April 15, 2016 - 7:49am
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Bryson DeChambeau, Caddyshack
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Heralded amateur Bryson DeChambeau turned professional this week and then proceeded to drop the greatest Carl Spackler impression we've ever seen.

It's been an amazing two-week stretch for Bryson DeChambeau.

The 22-year-old reigning U.S. Amateur champ finished as low-amateur at the Masters last week and proceeded to turn professional on Monday. He's making his first start as a pro this week in Hilton Head at the Heritage, where endorsement deals with Cobra-Puma and Bridgestone were announced.

Also this week, DeChambeau busted out what just might be the greatest "Bill Murray from Caddyshack" impression we've ever seen.

Check out DeChambeau as Murray's "Carl Spackler":


And, just so you can see how fantastic that impersonation is, here's Murray himself:


Man, if they ever decide to put together a sequel to "Caddyshack"... Oh wait. Forget I said that.

Bryson DeChambeau's spot on Carl Spackler impression
Justin Rose and Niall Horan
Justin Rose via Instagram
When they're not playing golf, Justin Rose and Niall Horan are creating tunes about golf.
Surely one of the big highlights of Masters Week was when One Direction singer Niall Horan, entertainer extraordinaire Justin Timberlake and former U.S. Open champion Justin Rose dropped by the Drive, Chip & Putt Championship finals at Augusta National. The kids had no idea the two superstars would show up for the kids' final preparations, and their appearance made a great event even better.
As we mentioned previously, Rose and Horan have teamed up to use golf as a way to raise money for charity. And now comes word that the two are writing songs together, and the proceeds from their creative collaboration will go toward their charitable endeavors. We're not sure if the songs will be about golf – but hey, with these two collaborating, how can they not be? 
Rose posted a photo with Horan at a piano on Instagram with the caption: "Writing a few songs with @niallhoran for the #HoranRose charity event in May #TeamRose."
No word yet on what the tunes will sound like – and what we really want to know is whether they'll be better than the Golf Boys tunes. That's not possible, is it?
Just kidding. In any case, it sounds like the songs will debut later this spring, around the time of the big golf-and-gala event that Rose and Horan are staging in London at the end of May. Here's Rose's Instagram photo:

Writing a few songs with @niallhoran for the #HoranRose charity event in May #TeamRose

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Niall Horan and Justin Rose are writing songs for charity
Lee Trevino and rubber snake
ScotchBladeGolf via YouTube
Lee Trevino's rubber snake broke the tension on the first hole of the playoff for the 1971 U.S. Open.
It's April Fool's Day, as I'm sure we all are aware of by now. Generally speaking, I try to avoid the tricks and jokes, but it is fun to see how other people handle the day.
My favorite April Fool's post in the world of golf so far today comes from none other than Jack Nicklaus. No, the Golden Bear isn't trying to punk anybody – but he did note on Twitter that "Every day is #AprilFools to my friend Lee Trevino." And then he added a link to one of the most famous stunts in all of golf – that time Trevino threw a rubber snake at him at the 1971 U.S. Open.
I've embedded the video that Nicklaus refers to below. In case you're not familiar with the story, here's the deal: Nicklaus and Trevino were tied after 72 holes at Merion, and returned on Monday for a full 18-hole playoff. As the announcer on the video says, the mood was quite serious as the two great players prepared to begin their duel.
Trevino took a couple of practice swings while Nicklaus waited off to the side. Then the Merry Mex pulled a big rubber snake out of his bag and held it high as the crowds murmurs turned to laughter. Nicklaus asked to see it, Trevino tossed it over to him, and both men got a good chuckle out of the stunt, which really cut the tension on the first tee. 
One widely told version of story is that Trevino tossed the snake in an attempt to unnerve Nicklaus, but the truth is that Nicklaus asked to see the fake snake. Trevino had the snake in his bag because he had used it as part of a photo shoot before the Open to show how deep Merion's rough was. On the first tee, he reached into his bag for a new glove, found it and decided to pull it out.
And by the way, Trevino shot 68 to Nicklaus' 71, then went on to win the Canadian Open and British Open within the next month or so. He ended up with six victories for the 1971 season and was named the PGA Player of the Year. 
Here's Nicklaus' tweet and the video:
Jack Nicklaus remembers Lee Trevino's "snake" practical joke