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Mike Weir wasn't overly pleased with his third-round 72 but was happy he hung tough and made some nice par saves. (Photo: Getty Images)
Mike Weir wasn't overly pleased with his third-round 72 but was happy he hung tough and made some nice par saves. (Photo: Getty Images)

Mike Weir Blog: A tricky wind made it difficult

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In the latest edition of his blog, Mike Weir says the wind plays some tricks with a few of his shots but overall said his 72 wasn't a bad round. Still, he felt that if the weather cooperated there were some good scores to be had on Sunday.

Editor's note: Mike Weir is spending this week at the Open Championship in Carnoustie, where he posted this edition of his blog on Saturday.

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When I got to the range today the wind was going hard left to right. I like to play a draw, so that was fine with me. Then when I got to the course, I was surprised that I was overdrawing some shots. Most of the overdraws were with that left-to-right wind. You just draw it a little bit and it takes off with the wind. The shots look a lot worse than what the actual shape was.

But the shot cost me a few times, no doubt about it. After getting off to a good start with a par on one and a birdie from four feet on the second, I hit my tee shot on the third into the heavy stuff left of the fairway. I couldn't do anything but get it back in play. There was no way I was going to go for the green, which is beyond a burn.

The second shot there, the one I was just getting back into play, almost ran into a bunker. It ran and ran. Then I had one foot in the bunker, and a really awkward third shot. I thought I hit just a nice little pitch out there, and it goes into that tough spot. But that's the bounce of the ball in links golf. I did make bogey, so that was okay. I've limited myself to bogeys the first three rounds, which helps.

I guess that was the story of the day. I made a bunch of good par saves, but I didn't make putts of any length for birdies. Or an eagle, for that matter. I did make a 20-footer for birdie on the seventh, and I felt I might get something going right then. On the eighth, I hit a 5-iron right at the flag. But the ball kept rolling and rolling, and I was just hoping it would stay on the green.

But the last roll took it over the green and down into a hollow. I had 30 feet of closely cut fringe, up a slight incline to the green. Then it was another 15 feet to the hole. I didn't get it all the way to the hole, and missed the five-footer for par. That hurt because I thought I'd hit such a good shot in. I was surprised my 5-iron went so far, 195 yards.

But as I've been saying all week, my game plan has been to stay patient and not let anything bother me. I killed my drive on the ninth, hit the green, but came up 40 feet short on my second, and then left myself a 6-footer for par. I got that one down.

The weather then was pretty good. The skies were actually brightening and the wind was down. I was playing with Miguel Angel Jimenez, and it turns out I'll play with him again in the last round. He's a shotmaker who can do a lot of things with the ball. I enjoy playing with him.

Still, overall it wasn't a bad round. I didn't hit the ball as solidly as I did the first two rounds, and I missed those putts that could have got me going. I also lost some of my feel in the last few holes when it got cold. But I hung in there and saved all those pars. I was glad to get in with the 72, although I'm probably going to need a real low round Sunday to have any chance of winning. I'm seven behind Sergio, and I started three behind him. So I have plenty of work to do.

I know why I was overcooking some shots to the right, and I'm heading to the range now to work on fixing that. One round to go, and, depending on the conditions, I think it's possible to go low. I mean, look at what Steve Stricker did. He shot 64. That's pretty impressive. So was Sergio's round. He's playing well, no doubt about it. I feel I'm still playing well, but I need to sharpen a few things and get after it Sunday.

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