October 2, 2014 - 3:18pm
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Derek Holland
Derek Holland via Instagram
This looks like it will go down as another Derek Holland prank, much like his impersonations during the 2011 World Series.

Ah, the power of Instagram video. It's amazing what you can pretend to do with it. 

Take this video from Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland for instance. Holland, playing the par-4, 440-yard fifth hole at Cottonwood Valley in Dallas, slightly exaggerates his power on the course in this video. 

At least Holland fesses up at the end of the video that he didn't actually hit it that far. 

If there were a baseball player to actually drive a ball as far as Bubba Watson, Holland seems like a pretty good candidate. He didn't make his season debut until September after suffering a knee injury after tripping over his dog last winter, so he had plenty of time to work on his golf swing (because isn't that what all baseball players do when they're hurt?). Plus, his swing looks pretty good and he was posting from the golf course yesterday. 

Alas, this looks like it will go down as another classic Holland prank. 

Derek Holland 'hits' 400-yard shot
Trevor Linden
Canucks TV via YouTube
Trevor Linden scored on his first try in the glass-break challenge – though not with a golf club and ball.
It's October, and that means hockey season is here. In fact, the National Hockey League teams have been in camp for a few weeks already, and the regular season begins next week.
Hockey players, as a group, are avid golfers, and many are quite good. I'm not sure how skilled former Vancouver Canucks star Trevor Linden – who is now president of the Canucks – is as a golfer, but he showed that he's still the master of the wrist shot on a recent Canucks golf outing.
Toward the end of this segment on Canucks TV, Linden hops out of his golf cart and tries his hand at the glass-break challenge that is a regular feature on the Golf Channel's "Big Break" shows. Instead of a golf club, though, Linden goes with a hockey stick and puck. 
And in the words of some famous hockey announcer whose name I don't know: "He shoots, he scores!"
Linden's big shot comes at the 1:30 mark of the video:
Trevor Linden does the glass-break shot hockey-style
October 2, 2014 - 10:08am
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Rory McIlory plays with dog
European Tour
It's a good thing Rory McIlroy has a dog headcover.

Rory McIlroy is one of the more popular players with golf fans, and apparently dogs, too. 

While waiting on the 18th tee at the Dunhill Links Championship at Carnoustie, a black labrador approached the No. 1-ranked golfer. The result was one of the best 16-second clips you'll see all day. 

What seals this as a great video is the fact that Rory uses his Saint Bernard headcover for his 3-wood to play with his new friend. 

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It's clear by Rory's reaction that he enjoyed the visit, and it's good to see Rory's laid-back side on the course. After so many weeks of high-pressure, competitive golf, it's a nice change to see Rory enjoying moments like this while playing with his father, Gerry. 

McIlroy finished his first round with 1-over 73, and made just one birdie. 

Rory plays with dog at Dunhill Links
October 1, 2014 - 2:50pm
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Sweet Seasons Farm
Sweet Seasons Farm
Bubba Watson will be stopping by a corn maze carved in his likeness this weekend.

When a corn maze is created in your likeness, there is one question that has to be asked: Will you have an advantage finding your way through it?

We may finally get that answer this weekend.

Back in August, word got out that Sweet Seasons Farm in Berrydale, Fla., would be dedicating its corn maze to its local hero and two-time Masters winner, Bubba Watson. Now he's ready to give it a go. 

Granted, all Watson said is that he'll be stopping by the corn maze and not actually going into it. But would you pass up the opportunity to venture through a corn maze in your likeness?

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This is the first opportunity that Watson will get to go see the finished maze. It opened last week but he was a little busy with the Ryder Cup. 

Can't make it down to Sweet Seasons Farm to meet Watson or try to navigate your way through the maze? Well, we found this report from WEAR-TV in Florida that takes you on a tour of the maze. 



Bubba vs. the Bubba Maze
October 1, 2014 - 2:35pm
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Paul Azinger
Baltimore Orioles Twitter
Paul Azinger spoke to the Orioles before their first playoff game on Thursday.

The Baltimore Orioles have their first playoff game on Thursday. On Tuesday, they brought in a special guest to help them get ready. 

Paul Azinger, the captain of the victorious 2008 U.S. Ryder Cup Team, stopped by Camden Yards in Baltimore to bring some inspiration to the American League East champions.

No video has surfaced of Azinger's speech but it's probably safe to bet that it had something to do with the Orioles' playoff mantra: We won't stop.

This is not the first time the Orioles have brought in Azinger to speak to the team. According to a tweet from Eduardo Encina, the Orioles beat writer for The Baltimore Sun, Azinger addressed the team in the spring. 

Since whatever Azinger said in the spring helped the Orioles win 96 games this season, it's no surprise that Orioles manager Buck Showalter, who has a USGA 8.9 handicap at Texas National, would invite him back. Plus, we do know how much baseball players love to spend their free time out on the course. That would make the last U.S. captain to win a Ryder Cup a natural fit to speak to the team before the Orioles’ biggest series of the year so far. 

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What makes this a little strange is Azinger's baseball allegiances. Take a look at this tweet from earlier in the year.

Let's give Azinger a break though. The Rays, a divisional rival of the Orioles, struggled this year and missed the postseason so it's not like they're still competing against the Orioles.


Azinger helps Orioles prep for playoffs
September 30, 2014 - 4:30pm
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Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods' restaurant will be called The Woods Jupiter: Sports and Dining Club.

While the golfing world concentrated on the 2014 Ryder Cup at Gleneagles, Tiger Woods was noticably absent. Perhaps now we know why.

On Tuesday, the Palm Beach Post reported that Woods is planning on opening a restaurant near his home called "The Woods Jupiter: Sports and Dining Club" sometime next year.

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According to the Associated Press, a statement issued by developer Allied Capital and Development of South Florida says the property is still in the works, but is expected to be a 5,900-square-foot restaurant. It's likely to open in the first quarter of 2015.

Woods said in the statement that he envisions "a place where people can meet friends, watch sports on TV and enjoy a great meal."

Tiger about to become a restauranteur