September 4, 2014 - 1:21pm
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Ernie Els
Claude Harmon III
How disappointed would you be if you asked a tattoo artist for some ink of Ernie Els and it looked like this?

There are a lot of ways for fans to show their appreciation toward their favorite star golfers.

You can go to a tournament and cheer them on. You can go to the local golf store and buy the same clothes as said golfer. Or, in the case of this fan who attended Wednesday's Pro-Am at the BMW Championship out at Cherry Hills in Colorado, you can take it one (permanent) step further and have the golfer's likeness tattooed on your body.

Believe it or not, that right there is supposed to be a tattoo of Ernie Els (h/t Brendan Porath at

The Big Easy's swing coach, Claude Harmon III, tweeted out the picture on Wednesday of Els signing the fans leg just above the tattoo.


This fan has got to get the signature tattooed into his leg now too, right?

Believe it or not, this isn't the worst golf fan tattoo we've seen -- it's pretty bad though. That "honor" belongs to a fan who has Davis Love III (at least the man claims that's how it is) inked onto his skin

Check out this guy's Ernie Els tattoo
September 4, 2014 - 8:23am
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Bryan Brothers
The Bryan Brothers are at it again, this time using a GoPro camera to make you appreciate their talents in a whole new way.

Just when you think there are only so many golf trick shots you can see before you start thinking, "OK, I've seen it all," the Bryan Brothers come up with something new that will blow your mind.

Like this latest effort utilizing GoPro cameras:

George and Wesley Bryan are magicians, that's all there is to it.

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My personal favorite from this GoPro video? George's chip shot into the moving cart that the driver catches, then tosses over the cart to Wesley, who smashes it in mid-air with a driver. That was unbelievable.

The only question you can ask after watching a Bryan Brothers video is this: What will they come up with next?

Rest assured whatever it is, it'll be special.

Bryan Brothers utilize GoPro cameras in latest trick shot video
September 4, 2014 - 7:59am
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Tommy Morrissey
Tommy Morrissey, a 3-year-old from Linwood, N.J., was born with just one arm, but he hasn't let that get in the way of his love for golf.

Tommy Morrissey, a 3-year-old from Linwood, N.J., loves his golf.

Morrissey was born with one arm due to a blood clot, but he hasn't allowed that to hold him back on the golf course. Using only his left arm, Morrissey has produced quite the little golf swing as you can see in the video below:

Since he enjoys ripping the driver, it's no surprise that Morrissey calls Bubba Watson his favorite golfer.

Three-year-old with one arm makes golf look easy
Tiger Woods portrait made out of Nike swooshes
Andy Gellenberg via
To create his portrait of Tiger Woods, German graphic artist Andy Gellenberg used only color and Nike swooshes.
When I was a kid, artist Leroy Neiman created a series of images of golfers and a wide variety of other sporting scenes in a wildly colorful abstract style. I had a poster of one of the golf pictures in my bedroom for a while – and now I can't remember whatever happened to it.
Today, I saw some illustrations that are the closest thing in spirit I've seen to those old Neiman posters in quite some time. One of them is of Tiger Woods – created completely out of Nike swooshes.
These illustrations – there is also one of fellow Nike athlete LeBron James and comedian Paul Rodriguez – are by a German graphic artist named Andy Gellenberg. It might be easy to call them gimmicky, but the nuance required to make them as accurate as they are is quite impressive.
"I am a passionate freelance Illustrator and graphic designer from Germany, looking for new ways to improve," Gellenberg says on the website "I'm always interested in using new technics [pretty sure he means techniques] and leaving my comfort zone to push my work."
On, there are many other examples of his work, including illustrations from the World Cup, concert posters and more. They're all quite eye-catching in their own way. And there's more on Gellenberg, and the history of the Nike Swoosh, on the website.
There's no indication that these swoosh portraits will be offered for sale or used in advertising or anything. I'll be curious to see how they'll end up being used.
Tiger Woods portrait made entirely out of Nike swooshes
Rory McIlroy
Getty Images
Manchester United fan Rory McIlroy will get a look at the Denver Broncos on Sunday night.
Are you ready for some football? Three of golf's biggest names obviously are.
Rory McIlroy, Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson are set to attend the Denver Broncos' game against the Indianapolis Colts Sunday night after the conclusion of the BMW Championship at Cherry Hills. The Broncos said this week that they'll have passes waiting for the trio. 
Mickelson, of course, is a huge football fan – and sports fan in general – but also a die-hard San Diego Chargers fan. Seeing as the Chargers and Broncos are division rivals, I don't think Mickelson will be cheering too hard for the home team.
Watson is a fan of the New Orleans Saints, and even attended their training camp at the Greenbrier Resort, where he also has a home, a few weeks ago. 
McIlroy, however, might be ripe for conversion into a Broncos fan, as he hasn't yet revealed his support for any NFL team. His favorite sports teams are Manchester United – remember, he got booed for reiterating his allegiance to the Red Devils during his victory speech at Royal Liverpool in July – and the Ulster rugby team in his native Northern Ireland.
There is no cut in the BMW Championship, where only the top 70 in the FedExCup standings will be playing, so all three stars are guaranteed to still be around on Sunday. The tournament is set to end at 6:00 p.m. ET, giving everyone enough time to make the 8:30 p.m. ET kickoff. Heck, I'll be surprised if several more PGA Tour stars don't find their way over to Mile High as well.
Denver Broncos to host Rory McIlroy, Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson at home opener on Sunday
2014 U.S. Ryder Cup Team uniforms
PGA of America
Ralph Lauren designed the three uniforms the U.S. Ryder Cup Team will wear at Gleneagles.



What will the 2014 U.S. Ryder Cup Team be wearing during each day of the three-day competition at Gleneagles later this month? Here's a handy guide to help you.

All of the uniforms were designed by Ralph Lauren, the official partner and outfitter for the PGA of America.

PGA.COM SHOP: Wear what the players will be wearing at Gleneagles

Morning foursome and afternoon four-ball matches will kick off the event on Friday, Sept. 26, and Team USA will be wearing white polos with blue pinstriped pants.

Friday's uniform

Saturday, Sept. 27, promises another full day of morning foursome and afternoon four-ball matches, and the U.S. squad will be outfitted in blue polos with green and blue plaid patterned pants.

Saturday's uniform

The final day of the competition, Sunday, Sept. 28, features 12 singles matches. And the U.S. Team will be wearing its most patriotic uniform -- red, white and blue striped polo with bright red trousers.

Sunday's uniform

A day-by-day look at Team USA uniforms for the Ryder Cup