The PGA Championship

Round 4 Quotes: August 17, 2003

Billy Andrade (4-over-par (74) to finish at 5-over-par - 285)
(on his round) "To go out in 40 is not what you want to do on Sunday in the position I was in. To be honest, I didn't fear any shot. It just wasn't meant to be on the front nine."

(on his performance boosting the rest of the year) "I've played so bad this year. I did a lot of great things this week. Obviously, I would have liked to have played better today. If you've seen my action the last five months it hasn't been pretty. To finish in a top 10 in a major it has to give me a boost."

Adam Scott (5-over par (75) to finish at 8-over par - 288)
(on the course taking away his advantage of the power game) "No. I think straight is key around here but earlier in the week when it was soft, length was kind of important."

(on long and inaccurate style of play compared to a shorter and more accurate style, concerning that kind of play at Oak Hill) "I think it was very fair for everyone, this golf course. I think it's the best golf course I've played this year."

(on Tiger being 18-over par for majors this year without a win) "The guy has played far superior than anyone in the game for five years now. You're going to have a couple months that your going to play poorly. He didn't play well. When he doesn't play well, he has 18-over par in majors for a year. When other guys don't play well, its usually 40 or 50-over par. The guy is still a freak and he'll get his swing thought out. You just don't hit it good all the time."

Jay Haas (1-under-par (69) to finishat 2-over-par - 282)
(on his play this week) "I got progressively better as the week went on. My ball-striking was much better on the weekend. To shoot two 69s on Saturday and Sunday at this course here, I feel real proud of myself for accomplishing that."

(on a possible President's Cup selection) "As I said yesterday, it's just nice to be considered. I thought if I could finish second or third or obviously win that would give me an outside chance. Maybe captain Jack (Nicklaus) will look favorably upon an old guy and maybe give a little balance to the team."

(on the play of himself and other "older" players) "I've always said the ball doesn't know your name, doesn't know how old you are or anything like that. I heard that from a wise, old Mr. Harmon - Craig, Butch, Billy and Dick's father. He told me that one time a long time ago and it took me a while to figure out what that meant. It (the ball) goes where you hit it no matter who you are or how much experience you have or lack of or too much."

Loren Roberts (1-over par (71) to finish at 4-over par - 284)
(on his play) "I played really good in spots. I started out not hitting the ball really good, and made some good up and downs and putts early. I was able to get the two bogeys back and made a good save on 17. I drove it perfect on 18 right into a divot and came up a little short of the green and couldn't get it up and down. I hit the ball better this week than I have all year and that probably has a lot to do with the fact that I took a month off and basically started all over again on what I have been working on. I have made a pretty big swing change. By in large, I feel very good about how I have played this week."

(on his performance this week) "I would rate it pretty good. I like this kind of golf. If you are going to shoot 20-under par, I don't really care for that. You have to drive it on the fairway, put it on the green and make some putts if you want to contend. You are going to have some par putts that you have to make."

(on the course) "The course was playing good today. It firmed up a little more that what it was yesterday. I still think the golf course was at its toughest on Friday."

Fred Funk (2-over par (72) to finish at 4-over par - 284)
(on his finish) "I thought I had a chance to get to even par. I made two great putts on 15 and 16 that horseshoed. I had a great second shot on 17 and just had a bad break or typical break [at Oak Hill]. On 18 I just hit a bad drive. It was disappointing, but I played really good on the weekend, so I am really happy with that."

(on being picked for the President's Cup) "I hope it goes down the list. I played good at the end of last year and played really good at the beginning of last year. If it wasn't for the debacle at Royal St. George and it messing up everything mentally and physically with me when I went over there. It took me four weeks to get out of it and my game showed back up this week. I am having fun again playing golf and I wasn't having fun there for about a month. The only time I really play well is when I am out there having a good time. That was happening this week, but it was disappointing at the end."

(on the course being the hardest) "I think Royal St. George was a joke, but that's my own opinion. I thought this course was very difficult, but really close to being perfectly fair. The rough around the greens I thought was over the top; I didn't like that. Those greens were ridiculous today; how hard they were."

Alex Cejka (1-under-par (69) to finish at even par - 280)
(on his round) "I am very pleased with my round today. I was trying hard, believe me, I just didn't want to waste any shots and tried as hard as I could, and I am very pleased with the week overall."

(on the course) "You never know what's going to happen, and you have to be patient. There are not many birdie chances out there. You have got to play really well, and you have got to be patient and wait for it. As you can see, there are not many guys under par here, and it's very rare to make a birdie."

(on his week) "I worked very hard. I had a very tough start on Thursday and I didn't really quite hit the ball solid, but I was grinding and trying my best. This weekend I was really playing well. I'm very pleased with the week."

(on his three rounds in the 60s) "(It was) very hard, especially on this golf course. There are not many chances out there where you can really attack the flag out there. But the last three rounds under 70, I am very happy about it."

(on whether he had a chance) "I was thinking, 'you never know' especially on this golf course on Sunday. The last nine holes anything can happen. We've seen it many, many times. I was just trying. I tried as hard as I could."

Mike Weir (5-over-par (75) to finish at 4-over-par - 284)
(on his round) "I think if I sit back and analyze it, you're trying to go to the well too many times with poor ball striking. All week I wasn't playing very well, but I was able to salvage rounds every day. Today it kind of caught up with me even though I thought I caught some horrible breaks at the start. The first hole was a legitimate bogey, but I thought I hit a really nice shot on two that was a foot in the rough. Three just kind of scooted through and four I hit a great drive that caught a big gust of wind and plugged under the lip."

(on low-ranked players winning majors) "I think everybody is raising their game a little bit. I think maybe guys just aren't afraid. The guys aren't afraid to do it and they've have enough experience. Shaun (Micheel) hasn't won; he's been out here long enough that maybe he has got a nice comfort level with his swing and with his game and he finished it off well there."

Ernie Els (1-over-par (71) to finish at 2-over-par - 282)
(on the greens) "It was firmer today. Today was the toughest test. It's always been difficult to keep the ball in play, but the greens were much firmer today."

(on why newcomers are winning majors) "I'm not sure. I remember when I won my first one; I just played. I was just enjoying it. I was doing things I saw on television - things I saw Jack Nicklaus do and Curtis Strange and guys like that. I just did it. And now, 10 years down the line, you've won three and it's almost more difficult to win one now. They're playing great and they're playing golf and enjoying themselves."

(on the course) "This is a classic. If we can play every major on a golf course like this, it would be great. It's a great test of golf - a fair test. You know, all the technological advances we have, they're not really helping us much out here. You have to keep the ball in play, and then you have to hit the ball in the right places on the greens."

(on his game plan) "I played a different game plan today. I was really quite conservative off the tee, and I took a lot of 2-irons and I put it in play. And that's just the way you have to play this golf course. I wasn't all that sharp with my fairway irons today, and that cost me the golf tournament. I didn't get the ball close enough on my second shots. I definitely gave myself chances hitting it from the fairway. Sometimes you just have to do that. I think that's fair. You can still hit drivers off of par-4s, but on the short ones you can lay it up."

(on why others didn't play well) "I just think the other guys maybe had the wrong game plan. I think if we go play any other U.S. Open-type golf course, even with the length they put on it, you still have to put the ball in some certain place on the fairway. If you overpower it, and you're on your game, you're going to shoot a 65 like Chad did, but you're not going to do it every day."

Stephanie Micheel (wife of Shaun Micheel)
(on her nerves) "I was up on the green. I had tears. I really did. That couldn't have been a better ending. I was doing pretty well until about 15. And then when Shaun bogeyed it, Chad birdied that hole, and I started to get really nervous."

(on what she thought before the tournament) "I thought he was going to win. He's been working on this his entire life. I thought he was going to win. Absolutely. I was so nervous that I don't know if it was the baby or just butterflies."

(on his pre-round routine) "He actually changed his routine just a little bit. He normally goes in and eats with me before the round, but today he said he wanted to go into the locker room and hang out with the guys. I think that really kind of calmed his nerves to go in there and just hang out with his friends. So I went up to the lunchroom by myself, and he hung out in the locker room for about 40 minutes before he went out to practice."

(on how their lives will change) "I don't think we really had time to discuss it. Obviously, he wanted to win a major - that's what they're all out here to do - but this is the first tournament he's won. Whether it was this tournament or another tournament, he just wanted to be a winner on the PGA Tour. Obviously, the fact that this is the PGA Championship is just a huge bonus."

(on his upcoming fatherhood) "He's going to be a great father. He's the best with little kids. He's the neighborhood guy to go out and play with everybody else's kids."

(on whether he thought he would win) "I think when he goes to every tournament every week, he thinks he has a chance to win. But when he shot three rounds under par at a major championship, he was feeling pretty good. He never said he was going to win it, but I could tell that he knew he was going to win it."

Timothy Clark (1-under (69) to finish at 1-under 279)
(on his round today) "Obviously today I was very pleased with how I played. I hit the ball really well, which I needed to do, give myself a lot of birdie chances. I was able to make six birdies today, with a bogey-free round it would of easily been good enough. Obviously, a little disappointed but extremely pleased with how I played."

(on making the birdie putt on the 72nd hole) "It was a difficult putt down the hill. I don't think I could of ever started it far enough right. Again, I'm pleased with how I played and how I handled the situation."

(if he ever started to think about PGA Championship) "You get out there and I was focused on what I was doing and you really can't think about that sort of stuff."

(on his run of beginning birdies) "Obviously I got off to a great start. I felt comfortable at the beginning. I hit some great shots and it kept me going. You're going to make bad shots, it's just committing those bogies. Unfortunately I was not able to do that on the back nine. I felt that I put myself in a great position after the front nine."

(on his current game after this weeks championship) "It's a strange game. You're not always going to play well. Look at the people that played well last year. That's how golf goes. I feel like I'm improving every year and when I get into situations I can handle them a lot better then I have been in the past and the results are better in golf."

Kenny Perry (2-under-par (68) to finish at 5-over-par - 285)
(on the course conditions) "That was the most difficult test I've ever been put to in all the majors I've ever played in, and I've played in a lot of majors. I shot a 68 today, and right now I may have the low round of the day, so that's pretty special. We got a north wind today, and it's cooler and it's breezy, and the greens are firm and fast. It's just a difficult test."

(on the difference in his rounds) "I drove it in the fairway today; I hadn't been driving it in the fairways before. I drove it good, and I had a lot of opportunities. And I putted well."

Stuart Appleby (even par (70) to finish at 8-over-par - 288)
(on his play) "I played good today. I really hit the ball well. I hit it pretty good, not always down the middle, but the right length. I had a couple of missed clubs on a few holes coming in on No. 16 and 17 that almost cost me a couple of opportunities to make birdies. I made a double [bogey] on 18, which was really expensive in a lot of ways. It was just a real brute of a hole. It has to be averaging close to five. I'll have to say I was pretty happy, I am just disappointed with the finish."

(on the course) "It is very, very difficult. This is the most difficult rough I have ever played in. This is worse than any U.S. Open by a long shot. It is not as long as a U.S. Open, but just as thick. It really eats up all the club head speed you try to hit on the ball."

(on his performance this week) "The first two rounds, average. The last two rounds, pretty good. I would have liked to play four rounds like I did today. Obviously, I would have been competitive - probably in the top five."

Luke Donald (2-over-par (72) to finish at 8-over-par - 288)
(on his eagle on the second hole) "I got off to a really good start with the eagle on No. 2. It was a 2-iron off the tee and a 7-iron from about 168 yards. I hit a really good shot left of the pin, and the slope took it around and it went in. That is probably one of the longest shots I have holed in competition. Two-under through seven holes was a good score, I just couldn't keep it on the back nine."

Jim Furyk (2-over-par (72) to finish at 7-over-par - 287)
(on his week at Oak Hill) "I liked the golf course. I didn't strike the ball quite as well as I wanted to all week. You have to hit the ball well to play well at this golf course. Eventually if you keep hitting balls in the rough or missing greens, you can get away with it for a day or two but eventually it is going to catch up with you. I played well over the weekend, only 1-over through the weekend. Just early in the week I played pretty poorly on Thursday and Friday and kind of dug myself in a hole."

(on the different wind today) "It wasn't too much different. It was maybe 90 degrees (different), maybe a little less than that. The wind has been blowing from the west most of the week and maybe the west-northwest and today it was pretty much mostly from the north. It changed up a little bit but the golf course isn't playing that different. Seventeen and 18 are maybe a smidge tougher because they are both back into the wind."

(on whether even-par is still good enough to win) "Oh, absolutely. I'm not saying it's going to win but there are some mean pin placements on the back side. I'm anxious to get home and see what happens."

Rod Pampling (3-over-par (73) to finish 6-over-par - 286)
(on his driving) "I think I hit one (fairway) and that was it. (I) hit two greens, made two birdies and it was just in the hay."

(on whether he had fun) "Towards the end it was (fun). From 11 on it was great. I pretty much played the way I had been for the week. But those first 10 holes kind of put you on the back burner."

(on whether he was happy with the number of birdies he made) "I knew I was playing great coming into the week. I had a lot of birdies but the bogeys are going to catch up and nullify all that. But that's the way it goes."

(on his experience) "It was a great experience. Leading a major and have the pressures of leading a major it's just a great experience. This is only my third major to be in and realistically have led two of them so hopefully a few more down the track I might be able to stick through all the way to the end."

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