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Mike Weir would like to be a little more accurate off the tee this weekend. (Andrew Redington/Getty Images)<BR>
Mike Weir would like to be a little more accurate off the tee this weekend. (Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

Mike Weir Blog: I felt really good in my second round

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In the latest edition of his blog, Mike Weir says he's really pumped about the way he's playing this week. He's especially pleased with his putting, but admits he needs to work a bit on keeping some of his drives out of those nasty bunkers.

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Editor's note: Mike Weir is spending this week at the Open Championship in Carnoustie, where he posted this edition of his blog on Friday.

Today felt really good, especially the back nine where I hit every fairway and then hit one solid iron or rescue club after another. Even on the last hole, where I striped my drive down the middle, there was no way I was going at the pin on the left side of the green. I played to the safe side because of the out of bounds so tight to the left side, and found the bunker. That was okay. I didn't mind hitting it there at all.

I was 3 under for the day then, and for the tournament. But I wasn't thinking about my score. I just wanted to get up and down for par. But I also felt really good in the bunker. Sometimes when I get like that I feel like I can hole the shot. That's what it kind of felt like there. I had about 60 feet of green to work with, and the green was running slightly downhill from where I was.

At first I had my 60-degree wedge, but the way the shot looked when I got in there, I wanted to play it a little lower and let it release and run. So I went back to (caddie) Brennan (Little) and got my 53 and played it, it was running just like a putt, right at it, all it had to do was tip just a little bit. But I'll take it. It was nice not to have a par putt.

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So I'm in at 3 under and I'm right there. There's a long way to go. It hasn't even begun yet, but I didn't do anything crazy to get myself out of it.

Here's the bottom line on what's going on now. I've been working my butt off the last eight months, harder than I ever have. So it feels good to finally see something good happening. I'm playing well. It's nice to be hitting the shots I'm hitting. It's been a while since I've hit some of the shots I'm hitting. Hopefully the next two days I'll keep doing the same things.

There's no reason to change my game plan. I do need to figure out how to stay out of the bunkers off the tee. I've found four of them on the front nine and each time I've had to pitch out. That's four shots gone.

I'm particularly pleased about my putting. I changed my posture a while ago, just getting comfortable, and I'm rolling the ball real well. Even the ones that miss are right over the edge. I definitely do feel more confident. That comfort level. I'm just seeing the line better. I felt like I was trying to fit my putting into a mold in trying to work on the technique of it. I've gone back to a little more feel. The ball's starting on line. It feels good.

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