The PGA Championship

Pre-Championship Quotes: August 11, 2003

"It's really not that soft. I mean, it's soft, but it's not soaking wet and if the weather report does what it says it's supposed to, to dry up after today I think, then it might firm up. But if it doesn't it's just a long course. I love it though, I think the guys all like it." — Rocco Mediate, on the course because of rain (8/11/03)

"It's kind of monotonous. I love the 17th hole, hitting a 3-wood to the hole, that I will probably be hitting most every day. And 18 I like, it's just hard, you have to bear down. I don't think it's tricked up, I think they are going too long instead of narrowing up the fairways. If you narrow the fairways up, it will stop anybody. It's a great hole, but it was a great hole from the other tee. It's fun to play but it will bust you, you have to really hit it there." — Rocco Mediate, on course preperation (8/11/03)

"If you hit in the rough you're done, especially on the long holes. It's just a great course. If you are in the fairways you can do something here." — Rocco Mediate, on whether it will come to who can drive the best (8/11/03)

"I played both yesterday and today and it is all you would want. It's a driver's dream here if you drive it well." — Rocco Mediate, on the course (8/11/03)

"I think right now a guy who hits it long and straight off the tee is going to be in great shape. Most of the time you have to putt great to win a major but I don't think it will be so much a putting contest. If a guy hits it long and straight and has a great week hitting the ball, and a good week chipping and putting also on top of that, then he has a great chance. It's set up so that you have to hit the ball very well, a guy who just putts well isn't going to win here." — Lee Janzen, on whether it will come down to a putting contest (8/11/03)

"It's hard to say that it is catered only to the big hitters but if it dries out this week, it will certainly make it better for the rest of the field." — Lee Janzen, on the course (8/11/03)

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