thing I'm going to try to see is see Jim a lot more, just to practice    whenever I'm around Jim, we seem have to really productive practice sessions, so that's going to be a big part of this off season, as well.

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