The PGA Championship

Round 2 Quotes: August 15, 2003

Adam Scott (1-under-par (69) to move to 1-over-par 141)
(on his round) "I was pretty happy with 69 today, that's for sure. I just made a couple of putts and that was really the difference from yesterday."

(on the importance of shooting 69) "I think it is important to keep moving in the right direction. If I can do that again tomorrow than I'll be in really good shape come Sunday."

(on the course conditions) "I think it is firming up a little bit. The greens are definitely firming up. I think the par 3's are playing long; they are becoming more difficult. I hit a couple beautiful shots with long irons and they had no chance of stopping."

(on what is a good score on the course) "I think if it gets any firmer than I think par is going to start being a really a good number. You never know, that may be about the score come Sunday afternoon. I still think the way it plays at the moment the guys are good enough to have under par rounds."

(on his bogey at 18) "I hit a really great drive, it was just a yard too far right or it would have been another 30 yards up in the middle of the fairway. It landed a yard in the rough and went underground. Then I could only move it 110 yards further into the rough on the right and that was not good in there either. Actually, I had a really good two-putt to save my bogey."

(on how the weather is affecting play) "I think the heat earlier on today was the hardest part to deal with because you sweat so much out there. The hands were slippery and it was hard to hold on to the club. I can't imagine how difficult this course would be if it was windy. We've had ideal conditions so far and there is hardly anybody under par."

Rod Pampling (4-over-par (74) to finish even-par - 140)
(on his hole out on 18) "It was not a bad tee shot, the wind just got a hold of it a little bit and pushed it right into the trap and it hit the front lip and rolled back in and it finished on a down slope so tossing up as to whether just to hit a wedge out but aggression got the better of me and I tried to hit it out and it hit the lip and buried then I just hacked that out and it had to be the perfect number and it ended up being a perfect shot so it was a good way to finish."

(on the course compared to Thursday) "It has just dried out extremely quickly, a lot quicker than I thought it could. The first three days we didn't get a lot of rain but the course still stayed quite wet. The greens and the fairways firmed up a whole lot today. Like there were some drives out there that we hadn't even practiced from because it was just rolling that much further so that brings in the rough more once the course dries out because the fairways become a lot narrower and obviously the greens a lot tougher. They are not that big and generally you have only got one club in your bag that can fit the pin and it's tough when you have to start shaping it in short when it is just over tiers and it is going to be interesting the next few days that's for sure."

(on the course) "It's just that kind of golf course. I hit a great shot into the third hole and walked off with a double. I just hit it onto the green and it was one of those firm pins and it ran over the back and I tried to be aggressive with my chip and hit it nice and high and just got a lot of the ball and it ran off the green made double. It was really just a lot tougher a day out there in general in everyone's scores, I think pars are a great round today. Its just firmed up a lot and that is making it a heck of a lot harder."

(on whether he thought even-par would be a good place to be) "Definitely. I didn't think it would be third, I thought it would be still top ten but at the start of the day I didn't expect the greens to be as hard as they were that's where I think it is becoming tough out there now. You have got one club to virtually each of these greens out there so you have to hit a very controlled shot and then you have to hope that you get the right bounce."

(on what he has to work on) "I think I have to go and work on my driving a little bit more. I didn't drive it that well. I think it is a premium to drive it well around here. It kind of sets yourself up for everything else out here. With this rough it doesn't give you much chance of getting to the green. So, get that driver going straight."

(on whether his driving needs work) "Yeah I think so. I've been driving it really well just today wasn't one of those days and obviously we can't drive it great every day so I have to just get down to the range and figure out what I was doing and we will give it our best shot the next two days."

(on whether his nerves are more settled now) "I would say it settled my nerves, yeah. To have a not so great day and still be third it's reassuring. You know it's going to get tough the next few days, it's just a matter of hanging in there and grinding every single shot and hopefully by Sunday we will be at the top."

(on whether he has seen two tougher finishing holes) "They are extremely tough. Today I think we were a little bit fortunate when we were coming through because the breeze was just helping a little bit so it might have been a little bit shorter but if it turns around and comes in those holes are going to be extremely tough."

Phil Tataurangi (1-over-par (71) to move to 3-over-par - 143)
(on his confidence going into the weekend) "I played very well today. The golf course is two or three shots more difficult today at least than yesterday. I'm proud of myself in the way I hung in."

(on the course) "The golf course is playing firm tee to green and when the greens get firm like this and then a little bit of breeze, you can make a lot of good shots around here and not get a good of a result as you thought you would. More than anything, you have to be patient out there and keep on hitting good shots."

Tim Herron (2-over-par (72) for a 1-over-par 141)
(on today's round) "I started off well. Hopefully this weekend I can do the same. I struggled a little bit coming down the stretch, but I knew something like that could happen. I've had some breaks in the past and I'm trying to learn from that. This is a very difficult golf course and the biggest key is I'm putting well and giving myself a lot of chances at par putts. If the pars don't go in, bogeys not a horrible score."

(on if he was happy with his play) "I'm pleased. I know I've played hard. I'm playing against the best golfers in the world. You feel like you could have a couple of holes to do over, but I think everyone in the field could say that too."

(on the conditions for this weekend) "Even though it played a little hard this afternoon, I think we have an advantage as to how the golf course is going to play because it's starting to firm up. It's going to be real difficult. Par is going to be premium and when you have a chance to make a birdie, you have to go ahead and hopefully make them."

(are the playing conditions fun) "You try to make it fun. Not many people can do this for a living. It's fun when you are playing well, but I've been through the grind where you haven't played well either and then it becomes not fun. But you just try to make it as much fun as you can."

(on his thoughts coming into the tournament) "I missed my last four cuts and actually I've been playing fairly well, I just haven't been scoring. The last days I've really turned on my putter and that's what helps your scoring. I always felt like I was stroking it well but the putts just weren't going in at the right time to really score."

Geoff Ogilvy (1-over-par (71) for a two-over par 142)
(on how he played today) "I played really well. I put in 17 good holes and one bad one really. So I played good."

(on his game today) "I hit it OK off the tee. I made a couple of good par saves. I got up and down out of two very large bunkers, which was a bonus anytime you can do that. I was just steady."

(on the greens) "They were perfect. They are harder and fast, but still rolling nicely into the day. It is still not that hard unless you are in the rough and that is pretty much impossible."

(on his expectations for the weekend) "If it gets windy out here, then no one is going to be under par. If it is still rainy it could be 4-under-par and if it is like this you would take even par right now. If I could have a couple of 69s then I will be alright."

(on his keys to today's success) "I grounded out quite well. I made some good pars when I hit some bad shots. I also made a couple of nice par saves. You are always going to have some up and downs from 50 to 100 yards in rough like this. If you can get some of those up and downs then you will be alright."

(on the rough) "This is close to the worst. Next to Carnoustie, which was just unheard of, this is the worst. Outside of the United Kingdom this is definitely the worst."

Colin Montgomerie (4-over-par (74) for a 16-over-par 156)
(on today's round) "That 74 is OK - it's about par today. It was very, very tough out there today. One of the toughest courses I've ever played out there today."

(on why some of the Europeans are struggling this week) "The pin positions have been very, very hard. All in the corners of the greens and I think the European players aren't used to that. We tend to put far too many pins in the middle of the greens to speed up the play over the first two days. Here, they put (the pins) in the corners immediately and I think we find that different to cope with."

Niclas Fasth (Even par (70) to move to 6-over-par - 146)
(on his round) "Yeah. Of course I am (pretty happy with his round). I was obviously hoping for 2- or 3-under there. I pretty much felt I deserved it but I was struggling off the tee today, and that made me suffer through the last few holes."

(on yesterday) "I obviously had a nightmare yesterday. I lost six shots in five holes. The rest of the round I was hanging in there and when I finished yesterday, I thought, 'Everybody shot high today, maybe I have a shot.' And I played pretty much all right today until the last couple of holes, really. It was a good job, but unfortunately a bad finish. I could have been a little closer to the leaders. I'm pretty much off the leaders now, but I'll be playing in the weekend."

(on today's high scores) "I showed today that it was possible to shoot under par today, even though I messed up at the end."

(on making the projected cut) "I feel good. I had a terrible day. The main goal today was to make the cut. I knew I would have to play well, and I did that. I almost did more than just make the cut. I'll be there for the weekend, and even though the leaders are out of reach, a good finishing position should be within reach."

Loren Roberts (2-over-par (72) for a two-over-par 142)
(on today's round) "I actually hit the ball better today than I did yesterday and I made absolutely no putts today."

(on his play) "(The greens) were firmer today. I really hit the ball solid and drove it good. I had two bad tee balls today and made bogey on those two holes. Other than that I just played great. I just couldn't get the putt in the hole. The greens are getting much firmer, and it's a lot tougher to get the ball close to the hole. A lot tougher than yesterday morning, I can tell you that."

(on his expectations for this weekend) "I am going to just keep playing golf. You never know what is going to happen. Obviously the golf course is playing tough. I would think if you could be even-par after this thing is over on Sunday you would have a good chance to win the golf tournament."

Todd Hamilton (4-over-par (74) for a 4-over-par 144)
(on his play) "Today was a struggle. I didn't drive [the ball] as good as I did yesterday. When you don't make birdies you have to make sure you don't make any doubles."

(on if the rough caused him problems) "Oh yeah. You might catch the odd lie where you can get it up around the green, but usually you are just hacking [the ball] out with a wedge. You have to be able to rely on your wedge game from 110 yards in."

(on the greens) "It's tough to chip to [the green]. The rough is so gnarly that you have to take a big swing just to get through it. A lot of times you catch the ball solid and it goes far. The greens are firm and getting quicker and they roll right off the side."

Charles Howell (2-over-par (72) to move to 2-over-par 142)
(on his round today and the course) "It's amazing. You grind so hard on this golf course and still there's a couple guys under-par. It's amazing because the golf course is very difficult, it played much harder this afternoon than yesterday morning. I would even say that it played harder this afternoon than yesterday afternoon because I was out practicing yesterday afternoon and there wasn't any wind and we had quite a lot this afternoon. So, yeah, I was very pleased with it."

(on whether he is playing major championship caliber golf) "Well I am trying to make as many pars as I can and I have done that in every major I have played so far. You have to let the birdies come to you when they do and granted you are trying on every single shot that the middle of the green at these events seems to be a lot more appealing than others. Some of the pins are still fairly accessible but yet if you go at them and miss it a bit then penalty is much greater than if they were in the middle of the green. So I think you play to the middle of the greens and take your chances from there."

(on whether this is the toughest major venue he has seen) "No, I would say that Bethpage is the toughest. Bethpage was the toughest and this was the second toughest."

(on the comparison between Bethpage and Oak Hill) "I think the rough at Bethpage was just a bit more difficult than here but I think this golf course overall is a bit more difficult."

(on whether there is a chance out there to catch your breath) "You can catch your breath when you're done. Our group found ourselves on the clock a few times so we couldn't even catch our breath between holes. When you are finished you can take a nice deep breath in that scoring trailer right over there."

Luke Donald (2-over-par (72) to move to 5-over-par - 145)
(on course conditions) "The greens went from really soft on Wednesday to pretty firm today and your hitting 3 to 4 irons into some of these holes and you can't stop the ball. I got up and down really well today and I holed some putts that I really needed to and played steady. I was limiting my mistakes quite well today and I'm still in it with a chance."

(on whether you can attack this course) "Not really. Even the short holes you have to be very careful. Again, its really important to hit it into the fairway, no matter how long the holes are. It's not a course that you can attack. There are a few holes that you might say you have a better chance at birdie, but that's about it."

(on feeling able to contend in a US PGA Championship) "I do. I think my game is good enough where if I'm playing well I can contend. This is my first PGA (Championship) so I am a little inexperienced but it is my sixth major so I have some experience but not as much as the other guys. If I play well there is no reason why I can't be up there Sunday."

Scott McCarron (Even par (70) to remain at 4-over-par - 144)
(on his play) "I played good. I had three bogeys and three birdies and played pretty solid. I hit a lot of fairways today and hit a lot greens in the middle, and had some good chances and made some good putts early in the round and then missed some putts from four or five feet in the middle and end of my round. Even par is a good score, but I would have liked to have shot 1- or 2-under and get back into this tournament. But I'm still hanging around."

(on his hopes for the weekend) "I'm hoping conditions are tough like this again. Might as well. The tougher the better. That's the only chance I have to get back into the tournament. If the conditions are difficult and the scores are high, and I can shoot 1- or 2-under in the next couple of days and maybe catch this guys."

Jeff Sluman (9-over-par (79) to move to 14-over-par - 154)
(on his play) "If you look at the scores, everybody is kind of struggling and then the greens become a little crustier, so you have to take advantage of the good conditions yesterday, which I didn't do. There are few guys playing well this afternoon, Mike Weir and Shaun Micheel, and all in all it didn't turn out the way I wanted it at all."

(on what he will take away this week) "It was a lot of fun. What I'm going to take away from this week is all the people pulling for me and it was a great week for Rochester and showing off Oak Hill to the whole world. It's a fantastic golf course and facility. I'm proud to be from Rochester."

Ben Curtis (6-over-par (76) to move to 11-over-par - 151)
(on his bad shots) "I just try to play golf and not even worry about it. Just go out there and play my game and have a good time and play well, and I just didn't do it this week. But there's always next week, and just look forward to that."

(on his plans) "I'm really looking forward to just getting home and to be able to relax for a few days and then get ready for Firestone and the wedding. It's going to be busy, but I'm looking forward to it. I just take it one week at a time. I try to think ahead, and now I can."

(on what specifically caused him problems) "Timing is just a few swing flaws that come out now and then. I haven't hit the ball bad all year until this week. I've been hitting it pretty consistently all year long and it's been the putting this year. But this week was not a good week for both. I felt it was coming around, so I had a little confidence going and I thought if I could get a couple of putts to go in, it would help, but I didn't. When you don't hit it good, it's hard to keep putting well."

Lee Janzen (4-over-par (74) to move to 2-over-par -- 142) (on the course today relative to yesterday) "The greens are harder and faster and there is more wind so it narrows your margin for error and you stop being as aggressive, stop aiming directly at the pin and playing away from it a little bit so even good shots are not as good as they were yesterday. Marginal shots are that much further away and harder to make par. A guy who shoots really well can probably play 2- or 3-under but it is going to be harder and harder to shoot under par if it keeps getting harder and harder each day."

Jeff Maggert (3-over-par (73) to move to 12-over-par -- 152) (on his eagle on the first hole) "That was about the only good shot I hit. Sometimes good things happen. I was trying to get a little run going because I thought I had a chance if I could shoot a couple under today. I tried, but there is always next week."

Fred Funk (3-over-par (73) to move to 2-over-par -- 142) (on how will the weekend play out) "I think this will be a survival test to the end. It will be a big advantage for the guys who can spin the ball more and hold these greens."

Aaron Baddeley (7-over-par (77) to move to 6-over-par -- 146) (on his two-stroke penalty for being late to the first tee) "Yeah, I just thought (my tee time) was 7:35. I thought it was 12:35, 7:35, and that was it. I was a little annoyed walking down the first. The past is past, and you can't change that. I mean, I did well. It was close. I was nearly on time, as well. I just got the wrong tee time. And Anthony Knight, my caddie, we both thought it was 7:35 too. There's nothing you can do. Fran (Pirozzolo) ran around and told me they were counting down, so I ran to the tee and I was there at 7:30 and 25 seconds. I was warmed up and everything. I just thought it was a 7:35 tee time, that's all."

Mark Calcavecchia (1-over-par to move to 4-over-par -- 144) (on how his arm feels) "Actually it has felt better than I thought it would. It hurt worse on the range than it did at any point on the course today. Of course when you only hit five or six fairways I am not doing myself any favors digging out of the rough every hole. So I am ready for a bag of ice."

Jay Haas (4-over-par (74) to move to 4-over-par -- 144) (on his second round) "I was very disappointed the way I finished. I didn't play awful but every time I hit a questionable shot, I made bogey and didn't really save any on the front nine. I missed three or four fairways laying up off the tee just trying to get it into the fairway and missed the fairway and that costs me."

Chad Campbell (2-over-par (72) to move to 1-over-par -- 141) (on his second round) "I'm pretty happy the way I played today. I was really happy the way I played yesterday. Today I didn't hit it very good. I drove it in the rough a little bit, and didn't hit my irons. I didn't hit a lot of greens and just didn't hit a lot of good iron shots to give my self a chance to make birdies. But you can't complain with 2-over (par) and I made a couple good pars today."

Alex Cejka (1-under-par (69) to move to 3-over-par -- 143) (on what he did differently Friday) "I was chipping and putting much better today. When I hit a bad shot, I was able to make up-and-downs and that's the key here. Yesterday, I didn't make the up-and-downs. It's all about the short game here."

Ernie Els (Even par (70) to move to 1-over-par -- 141) (on the course) "It could be one of the toughest ever. It is not as long as Bethpage, but it definitely has the rough. Already we have seen the greens firm up a little bit and it doesn't look like it is going to rain again, so it will be tough to go under par. I think the golf course at the moment is pretty fair. It still has some moisture in it. There is no question about this golf course maybe being too easy."

Davis Love III (5-over-par (75) to move to 9-over-par -- 149) (on whether the course is almost becoming unreasonable) "It's right up against it right now. If you miss the fairway it is almost full shot penalty and that is pretty severe."

Jay Haas (4-over-par (74) to move to 4-over-par -- 144) (on his round today) "I was very disappointed the way I finished. I didn't play awful but every time I hit a questionable shot, I made bogey and didn't really save any on the front nine. I missed three or four fairways laying up off the tee just trying to get it into the fairway and missed the fairway and that costs me."

Tom Pernice (1-over-par (71) to move to 1-over-par -- 141) (on the difficulty of the finishing holes) "Unless you have a pretty large lead, I think 17 and 18 are going to be very difficult. I mean, you have to hit a good tee shot on both and 17 was playing a little bit down wind today, so it was playing a little bit shorter but the greens are starting to firm up and you hit some good shots that release over the greens. I hit a good shot into the green on 18 and it released over the green and had the nastiest lie and hit what I thought was a pretty good chip and it ran 12 or 15 feet by."

Round 1 Quotes: August 14, 2003

Quotes from: Vijay Singh

Vijay Singh: I played okay. I drove the ball nicely, at times. I just played a regular round of golf. Could have been a few less, could have been one or two more.

Q. Could have been a little better, little worse?

Vijay Singh: Could have been two shots better. I 3-putted twice. Got unlucky a few times. On 13, I thought it was pretty unlucky. It was okay. It was a good round. I feel I can do better, though.

Q. The key is getting it in the fairway?

Vijay Singh: You know, you get it in the fairway, but you've got to take some risks. I think it's bad to hit a lot of drivers out there, to hit it way out there, where if you don't hit the fairway, you can't get it on the green.

Q. A different strategy than other guys who are so worried about hitting the fairway that they are backing off driver?

Vijay Singh: Well, I know. If you miss it with an iron or 3-wood, then you're really screwed. I hit a lot of drivers today and I will probably do the same tomorrow.

Q. Does the golf course set up well for you?

Vijay Singh: I think it's perfect. I think the greens are a little slow. A lot of balls are short.

Q. 4-under is leading; is that about right, do you think?

Vijay Singh: Yeah, I think so. I think the greens will be a lot better in the morning. But, you know, it might be my chance tomorrow morning. I think 4-under is a good score I wouldn't have thought anyone else would have gone lower. I was surprised to see Mickelson -- that's a good score. That's good shooting.

Quotes from: Jay Haas

Q. Talk about your round today.

Jay Haas: Sloppy. Was not terrific tee-to-green but my bad shots were far enough along the line where the people walked, a couple times I got a break there. I played well. Made some nice putts. Disappointed with a 5 at last hole. It's a tough course. I just feel pretty good with a 70, really.

Q. The finishing holes on both sides, are they as tough as we have been hearing?

Jay Haas: Pretty much. So I played 7, 8, 9 even, and 16 to 18 even. I feel like I picked up two strokes on the field there. My irons were good today. I need to drive it a little straighter but I'm pleased with 70.

Q. The news with the power situation, when did you become aware of it?

Jay Haas: Just right when we got off the 18th hole walking to the scorer's tent, there was no power in the whole northeast, all the way to Detroit or something like that.

Q. What went through your mind?

Jay Haas: I guess it was terrorist attack or something. I guess I thought of the Twin Towers and all that. I don't know. I guess it's just right there on the edge all the time. I saw a news show last night about how nothing has happened since then and we have been trying to do everything to avoid it. I guess if that's the case, it's kind of scary.

Q. They are saying it isn't. When you're playing, it's not a problem but when you're out there it's odd to get news?

Jay Haas: Right. I guess that was the first a spectator said, terrorist attack. That was the two things I heard. Puts it all in perspective, if that's the case.

Q. Someone said that?

Jay Haas: Yeah, just as we were coming off the 18th green.

Q. You didn't know about it?

Jay Haas: No. Nobody didn't hear anything.

Q. And there was no indication?

Jay Haas: The sun was still out, so we didn't know if the lights were out. No, I guess if it had been electronic scoreboards like they have on the regular tour, we would have known something was up maybe. Wouldn't think the whole northeast or whatever.

Q. How was it playing with Hank?

Jay Haas: He had me by 73 on No. 9 and 18. He probably had me by about 60. He hit on the green and rolled off the back. I thought it was -- he didn't need a full driver there. I thought the advantage was a little right-to-left and I thought he could cut it up, but he didn't cut it quite enough. He was only 30 feet from the flag and didn't hit a very good chip. He didn't have a great lie.

That's the thing about the edges of the greens. I didn't chip one within 10 feet, 12 feet. Unless you have a decent lie, which you don't usually get, then you've got nothing.

Q. Do you like setups like this, where there's no recovery shot out of the rough?

Jay Haas: I guess early on in my career, it seemed like they were always setups like this. So I guess I didn't know any better. I've noticed in the last few years the Open has been a little more lenient on the rough, but with the fast, firm greens, it almost gets worse because now you can shoot at it, you go over the greens and things like that. Yeah, this is different than we play any week. You kind of just blast away.

Q. Is this the worst rough you've seen?

Jay Haas: Bermudarough is so different, ball kind of sits down in there. But this is some of the worst bluegrass, bent, gnarly stuff that I've seen. Winged Foot wasn't this bad when Davis won.

It's just so thick, heavy, you just can't get a club through it. I had one just over the green on No. 12, and I couldn't identify it hardly. The guy said it was mine but who knows. Half a dozen balls are still up there.

Q. How did you play 17 and 18?

Jay Haas: 17, I hit a good drive and missed the green to the right with a 2-iron. Chopped that out about 15 feet and made it. Then 18, I drove it in the right rough, laid up and then hit a not very good shot, had about 18, 20 feet and 2-putted.

Q. How is it playing compared to the Ryder Cup?

Jay Haas: It seems a little shorter.

Q. Sergio, talk about your round today.

Quotes from: Sergio Garcia

Sergio Garcia: Well, I'm pretty happy about it. It's a tough day and the course is playing tough. It's difficult out there. It really feels like a U.S. Open type of championship. So, you know, definitely it could have been a couple of shots better. You know, 2-over is not that bad of a round. The course is playing tough.

Q. Is it the rough that's making it difficult?

Sergio Garcia: I think everything, everything. The rough is thick. It's tough. The greens are very little and they are getting firm and quite slopey. So if you miss a fairway, it's tough to get it on the greens. I think that they build up and they make the course play tough by the end.

Q. Is it drying up?

Sergio Garcia: It's the greens were a lot firmer this afternoon and tomorrow they are just going to be firmer and firmer. If the weather does what it is supposed to do, by Saturday and Sunday it's going to be -- this is going to be a struggle out there. A lot of guys are going to be struggling.

Q. 4-under is the lead right now; do you think the score will be higher?

Sergio Garcia: Definitely, with the weather, definitely.

Q. What do you think you need to do tomorrow? Are you going to work on anything tonight?

Sergio Garcia: Not really. I felt pretty good about it. I hit a couple loose shots, but I felt like I hit some really good ones. I probably wished I got a little better start but other than that I think I'm not too unhappy about it. So we'll see about tomorrow.

Q. Any tough holes?

Sergio Garcia: 17 is tough, 18. There's a lot of good holes out there.

Quotes from: Mark Calcavecchia

Q. How are you feeling and what happened?

Mark Calcavecchia: To make a long story short, I got pushed in a pool, throwing back a little basketball back to the kids who were shooting hoop. I was by the edge of the hoop and got pushed, I had my cell phone in my pocket, fully clothed and everything. I tried to save myself, grabbed the side of the backboard and I swung around. My best guess is I just caught the rim flush with my wrist and my forearm, and then I hit my knee on the side of the pool.

So, you know -- my back doesn't feel too good, either. This course is hard enough. It actually felt fine. I only played four holes yesterday, hit no balls because it was starting to swell up worse. It's gotten worse day by day. It was really pretty good today until the eighth hole. Then it started hurting pretty much on every shot. It's not killer, but I'm anxious for a bag of ice right now, I'll tell you that.

Q. Was there any point out there where you thought you might not be able to make it?

Mark Calcavecchia: No, definitely not. But if I keep hitting it in the rough, that's not good. They say it's going to be worse tomorrow, so I'm a little worried about tomorrow. I'll fight through it somehow.

You know, the good news is, I'm just going to try as hard as I can. If I miss the cut, I'll have that extra couple of days to rest before I try to tackle Firestone next week.

Trying as hard as I can, and like I said, I would love to play good and start making putts all over the place and get interested. But on the other hand, it's pretty tough to hit it with this. It hurts.

Quotes from: Aaron Baddeley

Q. Talk about your round.

Aaron Baddeley: I started pretty well. I made birdie, hit it to about three feet with an 8-iron.

I drove it pretty good, especially the front side. I drove it well. A little scruffy coming in, but overall, 1-under, I'm right there. So it's a good result.

Q. At 18 you had to wait quite a while. Did that throw you off a little bit?

Aaron Baddeley: It gave me a chance to look at where I could drop it and what sort of shot I could play.

I feel great. Like I said, I feel like I played well today. I didn't hit it as great as I wanted, but I feel like I'm still hitting very nicely and I'm putting well. I can't wait for the rest of the week.

Q. What happened at 18?

Aaron Baddeley: I just hit a pulled second shot. It was up against the fence, and I took a drop. I got a ruling but I had to make sure. Last thing I want is to get a penalty for the long drop or whatever.

Q. Did you hit driver today?

Aaron Baddeley: I didn't pull driver out until 6, I think it was -- actually 5. I really didn't hit a lot of drivers. I hit a lot of 3-woods. But if driver is a play, I'll hit driver. It's the same shot.

Q. Winning the '99 Australian Open as an amateur with some big-name players, what was that like, and what did it do for your confidence?

Aaron Baddeley: It gave me a lot of confidence. I learned that if I play well, I can beat the best in the world; Norman was there and Montgomerie. That gave me a lot of confidence to know that if I beat them, I knew I could win.

Q. How did the course play today?

Aaron Baddeley: The greens, it's just hard because the course doesn't let up. You have to remain so focused the whole 18 holes, not like 16 holes. Every hole is a possible bogey opportunity.

Q. You're one of the more colorful dressers out here, is that your personality?

Aaron Baddeley: This is what I wear off the course. I like to wear brighter clothes and louder clothes. I have some good outfits for rest of the week.

Q. What's your color for tomorrow?

Aaron Baddeley: I can't tell you that. (Laughing).

Quotes from: Mike Schuchart

Q. Mike, does it feel good to be back out here?

Mike Schuchart: Yeah, it's a lot of fun. It's good to see a lot of guys that I came out with and played a little bit with. Kind of like reunion week a little bit. It's been fun to see guys that have had success and been out here for a long time. Good to get back and play in this arena again.

Q. Where did you finish?

Mike Schuchart: I finished at 7-over. It's just brutal. I didn't putt great. I hit the ball okay, but just okay; not good. I don't know how many times I hit it one or two steps out of the fairway and you've just got nothing. Chipping out, chipping out, having to get it up-and-down from 100 yards, 150 yards, it's just relentless, shot after shot after shot after shot. But that's the way it should be. If you go out there and take care of your business and get in the fairway, get some good shots in there and make a few putts, you can shoot a good score. I played with Aaron Baddeley, who shot 69, and played great, really solid.

Q. How is the course, PGA Championship style?

Mike Schuchart: Very much. So there's some difficult holes out there, 17 and 18 are just brutal, and 1, right at the start. There's some good opportunities to make some birdies. Just one of those that you just cannot let up and you just cannot hit any wayward shots. You're going to pay the price out there.

Q. How did you feel out there today?

Mike Schuchart: Surprisingly I felt pretty good. I was a little nervous Tuesday and Wednesday, but I got out there and I felt really pretty good. Just kind of go out there do the same thing did I today, hit a few more fairways.

Quotes from: Hank Kuehne

Q. Hank, talk about your day.

Hank Kuehne: It was a good day. I'm a little bit drained. I hit it in the rough and had to get up-and-down and try to save some shots. I got off to a pretty good start. I hit a lot of good shots on the front nine and I holed a couple of putts there on 8 and 9. Got to the back nine and that's where I struggled a bit. Really just didn't give myself the opportunity. I didn't keep the ball in the fairway or get it to where I had an opportunity to get it close to the pin. I feel very pleased. I think the greens have been faster than they have been. I'm pretty pleased. Going around the golf course, I see a lot of pins I saw in the Amateur, so I knew where not to hit it, kind of which side of the hole to keep it on.

Q. How were the fans?

Hank Kuehne: Going around, the crowd has been great, the people have been great, a lot of support here. They kind of help pull you along.

Q. What happened on 14?

Hank Kuehne: I flew it just to the top of the hill and it just trickled over the green. It was dead. That was the worst lie I had all day. I chipped it about 30 feet by. I had a perfect drive, just kind of one of those things that I wish they had the blower out there to get the rough straight up and down. It would have been easy, but what can you do.

Q. How did you approach today with all of the talk about the rough, to hit driver, to hit iron?

Hank Kuehne: I hit driver a lot. I think I hit driver every hole but one. I didn't hit driver on 13, the par 5. Other than that, driver every hole. The way I look at it, if I make a good golf swing, it's going in the middle of the fairway with a driver anyway. If I make a good swing with a 2-iron or make a bad swing with a 2-iron, if it's going into the rough, it's going to be to the point where I probably can't get it to the green. I hit a lot of drivers out there, because with all of the average length and it's still pretty soft, I feel like that's the way for me to play the golf course.

Quotes from: Fred Funk

Q. Fred, talk about your round.

Fred Funk: It was really, good to finish with par. I didn't want to finish bogey, bogey. It was a little disappointing at 15 where I hit my shot on the par 3 and really almost -- I had a birdie putt on 16 and 17 I made bogey. I could have made a great par save there but then 18, it did make me feel a lot better, yeah.

Q. You seem to feel comfortable out here, is it the course?

Fred Funk: It's just a major and I'm just comfortable -- usually I'm comfortable at the U.S. Open and PGA type setups, where it is more of a premium on getting the ball in the fairway. Assuming I'm playing my game and I'm hitting the ball solid; if I'm not hitting the ball solid, then I'm really in trouble.

Q. Why do you think you are such a favorite with the gallery?

Fred Funk: I think this is a little bit of carry-over from last year. The fans all week in the practice rounds remember last year, and they remembered last year and they were reminding me of last year.

I've really struggled last four weeks since royal St. George with my ball-striking. I went and I had a good session with my teacher in Austin and that really, cleared my mind and I hit the ball exceptionally well on the front nine today. The back nine, I hit a few goofy shots. Overall, it was really good. So, I was pleased. The fans really kept me going. I really did have that in my mind to give them something to cheer about like I did before. I'm not trying to be a clown out there or anything, but I am trying to enjoy myself.

Q. The fact that you scored well this afternoon, with the course conditions maybe softer in the morning, is that an advantage?

Fred Funk: Well, I think the greens, they are still a little soft, but they are firming up compared to what they have been. I think by Sunday in the afternoon times, they will be a little firmer conditions green-wise. The fairways are still soft, they are not releasing very far. I would say it was tougher in the afternoon just because the greens are releasing a little bit. Hopefully that will help me tomorrow when I'm out there with the softer conditions in the morning, I hope.

Q. When did you see your teacher?

Fred Funk: Saturday and Sunday. I went from Denver to Austin to see him and spent a lot of time.

Q. What is the key to playing this golf course?

Fred Funk: You have to keep it in the fairway. That's No. 1. And I'm very comfortable with the golf course. I just like the golf course. I went around it the first day on Monday, I just thought, "Man, I really like this." I played it in '89, but I didn't remember that much about it. The tees are so much further back. I remember 9 not being near the length that it is and 17 and 18 and numerous holes, I don't remember what I hit in back then.

Pre-Championship Quotes: August 13, 2003

"It's quite an honor to even be considered in that group. But if I don't win here, I've probably got to win two or three more times. It's hard to compete against the guys who win the majors. Davis has played well, Tiger's won four times, Jim (Furyk) won the (U.S.) Open. This is the week, though, that will make someone stand out above the others. If I do somehow pull it off this week, I'll be the leading candidate, but it's a tough tournament and you have to have a lot of things go this way to win this golf tournament." -- Kenny Perry, on his status as a Player of the Year candidate

"He's by far the superior golfer; I've always said that. He's just so talented and I enjoy watching him. The human spirit has a way and a will for certain guys. Jim Furyk - I love his will and his spirit and his fight and he's going to be tough to beat. When you believe you can beat somebody, it's amazing what you can do out there." -- Kenny Perry, on whether the gap is closing between Tiger Woods and the rest of the field

"It's been the highlight of my life. . . of my career. I've played consistently week after week. In the past I would play good one week and they I'll play sorry the next two. I've been very sporadic throughout my whole career. This year, I've been able to string it together." -- Kenny Perry, on the way he's been playing this summer

"(The course) seems quite a bit different. I remember most of it from 1989, but it is obviously longer. With the wet weather we have been having and the thickness of the rough, it is playing tough, for sure tougher than in '89. The great thing about this course is there won't be any fluky winners here. In other words, I think clearly the guy who plays the best, especially to the greens, will be the winner." -- Mark Calcavecchia, on the course

"The PGA has had tough rough in the past, but this is definitely the worst we have seen in a long time for sure. They are trying to cut it down a little bit, but it doesn't matter whether it is six inches or nine inches, you still have to chop it out." -- Mark Calcavecchia, on the rough

"Two things I was worried the most about obviously were my driving and putting. My iron game is pretty good, and my driving game is good, and I just putted great for an hour on the greens. I just have to clear the mechanisms, and if my brain doesn't freeze up, I think I will play OK." -- Mark Calcavecchia, on his game coming into the PGA

"I think we all know who the best players are. But I think the gap between the players is definitely narrowing. Those guys need to be on their game to beat a Mike Weir or to beat a Ben Curtis. The best players need to be on their game to win or they're going to get beat. Let's face it; if someone like Tiger (Woods) or Ernie (Els) plays their best, they're going to be hard to beat. If they don't play their best, someone else is going to win. I just think the course is difficult enough, and you have to hit it straight. Even if you are the best player and if you're hitting it crooked, you're going to have a tough time." -- Tom Lehman, on the field

"It's a little soft. It's in great shape. The greens are holding and that's probably the one thing that will tend to let the scores come down a little bit. If it firms up, which it could - I don't see how with all the humidity - but it could, the scores are will definitely start rising. It really all depends on the greens and how firm they get. Even with soft greens, at the tough courses, scores will not be super low." -- Tom Lehman, on the course

"(This week) is foremost on my mind right now. I want to play for my country; I want to be one of those guys. You Olympian-type scenario. That is number one in my head. I want to win a major, but the President's Cup in a big career goal." -- Jerry Kelly, on being ninth in the President's Cup points standing and how important this week is

"It's a fantastic golf course, its in great shape right now and the rough is up, to say the least. You have to keep your ball in the fairway, and you have to putt your ball too. All facets have to be working to win, I think that's why we've seen such great champions." -- Jerry Kelly, on Oak Hill

"I'm pretty disappointed with the year, actually. I haven't put anything together for a full tournament yet. I'm looking forward to when that happens. If it's at the end of the year, that's fine. Just so that it happens sometime this year and get a couple Ws, something like that." -- Jerry Kelly, on his game

"Look at Ben Curtis, he is a great player. I have never met Ben but he plays well enough to get himself into a position to win and that is what you need. Jim Furyk has always been a great player and it was just a matter of time until he was going to win and Mike Weir is just the same as Jim Furyk. So there you have three great players, all three different types of players, but they all got their just deserves because they are good enough to put themselves into position. The PGA has notoriously been the (best) for first time winners and the odds are that this week that will happen too because you look at the first three major championships and they say, 'Hey, these guys did it why can't I? I haven't won a major let me go do it.'" -- Greg Norman, on why there are so many first-time winners at the PGA

"I'm not a genius to answer all of that. Mike Weir is a known winner, and he was just due. Sooner or later he was going to win one and maybe he'll win more. (Jim) Furyk is a great player and he's very consistent. Ben Curtis, I don't know. Nobody knows. I played with him a week before (The British Open) and he was driving the ball well and he went out there with nothing to lose." -- Vijay Singh, on why there are so many first time major winners this year

"It's a tough golf course this week. It's like a U.S. Open golf course, and I don't really see a first-time winner this week I think there will be a past winner coming up this week." -- Vijay Singh, on his predictions regarding who will win this week

"For my game it's just a tough course in the sense that there's really no recovery. The rough is huge, so a lot of guys aren't hitting it more than 100 yards out of the rough. Obviously, you have to hit a lot of fairways and greens. It's a ball striking golf course in that sense." -- Len Mattiace, on the course

"In the last couple of weeks they've had a lot of rain and a lot of heat, so the rough has really grown. The course right now is trying to dry up. Right now, there are a lot of mud balls so it's good that we're not playing today. Just about every fairway you're going to have players have mud on their ball, so hopefully it'll dry up and play shorter once you hit the fairways, but it's still going to be a fairways and greens kind of golf course." -- Len Mattiace, on the conditions

"The greens are tricky as well. The course has got everything. Not only a huge rough, but a lot of sloped greens. If you're pin high at 20-30 feet, you're going to have to play a lot of break; like six to 10 feet of break. And the greens are probably going to get faster as time goes on." -- Len Mattiace, on the greens

"(My game) is good. I am coming off a tie for second in Flint and a fourth place finish in Colorado (The International), so I am looking forward to (the tournament). This course is obviously a lot different than those courses, a lot longer than Flint, but tree-lined like Flint. I have had some good finishes the past couple of weeks, so my confidence is high." -- Chris DiMarco, on his game heading into this week

"I have found for me if I over do preparations, I tend to over do it in the major. I just need to come out and do my normal routine that I do every week. I am playing good, hitting the ball good, putting good, and doing everything good. I almost wish the week was shorter for me because I am coming off two good finishes and am ready to get back to it." -- Chris DiMarco, on his preparations for a major

"You need to hit the fairway and that's it. If you miss the greens you have to leave the ball in the right spot because the rough around the greens are brutal." -- Chris DiMarco, on the best way to attack the course

"My game is OK. I'm putting better and I am hitting (the ball) a little more solid. I have been struggling for most of the year and have gotten a little help." -- Paul Azinger, on his game

"This seems more like a U.S. Open instead of a PGA Championship because the rough is so deep. It is a very good golf course. It is very fair, right there in front of you, yet extremely difficult. So far when I have hit the ball in the rough, I have used a sand wedge or a 9-iron to get the ball out. I have used the 9-iron more so than the sand wedge, trying to get the ball back in the fairway. I have not had one single chance to go to the green from the rough." -- Paul Azinger, on his impressions of the course

Pre-Championship Quotes: August 11, 2003

"It's really not that soft. I mean, it's soft, but it's not soaking wet and if the weather report does what it says it's supposed to, to dry up after today I think, then it might firm up. But if it doesn't it's just a long course. I love it though, I think the guys all like it." — Rocco Mediate, on the course because of rain (8/11/03)

"It's kind of monotonous. I love the 17th hole, hitting a 3-wood to the hole, that I will probably be hitting most every day. And 18 I like, it's just hard, you have to bear down. I don't think it's tricked up, I think they are going too long instead of narrowing up the fairways. If you narrow the fairways up, it will stop anybody. It's a great hole, but it was a great hole from the other tee. It's fun to play but it will bust you, you have to really hit it there." — Rocco Mediate, on course preperation (8/11/03)

"If you hit in the rough you're done, especially on the long holes. It's just a great course. If you are in the fairways you can do something here." — Rocco Mediate, on whether it will come to who can drive the best (8/11/03)

"I played both yesterday and today and it is all you would want. It's a driver's dream here if you drive it well." — Rocco Mediate, on the course (8/11/03)

"I think right now a guy who hits it long and straight off the tee is going to be in great shape. Most of the time you have to putt great to win a major but I don't think it will be so much a putting contest. If a guy hits it long and straight and has a great week hitting the ball, and a good week chipping and putting also on top of that, then he has a great chance. It's set up so that you have to hit the ball very well, a guy who just putts well isn't going to win here." — Lee Janzen, on whether it will come down to a putting contest (8/11/03)

"It's hard to say that it is catered only to the big hitters but if it dries out this week, it will certainly make it better for the rest of the field." — Lee Janzen, on the course (8/11/03)

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