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jack nicklaus
PGA of America archive
On June 1, 2016, Jack Nicklaus celebrates 50 years of PGA Membership.

Today, June, 1, 2016, is a special day in the history of Jack Nicklaus, as it marks his 50th anniversary as a PGA of America member.

“For a half century, Jack Nicklaus has been one of golf's great ambassadors -- both on and off the golf course," said PGA of America President Derek Sprague. "From his 18 major championships, to his community involvement and charitable efforts, the Golden Bear has touched millions of lives around the globe. His direct impact on our Association, its members and our Championships, has been profound. On behalf of our 28,000 PGA Professionals, I want to congratulate Jack on 50 years of PGA Membership.”

Nicklaus himself credits much of his success to the late Jack Grout, known as the Golden Bear's "first, and only, teacher."

"Fifty years and I am as proud as ever to be among the men and women who provide the foundation for the game of golf and shape its future," said Nicklaus. "My lifelong golf instructor, Jack Grout, was perhaps to me the best example of what a PGA Professional represents. He was a friend first and a mentor second in a game that is built upon creating and fostering relationships. He fueled the fire in me to be the best that I could be, on and off the golf course. Outside of my parents, I can't think of someone who helped impact my young life more than Jack Grout.

"PGA Professionals like Jack, and so many others before and after him, help sustain the game by teaching golf's core principles -- lessons that range from the fundamentals of the swing to the fundamentals of character," Nicklaus added. "Throughout generations, countless exceptional individuals have worn the PGA of America badge. It’s my honor to be considered among them. I’m thankful for everything the PGA has done for me, but more important, all they have done for the game of golf, and I wish them many years of continued success."

Jack Nicklaus celebrates 50 years of PGA Membership
Alligator on golf course
Charles Helms via YouTube
This gator certainly ranks as one of the largest we've ever seen on a golf course.
We've all seen plenty of shots of alligators on golf courses. We haven't, however, seen many gators as huge as the one that Charles Helms encountered at Palmetto Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Florida, the other day. 
Even better, he got video of it as it tromped across the links.
Helms and his playing partner watched the beast with the appropriate awe – and from an appropriate distance – and even joked that it looked like two guys in an alligator suit. They estimated its length at 15 feet.
What a beauty that thing is – you can almost feel the ground shake each time a foot hits the ground. Check out the video below and, if you missed them, here are some links to several of our previous alligator-related posts:
Gigantic alligator stomps across Florida golf course
May 31, 2016 - 10:39am
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Teemu Selänne
Teemu Selänne on Instagram
Former NHL star Teemu Selänne had the camera rolling on a friend recently in an ill-fated attempt to play a shot near the water's edge.

Whether you're for or against cell phones on the golf course can we all agree that having the capability to capture your friend on video as he or she is about to do something with the potential to be wildly entertaining is priceless?

Thankfully for all of us, those were the thoughts running through the head of former NHL star Teemu Selänne in a casual round recently.

Selänne got the video rolling on a friend of his who attempted a recovery shot from the water's edge.

You can probably guess what happens, but man, it sure is worth watching (warning: language may be considered NSFW):


You rather wanna be one day as Lion than 100years as a lamb

A video posted by Teemu Selanne (@sel8nneteemu) on


Former NHL star's friend goes swimming after golf shot miscue
May 20, 2016 - 11:33am
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Jack Nicklaus
Jack Nicklaus has been known to make the game look easy. But this was just ridiculous.

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. -- The Senior PGA Championship presented by KitchenAid takes place next week at Harbor Shores.

Harbor Shores also hosted the 2012 Senior PGA Championship, which was won by England's Roger Chapman and the 2014 edition, won by Colin Montgomerie.

It usually takes a lot of time for a course to generate notable moments in its history. That isn't the case with Harbor Shores.

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This course was put on the map the day it officially opened, July 10, 2010, thanks to its designer Jack Nicklaus.

As part of the grand opening, Nicklaus was joined by Arnold Palmer, Tom Watson and Johnny Miller to play 18 holes.

When the group reached the par-5 10th hole, something unfolded that you couldn't make up.

The 10th green at Harbor Shores is one of the most undulating on the course -- which is saying something because a lot of the greens here are of the hit-and-hope variety: hit it and hope it finishes somewhere reasonably close to the hole.

On opening day, Miller found his third shot on the lower level of the green, with the pin placement up a hill in the back, middle portion of the green, 102 feet away with the kinds of twists and turns you only expect to see on a roller coaster.

At first, Miller contemplated using a wedge, arguing it was the only wat to get close to the hole. Nicklaus insisted the ball could be putted up there.

With that, Nicklaus walked down to where Miller was, dropped a golf ball, took a quick look at the hole and proceeded to do this:




So, this week when you see players struggling for a three-putt on the 10th green at Harbor Shores (which has had some adjustments since but is still a show stopper), just remember it's not as easy as Nicklaus made it look.

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The putt that put Harbor Shores on the map