Interview with Webb Simpson

JULIUS MASON: Webb Simpson 36 33, 69, minus two.  Let's begin with some of your thoughts on your round today and then we'll go to Q&A please.

WEBB SIMPSON:  Overall a good day.  I made one sloppy bogey on No. 9.  18 was just a bad break.  That lady, I guess for her and me. 

But overall, a pretty good day.  Never really got anything going, but you know, solid, I would say, and I need to get off to probably a better start tomorrow to have a chance. 

Q.  Wanted to talk to you about the course and whether you ever felt like you were chasing a score on any of the holes?

WEBB SIMPSON:  Not really.  We had a game plan.  A lot holes you're hitting wedge into and you can attack but the wind blew harder than we thought and it's hard to make putts when the wind is blowing that hard. 

Pádraig made a few but I hit quite a few lips today.  I was 3 under, it was nice to finish off with a par to be only two back but three back isn't that far and hopefully we can play good tomorrow and hopefully make a few more birdies. 

JULIUS MASON:  Thank you very much.