The PGA Championship

Five — 436 Yards, Par 4

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Without question this will be one of the most difficult holes during the tournament. A new tee adds 30 more yards to the hole, making this the most dangerous tee shot at Oak Hill. Your tee shot must travel through a shoot of trees for over 215 yards and then must avoid a creek that winds itself into the landing area at the 250 yard mark. Heavy rough on the left side makes playing safe over there no bargain. If you happen to hit a good drive you will have a mid to short iron to a green that is fronted by that same creek. Shots landing short will be wet. The green offers some great hole locations, making birdies difficult to come by. There will be more double bogeys on this hole than any other.

Oak Hill Country Club

East Course
Rochester, NY
7,134 Yards / Par 70

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