What is #PGA365 and how you can play a part

February #PGA365
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February has brought a wide variety of images from around the country.
By John Kim

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Thursday, February 13, 2014 | 4:29 p.m.

You may occasionally see us asking/reminding people to share their golf course photos for #PGA365. And you might be wondering what that is and why it's important.

Put simply, #PGA365 is a celebration of golf - every day of the year. We want to chronicle golf around the country (and the world) from the perspective of the world's most important golfers - YOU. We recognize that every day is a day you love golf. So on each day, someone in our golf family is out enjoying something beautiful and special on a golf course. Let's share that passion for the game for the greater good.

** The idea behind #PGA365 **

So all we ask is that you take a photo of your special moments on the course and share them with us. The easiest ways to do so is to upload them directly to our Facebook page or to use Twitter (each with a caption and using hashtag #PGA365.)

The example below is perfect (this one via Twitter).

We will select one photo each day to be our "Photo of the Day", that photo will represent the golf of that day in our special monthly galleries. You can also email us the photo at PGACoursePhotos@turner.com.

We will keep a running archive of all 12 months here:

January #PGA365 Photos
February #PGA365 Photos

Golfers are visual, golf courses are beautiful, golf photos are spectacular. Our goal is to share golf in a unique and enjoyable way - using the golf community who shares that energy and enthusiasm with us. Thank you everyone who loves golf like we do - and is willing to take this journey together.  

You can also tweet photos to me on Twitter at @johnkim