The PGA Professional's Showcase

The PGA Club Professional Championship began in 1968 to provide additional playing opportunities for PGA Professionals. In more than three decades, it has become a showcase event for PGA Professionals, featuring some of the finest players in the Association. Formerly a 360-player field, the format of the PGA Club Professional Championship was changed in 1997 to a larger nationwide event that today features the finest 156 players at the peak of their games. In 1997, the PGA Club Professional created local Sectional Club Professional Championships, four new Regional Club Professional Championships, and moved its dates to one month prior to the PGA Championship. The PGA Club Professional Championship now features a total purse of more than $1.5 million that is awarded in Section, regional and national championships. Regional Club Professional Championships feature fields ranging from 130 to nearly 160 players.

Prior to 1997, the PGA Club Professional Championship was held after the golf season had ended across much of the U.S. The Championship has been conducted in 10 states in the previous 35 years: Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon and Wisconsin. The list of Champions over the past 35 years includes Sam Snead, Bob Rosburg, Ed Dougherty, Bruce Fleisher and the late Larry Gilbert - the only three-time Champion. Former Tour professionals Rex Baxter Jr., Don Massengale, Laurie Hammer, Larry Webb, Bob Boyd and Brett Upper also have won The CPC.

In 1997, The 30th PGA Club Professional Championship was the first to be televised live by The Golf Channel to millions of viewers in this country, Japan and the Philippines.

The 40th PGA Club Professional Championship features 156 players from the four Regional Championships conducted in the fall of 2006 along with past Champions. The PGA Club Professional Championship has a potential audience of more than 58 million via The Golf Channel in Canada and the United States.

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