Interview with Bubba Watson

JULIUS MASON:  Bubba Watson, ladies and gentlemen, 71 today.  What was the difference from today to yesterday? 

BUBBA WATSON:  About 30 minutes longer.  I guess about four and a half hours I can play golf and the rest is just waiting time, so we are about an hour over my schedule. 

You know, it was just a good day.  Just got some loose swings trying to create some stuff when Pádraig was playing so well.  Stuck in the tree and chose the wrong club on the par 3, 16.  Made a quick double there and I was out of it.

JULIUS MASON:  During the telecast, the commentators were pontificating on your back; are you okay? 

BUBBA WATSON:  I'm fine.  There's no pain, no nothing.  It was just tight.  My main man, Fish, is not here to do therapy, so it was a little tight, so I couldn't hit some shots I wanted to hit, especially a full driver.  But there's no pain, just tight; a day of rest and we're back to normal. 

Q.  What club did you hit at 16?

BUBBA WATSON:  I hit 4 iron.  We wanted to hit    our goal was to hit 5 iron.  I think it was 215.  We were going to hit 5 iron and we were going to hit a low bullet, slight draw against the wind.  When we pulled 4 iron, it was a totally different shot because if the 4 iron flew, it would be too much.  Just came out of it, sliced it, and then got up in the wind. 

Q.  Just curious about the change off of 14 tee from yesterday and today, why the play there was so different?

BUBBA WATSON:  Yesterday was for the front of it.  Today was trying to catch Pádraig, and if you know where that pin location is, we're 50 yards from the green.  That shot    all of my decisions that I make on the golf course is because of my driver or my iron or where the pin locations are.  Yesterday the pin locations were 50 yards and you had room to run a shot up there or hit a chip shot.  Today, you're 50 yards, you have no room to really hit a chip shot in there, so that's the reason why. 

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