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Bobby Jones Cologne might not help you win The Masters. But then again, it just might. (Photo: The PGA of America)

Friday Blog: It's better to look good than to play good

All kinds of stylish clothes and accessories are on display this week in Orlando. On Friday,'s John Kim rounded up a selection of unique items guaranteed to make you the center of attention on the course, whether you want to be or not.

By John Kim, Coordinating Producer

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Some people would say that it is as important to look good on a golf course as it is to have a good score. And many of those people are here in Orlando at the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show, displaying all kinds of exquisite and stylish fashions that you no doubt will see on the fairways at golf clubs near you.

But I've managed to stumble upon a few items that don't always make the runway (or perhaps your golf shop) that I think are still significant finds. Well, at least interesting finds. So here are my Fashion Picks for this year's offerings here at the Show.

The "I Did Not Know They Made That" Award: Everyone knows the Bobby Jones company makes high-end shirts and great hybrid clubs. Did you know they also have a line of cologne? Really. Maybe I should have known that; I'm a big fan (of the golfer and the company.) But I didn't. Now I do. Looking forward to trying some. Bobby Jones Golf

The "You'd Better Feel Pretty Secure About Yourself" Award: At least with the group I play with, showing up in knickers would draw some heavy-duty razzing. But showing up in pink knickers? I'm not man enough to find out. I know many people out there are, though, and to those manly men I say, you've come to the right place. The leading knickers company in the world has all shapes, sizes and varieties.

The "In Case Your Match Ends in a Tie" Award: Vineyard Vines is known for its superb offerings across the board, but did you know that you can create a custom order of their famous ties for your golf event? (Okay, any event -- but hey, I'm at a golf convention.) Silky smooth, powerful in appearance and some great designs in stock to boot. I'm a fan.

The "If I Did Wear Women's Clothes (and I Don't!), but if I Did" Award: You can't help but be impressed with Sweet Lies Golf, a burgeoning company out of the Chicago area. Superb materials imported from Italy, great color variety, innovative designs down to the zipper (hand-picked color patterns on zippers!), durable and beautiful, these shirts are designed to impress on many levels. Maybe too nice to golf in? You'd think -- but their explosive growth says otherwise. Not that I'm going to wear it -- at least not that you know … Just sayin'.

The "Most Curious Sighting of a Celebrity Endorser" Award: It's not a surprise that Ryder Cup stud and fashion plate Ian Poulter would have his own line of clothing. It's, of course, not a surprise to see him here promoting that line. But as the Show doors opened Friday morning, Ian was walking around the showroom floor with barely any notice. Of course, he was in an area dominated by clothing/boutique booths -- but still, you'd think someone would have stopped and asked for an autograph or something. Then again, his team did lose.

On Saturday, everything is fair game. I'm going to find a few of the wackiest, craziest, or simply put, most unusual items here at the Show. Whether any of these items help your game is for you to decide. But whether they will make an impression -- I can guarantee they will.

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