The PGA Championship

Round 3 Quotes: August 16, 2003

Lee Janzen (2-over-par (72) to move to 4-over-par - 214)
(on today's round) "What can happen in a major championship is you can hit the ball really well and not shoot a good score. I'm not really disappointed I shot a 72, but I played really well today and it could have been a better score. That's the way it goes."

(on Shaun Micheel) "Shaun Micheel is playing great. It's awe inspiring - to see a guy who hasn't won a tournament and play like that in a major and possibly win his first tournament in a major. He hasn't won it yet, but he has certainly played very well for the first three days and that's worth commending, regardless on how he plays tomorrow."

Charles Howell III (Even-par (70) to stay at 2-over par - 212)
(on his position going into the final round) "You never know out here, in major championship obviously but especially on this golf course. I think Shaun (Micheel) at the moment, the last I looked was 5-under and that's a heck of a round of golf he's got going and if he continues and keeps that up, more power to him."

(on his ninth place finish at the International last week with carrying confidence into this week) "It always helps to play good the week before, no doubt about it. If you choose to play the week before a major, that's what your looking for and that's what you're after. Fortunately, I did that last week and yes it helps."

(on taking the next step at age 24) "That's what we're after, that's the goal. This is a tough game. It's a long game, it's a long career and it's a long year that we're in right now, that we're playing. I played OK this year. I haven't really taken off and played like I wanted to but its getting there."

Fred Funk (even-par (70) to stay at 2-over-par 212)
(on his round) "Today was a really good ball striking day for me and I was really having fun out there and enjoying it. It was a little frustrating that I didn't make any birdies until I got to 17; (I was) just lucky I made a birdie there, but that felt really good to finish with a birdie on 17 and on 18 getting up and down after a poor second shot."

(on his focus on the President's Cup) "Now it would be hard to win unless Shaun (Micheel) comes back a lot but I can still have a really good week and I can take care of business on my own, at least force Jack (Nicklaus) to make the decision himself and go 11th or 12th. Right now I'm 12th, it would be hard for me to get to an automatic pick at 10th but I really want to make that team really bad. That would be the thrill of my golf career."

Adam Scott (2-over-par (72) to move to 3-over-par - 213)
(on his round) "It was alright but I am pretty disappointed. I bogeyed the last two holes. I thought I played really good and then I just made a couple mistakes on the last two holes. It's alright if I can go out and shoot a low number tomorrow, obviously there is a three or four under out there, that's not unrealistic, just see how it goes."

(on whether he still has a chance) "It's tough to say. All I can do is shoot three or four under and see what happens."

Loren Roberts (even-par (70) for a 3-over-par - 213)
(on his play) "I played really good until the last two holes. I hit some good shots, but I left a few out there as I am sure everyone else has had the same thing to say. I am just disappointed with the way I finished. I 3-putted the last hole and missed a short one for par on No. 17. I am very disappointed with the round because I was right in the thick of it until the end."

(on his playing strength) "I am driving (the ball) good, putting it in the fairway. I drove out of the fairway on 17, but I can't reach it in the wind anyway. I was just trying to hit (the ball) as hard as I could to see what happened."

(on holes 17 and 18) "They are really hard holes. I think 18 is a good hole and 17 is a ridiculous hole because of the length and the way it sets up off the tee. The green is not designed to be bunkered like that for such a long hole."

Rod Pampling (3-over-par (73) to move to 3-over-par - 213)
(on his round) "I struck the ball well, I know I hit the ball well enough to do it so it's just a matter of putting a few more balls in the fairway and making a couple more putts."

(on his chances for tomorrow) "I know I'm playing well. You just have to get a few more drives on the fairway basically. You really can't afford to miss a fairway and if you do miss you have got to have a right third shot to get it up and down."

Phil Mickelson (2-over-par 72 for a 3-over-par 213) (on today's play) "Today's round, I didn't get off to a very good start. I was 3-over through five and then fought back to 2-over and finished today at 3-over."

(on his swing) "I hit it a lot better on the back side. I had the ball in play a lot more and from there I was able to give myself a lot of good birdie putts. I thought I let a few go that I could have made, but I did turn it around and start driving it a little better."

(on the difficulty of the course) "Well, (the course) it's pretty tough. There is a big difference in what we are playing today and what the course normally plays. It's a tough course."

(on his goal of hitting it to the left) "I did so-so. I missed one on five way right when I was trying to make sure it didn't go right. The course today was very susceptible to birdies because the greens were soft. We saw double-digit guys shoot under par, so the course could be had today if you played well. I just got off to a rough start."

(on if it is possible you will have a low number tomorrow) "It's possible. I am starting quite a ways back, but I think if the greens stay somewhat soft there will be a low round out there. I don't know who will get it, I hope it is me, but there should be a low round."

(on club selection) "Not enough clubs on three caused me to leave it short. On No. 4 I went over the green and just missed a short putt. On five I hooked one in the water."

(on being upset after No. 5) "I certainly was not pleased with the way I started. I really thought I could get it all back. I thought I could get all three of four shots back and get back even for the tournament, which was kind of the goal. I probably had a good chance on the back side, but just didn't quite get enough."

Ernie Els (Even par (70) to stay at 1-over par 211)
(on the 13th hole) "I thought I hit a perfect lay up shot with a 3-iron from the fairway. When I hit it, I thought it was perfect. But obviously it was too much club and I layed it up too far left and the ball went right up to the collar of the heavy rough and I think I had a large tree in front of me. I just had an impossible shot. That really took the wind out of my sails a little bit on that hole. I felt that 13 was a birdie hole, 14 was a birdie hole, 15 and 16 are birdie holes. I needed to get on a run there and unfortunately I went the other way."

(on his position going into the final round) "I wanted to be closer obviously. I feel like I'm playing better than what I'm at at the moment. If I can get everything together tomorrow, fall in place and I can shoot it low and I need at least 65, 64 to have a chance tomorrow."

(on if its necessary for Shaun Micheel to make some mistakes to win) "Obviously yeah. I don't think anybody can shoot 63. It's not the type of golf course. He needs to make mistakes to give us a bit of a chance. [Chad] Campbell is playing well also, he's 5-under [Par]. We have a lot of work left and we need some help."

(on what he learned on Sunday after winning his first major) "That I need to make a mistake-free round tomorrow. Each round this week so far, my mistakes, I'm pretty sure, are in stages of my tournament and that really cost me four or five shots. If I take those away, I'm right there. I just need to stay away from the mistakes, be patient, and see where it falls."

(on predicting [Shaun] Micheel's mental thoughts for the final round) "I think for one, he's going to have a nice paring. I think him and Chad Campbell know each other pretty well so that's going to calm both of them down. But if they start playing against each other, it could be a mistake on their part. They're playing great. Especially Shaun, he's playing unbelievable on this golf course, 7-under par (Shaun Micheel finished at 4-under par). But we need a bit of help from them."

(on if he is surprised with a younger player leading the PGA Championship) "Not at all. I think what Ben Curtis did a couple weeks ago gave everybody hope in major championship golf. If your on and you have some breaks going to you, in that week, anybody can win."

(on his mistake today) "A wrong club here and there, just basically some wrong clubs here and there. That costs me four or five shots so far. I just got to keep that away. Your trying to play a golf course where you can get it up and down from and some holes I haven't done that."

(on how the course was playing today) "It was good. They (PGA Officials) had some nice flag positions for us today so you can go out there and make some birdies when you hit it in the right spot. The golf course is still tough if you don't hit it in the right spots."

Timothy Clark (2-under-par (68) to move to even par - 210)
(on his 32 front nine score) "Yeah, that was pretty good. I just wanted to go out and hit some fairways and greens that front nine, and I was able to hit some great iron shots to give myself some good opportunities. It's just a bonus to make those putts when you have them."

(on whether he can win tomorrow) "On this course, it's going to be someone who hits fairways and greens, and I've been doing that. Who knows? It's a big day tomorrow. I'm excited to be there, and obviously it's possible for someone to come through and win."

(on the course conditions) "It's firming up, and the fairways are playing a lot faster. In a way, I felt it was a little easier because I was hitting shorter irons into the holes. You've got to obviously hit it straight, and I've been doing that. I found it a little easier for me because I was hitting shorter clubs in. But generally, when the course firms up it plays tougher."

Tim Herron (4-over-par (74) to move to 5-over-par - 215)
(on his chances tomorrow) "I guess it's possible (to shoot low). I feel like I'm playing well, so I'm going to go out and hopefully have a good one tomorrow. I'm in the hunt there."

Billy Andrade (2-over-par (72) to move to 1-over-par - 211)
(on Saturday's round) "Today, I felt great. I felt I played a pretty good round of golf. I watched a heckava round of golf by Shaun (Micheel). He played great except for coming in. I hung in there, and that's all you can do on a golf course like this is hang-in. And I'm at 1-over, and I still feel I have a chance to win."

(on Shaun Micheel) "He was pretty focused. He made all his par putts he needed to make, and unfortunately he didn't play the last three like he wanted to. But anytime you hit under par at a major championship - I don't care what round it is - it's pretty awesome golf."

(on his bogeys) "The bogeys I made today, I hit in the rough. I hit three 2-irons off the tees to lay-up to be safe and hit them in the rough, and those three holes I made bogeys on. And the last hole I hit beautiful drive down the right side that ended up going in the rough. When you hit in the rough out here, it's going to be hard to make pars. You have to make a few birdies here and there to compensate for it, and I only had a chance to make two today. I feel great about my chances tomorrow, if I go out and post a good score and play well. I still think that anything under par has a great chance at winning this tournament."

(on his preparations for Sunday) "I watched on TV last week Curtis Strange winning the U.S. Open in '89 and it looked to me like he just hung in there. I think this is the kind of golf course that merits that. If you can make a couple of birdies and try not to make too many mistakes and shoot an under par round tomorrow. I like the position that I'm in - if I can shoot a 3- or 4-under, maybe. Who knows? If I can just get a good round under my belt and post a good score, that's all I can control, and whatever else happens, happens."

Hal Sutton (3-under-par (67) to move to 3-over-par -- 213)
(on his game) "I have been working hard on my golf swing and it has been getting better. I was a little worried when I got here and saw how long the golf course was at the beginning of the week and then I was paired with Vijay (Singh) and Davis (Love III) to begin with. I thought, you know, I'm trying to not get off my right side as I have been and now all of a sudden I have a long golf course and two guys that beat it. I felt like that was going to make it hard for me to stay in there on my right side as long as I wanted to. That's what I've been working on. Your legs get fast when you want to hit it hard and then you get bad shots but I've been pleased so far."

(on the course) "Somebody said they had a half an inch of rain last night and I think when you have got a 7-iron down in your hand you can kind of look around the hole and if you get any more than that you better look at the middle of the green."

(on whether it is the hardest and fairest major championship course he has ever played) "I think there is all the golf course out there you want. I think you have half of the battle won if you drive it in the fairway but there is still a lot of work to be done because if you miss an iron shot, getting up and down around these greens is difficult. It's a great golf course."

(on whether he has gained motivation from the other 40- and 50-year-olds winning) "I love it. I like seeing the old guys play well. Jay Haas is out there playing well right now. I think it is a good thing, it makes me feel youthful."

(on whether he thinks he can win) "I think we'll be in the ballgame at the end of the game. All you can do tomorrow is go tee it up on that first tee and put it in the fairway from there. I said at the beginning of the week I wanted to elevate my expectations. My game was beginning to elevate itself and I wanted to expect the same from it and that's what I tried to do this week."

(on his round today) "You know today's round was kind of a real fun round in one respect -- I could build a case that it should have been a 63 or four today but what that did was left me thinking about tomorrow. I mean, it was a good round but it certainly could have been better and other than the shot that I made from the left of the green, I mean, I didn't do anything that wasn't right in front of me. I hit it close and the two bogeys that I hit on the back nine on 13 and 16 were senseless. I hit the wrong club on 13. That shot was playing more uphill than I thought it was. I should have hit nine and I hit wedge. The shot on 16 that I had I was distracted. I didn't like the lie of the ball. The ball was about five or six inches above my feet and it was a hard sand wedge. When I looked up the last time at the flag a cart was driving right behind the green and took my mind off of what I was doing and onto the cart and I had a bad shot. So certainly I shouldn't have made bogey on either one of those."

Carlos Franco (1-under-par (69) to move to 5-over-par 215)
(on his play) "I played a little more patient today. The greens were softer today and it gives you a chance to stop on the greens and make some birdies."

(on his strong points) "Being patient is a strong point. Every shot is difficult. You have to be able to hit a 3-wood, 5-iron or 6-iron on the second shot and I did that. I went bogey, bogey on the last two holes, but I finished 1-under, so I am very happy."

(on the final round) "Hopefully I will play the same game as I did today because I played a little better than the first two rounds. Today I played a little better and had more chances for birdies, but golf is golf. This course is unbelievably difficult."

Jim Furyk (1-under-par 69 to move to 5-over-par -- 215)
(on his play) "I played much better today than I did the last couple of days. I struck the ball a little more solid. I hit more fairways and more greens, and I gave myself more opportunities."

(on the conditions) "This morning with the cloud cover and a little bit of rain, the golf course is fairly soft again. It wasn't playing as difficult today as it did yesterday. The scoring today will be a little better -- much more like it was during the first round. But you never know; if the sun comes out and the winds gets up it could get more difficult. It could still show it's teeth, but this morning it played less difficult than yesterday."

(on the Player of the Year award) "It would be special. In order for that to happen, I would have to have a very good end to the season, and continue to play well. It would be nice but it's definitely not a driving force. It's not my ultimate focus or ultimate goal right now for the end of the year. I just want to continue to play well and win golf tournaments. That's how those awards come about. It would be icing on the cake for a very good year. I don't focus on that stuff."

Padraig Harrington (1-under-par (69) to move to 7-under-par -- 217)
(on his play) "It was interesting for the first five holes. I changed the grip on my driver 30 minutes before I went out. I didn't hit a shot for the first five holes. It totally knocked out my routine all together. I changed because it had just been annoying me. I haven't used my driver much; it hasn't been great for two days. I changed it last night, looked at it this morning; it was horrible again and changed it. It just really upset me and took five holes before I could get settled down. I'd say I have hit three off the worst shots since I turned pro."

(on his strengths) "I did putt well today and that was the big difference. I putted well today compared to yesterday when I putted average. The difference between today and yesterday was definitely the putting."

Peter Lonard (1-under-par (69) to move 7-over-par -- 217)
(on his round) "I drove it really good today, and this course looks a lot easier when you're driving it straight. If you miss just three fairways, you can get around and have more birdie opportunities. I just hit a few fairways. Golf is like that. Some days it's on and some days it's off -- it's a fine line. It's a game of momentum, if you hit a few fairways early, you get pretty confident and you stop seeing the rough. Also, I think the course is a little softer today, so that makes it easy."

Woody Austin (1-under-par (69) to finish at 4-over-par -- 214) (on his front nine) "I putted good on the front. I played good the whole day. I just made some putts on the front and didn't make anything on the back."

(on his confidence for tomorrow) "If I had confidence I would have made something on the back. I am not a really good percentage putter. If I putt well, I play well. I putted well for nine holes, but nine holes isn't going to cut it."

(on what he will work on for tomorrow) "I am going to hit a few balls. The first two days I didn't play well. Today I played much better so I want to make sure everything is fine. Nothing against it, but its kind of hard to practice on the putting green because the putting green is so much slower than the golf course. You get in some bad habits practicing on the putting green too much because its so much slower than the golf course."

(on his plan tomorrow) "Trying to do what I did today. Get it going on the front. Maybe try to get it to even par or around that making the turn and just hope that I can make a putt on the back."

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