2010 PGA Merchandise Show
The Tin Cup Personal Imprinting System allows every golfer to make their own mark on the golf ball. (Kim/PGA.com)

Five hot items from Saturday at the PGA Merchandise Day

Our Craig Dolch was once again on the prowl during the third day of the 57th PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando on Saturday, searching high and low for you to find five unique products. One of those items was the Tin Cup Personal Imprinting System.

By Craig Dolch, Special to PGA.com

Golf Genie: Most golfers know they can't receive advice on a golf course unless it's from their caddy or a partner if it's a team competition. So what does a player do when he's playing alone – against just the golf course – when he faces a tricky situation?

Thanks to a new product called Golf Genie, you can find some credible answers fast.

Golf Genie ($14.99) is an on-course pocket guide that can help golfers review the basic fundamentals, diagnose swing problems and give advice on shot selection and course management.

The Golf Genie fully conforms to the USGA's Rules of Golf.

And to keep up with the ever-changing technology, there's now a pair of iPhone apps available – Golf Genie Tee To Green Advisor Lite is free and Golf Genie Tee To Green Advisor Pro is $4.99.

For more information, call 866-637-2191 or go to www.golfgenieguide.com.
Golf Camp in a Bag: Virtually every golfer went to a summer golf camp when he was a kid. Some experiences were more enjoyable than other.

So ParKit Golf has come up with a new product – Golf Camp in a Bag – that adds to a player's enjoyment while cutting down on the hassles.

"This kit is borne out of a combined total of 80 years of teaching juniors," said Don Law, a Boca Raton's based PGA Professional who has won several awards for his work with juniors. "Let's face it, a lot of pros have run out of ideas when it comes to summer junior camps. When you unzip this bag, you have instant camp."

Golf Camp in a Bag ($349) includes six aiming sticks, four target rings, six rings, a ditty bag, 17 colored golf balls, six Kool balls, a wicket set, a portfolio, a scoring pad and pen, ball markers, pool noodle, a tape measure and a 56-page Book of Golf Games For Kids that has 25 games that covers all aspects of the golf swing.

"We have listened to the kids about what they thought was the most fun about going to golf camp," Law said.

For more information, call (561) 451-1128 or go to www.golftrainingkits.com
Pure Grips: Changing grips is something many golfers dread, which is why many use worn-out grips a lot longer than they should.
Pure Grips can change that.

The company has created a propriety rubber blend of grips that not only are durable (they each have a one-year guarantee), but they are consistent in weight and – best of all – are about as easy to install as changing a pair of socks.

Because the grips are rubber and completely round, Pure Grip has created a system where a golfer, using an air compressor and an air gun, can change a set of 14 grips in about 10 minutes.

"Because of the blend of the rubber we use, the grips fit right over the clubs and the air locks them in place," said Wes Brasher, founder-CEO of Pure Grips. "You don't have to use tape and you don't have to use solvent. So the golfer can get on the golf course a lot quicker and the PGA pros aren't spending half their days waiting for glue to dry when they're changing grips."

Brasher said he's targeting PGA Professionals with his invention, but he's also reaching out to the golfer.

"The beauty of this is you can do this at home," he said. "And your wife won't be mad at you for having glue smell all over the house."

For more information, go to wwww.PUREgrips.com/PGA.
GPS Quick Clip: Every golfer wants to play a round of golf as fast as possible. That's why they use rangefinders to help them with yardages.

But how many times during a round do you spend rummaging through your golf cart looking for your range-finder – sometimes realizing it fell of the cart 200 yards back?

That's why GPS Quick Clip was created. Simply attach the clip to a windshield frame, and its 50 pounds of magnetic pull ensure it remains on the cart. That allows a golfer to easily slide your rangefinder in and out of the clip to get quick yardages.

For more information, go to GPSQuickClip.com or call (843) 235-8405.
The Tin Cup Personal Imprinting System: Before every round, a golfer is supposed to mark his golf balls to make sure he can identify them in the rough or some other wayward place. But few golfers take the time or have their own personalized marking.

Tin Cup Products is changing that. They've developed a stainless steel cover with a personalized imprint a player can easily place over the ball and fill in with an ultra-fine Sharpie.

Among the more popular logos at the Merchandise Show this week is a martini glass or a black Labrador dog. It literally takes a few seconds to fill in the logo with the ink. Retail is $17.95.

Golfer can also personalize their own logo, whether it's their initials, an insignia of their favorite team or any other type of logo they want to use. Personalized logos range from $39.95 to $59.95.

For more information, go to www.tin-cup.com.

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