Here's your buzz

We've assigned John Kim one big task this week: Walk the miles of aisles on the Show floor and report back on what -- and or who -- is getting the most buzz out there. Here's his report for Day 2.


ClubGlove golf luggage, Quagmire apparel and the Swinkey multi-purpose golf training tool generated a lot of interest among's social media users on Friday.

By John Kim, Coordinating Producer

The “Friday Buzz” comes with a twist. Using’s social media outlets, we asked readers to suggest a company they’d want to see featured. Savvy golfers, PGA Show participants and, apparently, a large contingent from Canada voted, and the results speak for themselves. So without further ado, here’s today edition of “Friday Buzz.”

1. Swinkey: This Canadian company has developed a golf training tool that serves as the “Swiss army knife” of golf.  It’s five or six tools in one set, with great resourcefulness in its design and most of all, its utility. From a driver protector for your travel bag to a set-up tool that will ensure proper alignment and ball position, it’s so basic and yet, so practical. Keep an eye on Swinkey – they could make great inroads in the United States as they’re already big in their native country. Good product, eh?

2. ClubGlove: Yes, ClubGlove already makes the most popular travel bags in golf. But somehow, they keep coming out with new products that are set to lead the industry. From the award-winning “Last Bag” design to their new luggage sets, I don’t mind saying their travel gear is best in class.

3. Quagmire Golf: Are golf clothes cool? Most clothing companies claim to be stylish or elegant or classy, but I’m not sure “cool” is the right vernacular for golf clothes. Well, Quagmire Golf disagrees. Their temperature-sensitive shirts were a big hit, as the material reacts to heat and changes colors. It was a big hit among the buyers at the Show today, but in particular the kids’ line was flying off the shelves.

4. Dancin’ Dogg Golf: I want a swing simulator so bad I can’t stand it. But to be honest, I can’t afford the $50,000-$60,000 that the top-of-the-line systems would cost me (hard to believe, I know; golf internet pay should be WAY higher.) But Dancin Dogg Golf has a golf simulator that runs off your PC that offers a tremendous virtual golf experience for less than the price of an iPad. A basic iPad. So I can play great virtual courses in a realistic fashion with my own clubs and real swing results in my home? I’m definitely impressed. If we can get it down to the price of an iPod, then maybe I can afford one. But yes, this one’s a no-brainer.

5. Trion:Z: Magnetic and Ionic bracelets are touted as promoting and helping maintain a healthy life. Do you believe they work? Apparently a lot of people do; they had a line around the booth every time I passed by. Lots of styles, colors and personalization options, including your favorite sports teams.

6. Paula Creamer: The LPGA Tour has not started its season yet, so many companies are bringing in their LPGA stars to draw some attention at the PGA Show. It works – maybe none better than Creamer’s appearance at the Bridgestone area, which had a line 50 people deep at times. A half-hour wait was required to get one picture snapped with her. And the patient ones thought it was well worth it.

7. Truelinkswear Shoes: One of my personal favorite products and, obviously, a lot of people feel that way. A “True” crowd was present virtually the entire day, very enthusiastic about this groundbreaking footwear. They brought in PGA Tour standout Ryan Moore to attract attention -- and though it was good to see him, they didn’t need him. The shoes speak for themselves quite well.