Open Championship LIVE FAQ

What is Open Championship LIVE?

Open Championship LIVE is an interactive video player application that allows you to watch live streams and archived video from an event. You can choose from four different live broadband video streams, including the first-ever multi-platform simulcast from TNT, player cams, and exclusive bonus coverage from Now you can catch the tournament drama as it happens from your personal computer.

What are the minimum computer specifications required to use Open Championship LIVE?

If you are using Microsoft Windows®: If you are using a Macintosh computer:

If you have trouble with the Open Championship LIVE player, please send an email with a description of your computer configuration (including OS and browser version) and the specific steps to reproduce your problem to

What if I'm having trouble with the video?

Please follow the instructions below to configure your player for HTTP streams. Make sure that you close the Open Championship LIVE player before proceeding or changes to the Windows Media Player settings may not be saved.

Windows Media Player 9 or higher (Windows): Windows Media Player 9 or higher (Macintosh):

Close Windows Media Player and any open browsers, then re-launch the browser and sign in to launch Open Championship LIVE.

What are the bandwidth requirements for Open Championship LIVE?

Open Championship LIVE is a broadband-only application. Because of the high-quality video content, you will need a broadband connection to the internet for optimal video playback. Most broadband connections will be adequate, including DSL (512kbps+), cable, and most corporate internet connections.

What video content will be available?

Additional archived video will be available by clicking on the "on demand" or "browse" buttons. Archived videos include round highlights, instructional content, course information, interviews and other exclusive content.

What if my question isn't answered here?

You may contact us with your questions or technical issues at We may not be able to respond to every email, although we will do our best to respond to technical support requests in a timely manner.