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The fabled links at Carnoustie are tucked between the North Sea and the small town of Carnoustie, about an hour's drive north of St. Andrews on the northeast coast of Scotland. (Stephen Munday/Getty Images)
The fabled links at Carnoustie are tucked between the North Sea and the small town of Carnoustie, about an hour's drive north of St. Andrews on the northeast coast of Scotland. (Stephen Munday/Getty Images)

Carnoustie and the Open Championship

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From the first time it staged the Open Championship back in 1931 up to its most controversial hosting in 1999, Carnoustie has loomed large over the history of golf's global championship. As part of our special coverage of the 2007 Open Championship, we present a collection of stories reflecting on Carnoustie and some of the golf history recorded there.

Carnoustie looms as mixture of great and ghoulish
The Carnoustie Golf Links is a curmudgeonly course skirting the links land between the North Sea and a small, dour town. But, says Senior Correspondent Dave Shedloski, it is also magical, a place cloaked in mystique and reeking of spiritual turbulence.

Armour's 1931 victory was turning point in Scottish golf
Carnoustie hosted its first Open Championship in 1931, a delicate time for golf in Scotland. And, says PGATOUR.COM Contributor Brett Avery, the great Tommy Armour's triumph provoked mixed feelings in both the United Kingdom and the United States.

One sure thing about Carnoustie: It's no St. Andrews
While St. Andrews has evolved into a center of education, history and golf, Carnoustie is a humble little town best known for textiles and barley. Oh yeah, notes Correspondent Melanie Hauser, it's got one heck of a golf course, as the world will again discover this week.

TNT's Huber: My home away from home in Carnoustie
TNT Emmy Award-winning essayist Jim Huber will be returning to Carnoustie for the Open Championship. In this exclusive column, Huber recalls his first trip to the tiny village in northeast Scotland -- and the family that opened their home to him.

Zigzagging creek can be a watery grave at Carnoustie
The murky creek known as Barry Burn might not look too impressive as it snakes its way through the links at Carnoustie. But every fan on hand is mesmerized by the havoc it can cause, and every player fears what it can do to his scorecard.

Memories of 1999 Open range from pure to painful
The 1999 Open Championship at Carnoustie was nothing if not memorable. As Carnoustie prepares to host again, Chief of Correspondents Helen Ross talks to players from Phil Mickelson to Billy Andrade to Fred Funk as they recall their experiences during a 1999 Open that remains unforgettable.

Debate over merits of Lawrie's 1999 win still rages on
So which is it? Did Paul Lawrie grab the Open Championship at Carnoustie in 1999? Or did Jean Van de Velde just gift-wrap the Claret Jug and hand it to to him? As Interactive Producer T.J. Auclair notes, the arguments on both sides are as strong as the memories of that amazing ending.

Carnoustie started small, grew into one of golf's giants
At the time the Open Championship was born, Carnoustie was in its formative years as a 10-hole layout. By the 1930s, Contributor Brett Avery points out, it had been improved to the point where it could host an Open, and now ranks among the finest in Scotland.

Watson went back to future to learn to love the links
A big part of Tom Watson's Hall of Fame career are his five Open Championship victories, but a key one at Carnoustie stands out, says Editorial Coordinator Lauren Deason. That's where he had to harken back to his youth in order to appreciate the unique demands of links golf.

Maginnes: Open Championship a major unlike any other
For Americans, the true beauty of the Open Championship is that it reminds us that the game is not ours, says Contributor John Maginnes. And seeing a player like Tom Watson or Tiger Woods execute a unique links game plan is mesmerizing.

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