12th hole at Augusta National

The short par-3 12th hole drew a long list of votes.

Which hole at Augusta National is your favorite? Our Facebook friends tell us

By John Holmes, Senior Interactive Producer

Is there a golf course anywhere more popular than Augusta National? It's doubtful, because even if most of us have never played it, or even set foot on the grounds, we feel like we know it as well as any course anywhere.

So, in anticipation of this year's Masters, we asked our Facebook friends this simple question: What is your favorite hole at Augusta National, and why? We quickly received hundreds of responses that proved one thing – there are a lot of favorite holes!

A lot of people just couldn't decide on a single hole, especially when it came to Amen Corner: 

Stephanie McKee: Amen corner! Sat there in1988 with my husband and our son Bryan age 3 who was perfect all day and Mom expecting son #2. Best day of our lives!! Lost my husband in 2010. The Master's will always hold a special place in my heart!!

Luis Alonso: Cáceres López: amen corner, the best holes in golf.

Bryan Jeffrey: Can't be just one. Amen Corner tests every aspect of pro golfers. It makes Augusta, especially Sundays, the greatest course & tournament on the Tour.

Maddie Magee: Amen corner is my fav gives the most thrilling 3 holes can turn the whole game around would just love to be there some time its on my to do list but all my attempts at getting tickets have failed so far not been picked in the draw at any year so far woe is me 

Dave Morey: Amen Corner....so peaceful there

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Alan Aylesworth: can't pick one ..but amen corner on Sunday sure is always tense

Many respondents were partial to one or the other specific holes within Amen Corner. Here is their case for the par-3 12th:

Thomas W. Nihill: #12. It's secluded from fans. Its beauty is topped only by its treachery. Most deceptive hole on the course. Wind hides in the trees. Very little room for error. Where many a lug nuts are loosened, leading to wheels coming completely off.

Gregg Lindquist: Hole 12! A devilish little Par Three

Anders Pettersson: Nr:12. The most beutiful hole in My opinion

Colleen Dorsey: 12th Par 3. Shows that a hole can be short and still be difficult. At the tee, the spectators are right there. 11, 12, 13, 15 - all great, all of them there. Beautiful. But, I don't play golf; I watch.

Brian Stevens: 12. Hitting it on to a postage stamp that slopes 25 degrees.

Bob Walsmith Jr.: Number 12, because as short as it is, it still scares the hell out of the best golfers on the planet!

Tony Schmidtner: 12 is just amazing. Best designed hole on the course.

Marcus Martinez: #12 simple but tough if you are in the lead. A lot of mistakes happen at that hole.

Dan Elliot: 12th... So simple, yet so hard...

Deborah Woock: #12! IT"S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!  AND it's a Par 3!!!! AND it's a down-hill green with a little water and it's got The Hogan Bridge! I'd LOVE to ACE that baby!!!!

The par-5 13th also drew a lot of support, mostly because of its risk-reward factor:

Eric Green 13: because of the beauty around the green and the potential eagles.

Bret Kinghorn: 13 because so much can happen!

Frank Perry: 13. It can reward u and bite u as well.

Brad Cook: Tough question, probably 13, great chance for eagle or bird, if u lay up the 3rd is a tough downhill shot. It is usually a huge pivotal hole for the winner and the "others".

Greg Elk: I go with 13 do or die love that hole

Jason Fullerton: 13th love the sound of the contact with the ball, remember Seve hitting a second shot there spectacular

Kevin Loustalot: 13. Big swing hole. Love watching eagles on Sunday and great shots at crunch time. That hole produces those shots!

Troy Sausaman: 13 hands down Decision making hole. A lot of drama. Can make 3 or 7 very easy. 2nd best hole in golf after the road hole @ St Andrews

Nathan Millard: Lucky #13... All for the risk

Sean Claycamp: 13. Great risk, reward hole. Great history. Beautiful backdrop. The tournament can be won or lost by how a player plays this hole throughout the week.

Brad Whitworth: 13. A par 5 you could make a 3 or an 8

Bruce Effisimo: #13. A totally natural hole that rewards successful yet risky shots and will penalize poor decisions and swings.. 

Andrew McLaughlin: 13, Par 5 reachable in 2, long drawing tee shot needed, ruthless in the wind, treacherous sloping green, can decide the tournament, beautiful azaleas behind the green!

No holes on the front nine drew as many comments as the most popular holes on the back, but several holes have their fans. Here is a cross-section of their comments:

Eric D Cox: #1. That's where it all starts.

Jim Harle: #1 because that still leaves you with 17 more beautiful holes to enjoy.

Mike Moore: # 1 of course. Have sat on the first tee Tee markers every Saturday for the last 10 years. Be there soon !!! :))

Jeffrey Schiffman: #4 when the pin is on the front left. Putts are nasty from just about anywhere on the green.

David Creighton: Number 5. It's the toughest par 4

Guy Crawford: 6 the par three with the dramatic change in elevation from tee to green and how tv does not capture the severity of the green.

Jill Scherer 6, Juniper. Being able to sit on the downhill slope and hear the ball whiz overhead is THE BEST!

Dennis Duncan: 7, hardest approach shot on the course,,,down hill lies, up hill shot over bunker & expect to hold the green

Patrick Harte: Number 9 because I birdied it

The back nine, though, drew the majority of the ballots. Aside from the Amen Corner holes, Nos. 15 and 16 proved extremely popular: 

Jacob Lifsey: #16 even since I was little going out their this is the one that caught my attention the most and it's truly one of a kind just like all the holes at the National.

Neville Austin: 15th. To go for it or not to go for it!!!!

Shawn Wright: Definitely hole 15 (firethorn)..it causes so much drama every year and that hole is also a great risk/reward hole!

Patrick McCabe: I like 16. The way the green contours, there is always a chance one will roll in for and ace! Would love to visit there one day!

Jordan Badwater Baker: # 11 because its such a difficult hole. Every shot on that hole is crucial.

Russ Clark: 10 - it's the most scenic and enjoyable to play. Makes the mortal man appreciate what the Pros are capable of doing!

Gary Reed: 16. Two best shots I've enter seen plus the skip contest on the Monday practice rounds.

Jared Wasserman: Probably one of the toughest questions to answer. I would have to say the 10th. Such a dramatic dogleg left with a bunker in the middle of the fairway to a green the slopes right to left. The hole has been a very dramatic hole in the last few years.

Thomas Ferraro: #18 because after 71 holes of grind, the true Bobby Jones test awaits... an uphill dogleg right with a trap in front and along the right and into the sun! That's the way to end it good and proper!!!

And, as you might suspect, several of our friends thought there was just no way to choose a single favorite. Here are some of their comments:

Danny Arena: 13! No wait 15. Uh I really mean 12. Hold it....10. Uh nope 6. 

Gary Wilkinson: The whole back nine!

Chuck Posten: Like asking which is your favorite child

Daniel Regalado: all of them!!

Geoff Woertz: All eighteen! What more do I need to say.

Eric Geiger: There is no favorite every hole there is perfection