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Michael Baker

  • Birthplace: Bangor, Maine
  • Residence: Hales Location, N.H.
  • Birthdate: November 24, 1961
  • Age: 44
  • Turned Pro: 1985
  • College: Methodist College
  • Home Club: Hales Location (N.H.) Country Club
  • PGA Classification: A-6
  • PGA Membership: 1990
  • PGA Section: New England
  • Personal: Single. Children: Michael, 6, Danielle, 5.
  • Hobbies: Snow shoveling, reading, yoga, harness racing.

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Player Notes

PGA Teaching Professional at Hales Location Country Club.Tied for 3rd Place, 2006 New England PGA Championship. Winner, 2001 Rhode Island Open, 1998 New England PGA Section Championship, 1986 Greater Bangor Open. 2001 New England PGA Player of the Year. Tied for 17 Place, 2002 Eastern PGA CPC. Tied for 26th Place, 2003 Eastern PGA CPC. Played on 1998 North Atlantic Tour and 1995 Florida Gold Coast Tour with two wins. Played in the PGA Tour event, 1996 CVS Pleasant Valley Classic. Has recorded three holes-in-one, all in competition.

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