Round 1 Quotes: August 12, 2004

Hal Sutton (1-over-par 73)

(on the scoring) "I played a little bit better than I expected. I probably didn't get prepared enough for this golf tournament. Other than playing two rounds last week, that's it.

(on the low scores) "I was actually surprised. But I didn't even play the back nine this week. I just played the front nine because I was doing other things. I didn't really know what to expect from the other guys or myself."

(on the Ryder Cup) "I'm just trying to make sure I've got everything done that I need to get done. The world wants justification for whatever decision you make. So, I'm trying to make sure I'm justified in what I do."

Duffy Waldorf (3-under-par 69)

(on the course) "I thought the course was set up really well today. The pins were fair. I think the scores were good because the greens were holding pretty well and I putted beautifully. These are some of the best greens I've putted on. Obviously the wind was there but not strong enough to allow you to play well."

(on changes in strategy) "I've played two practice rounds and today was totally different in terms of wind direction and intensity. So, really you just have to see what the course presents."

(on expectations) "I would love to come out and play as well as I did today and make a few more putts. I just play it one shot at a time."

Jeff Lankford (5-over-par 77)

(on the course) "I think they took into consideration the wind we had in the first part of the week, which was good. For the most part, I played pretty well. I hit three bad iron shots and didn't make any birdies all day. I hit the ball solid but my score didn't show it."

(on his putting) "I have to putt a little bit better. I was a little tentative on the first nine holes. I just have to continue to be a little more aggressive on my putts."

Alan Schulte (3-over-par 75)

(on playing in his first major) "My heart was pounding pretty hard but I hit it really solid which helped me about a bit. Unfortunately I missed a two foot putt on that green. I really felt like I let it get away. I didn't know how I was going to react coming in. I'd never been here but honestly I was quite calm. I thought I could play well enough to make the cut and I did hit the ball well enough to do that. I'm going to stay relaxed and have fun."

Steve Schneiter (3-over-par 75)

(on the course) "It's pretty benign out there. There's a little wind today but not what it was in the practice round. It's a totally different golf course today than in the practice rounds."

(on if playing in the 1999 Club Professional Championship at Whistling Straits helped) "It gave me added confidence. I'd been playing good coming into the tournament and just didn't have it today. I didn't hit it how I would have liked to."

Zane Zwemke (even-par 72)

(on his experience) "I had a great time. I hit a bunch of bunch of birdies and a few bogeys coming in. We got put on the clock and were rushed his a little bit but I had a great time."

(on his round) "I can't be disappointed. I got in red numbers and felt good about it. I made five birdies, five bogeys and missed one other short putt. I misread it."

Robert Thompson (5-over-par 77)

(on how the course played) "It played a lot shorter. Yesterday everything seemed to play long. Today it was totally different."

(on what holes played the most difficult) "I played pretty solid. I started on the front nine coming in and I had a couple bad shots. I missed two fairways and missed an iron on a par 3 starting on number seven, and then I bogeyed seven, eight and nine, so that kind of hurt. Then I played pretty solid on the back - I had some birdie chances that were close and then I hit a poor tee shot on 18 then had a 3 putt on 18 where I couldn't commit to the pin from where I was on the fairway."

(on what it means to be here this weekend) "I've really enjoyed being here. I get to play one of the most awesome golf courses in the country. The fans are great up here. I couldn't ask for any better fans and just the tradition of the PGA. It's great to be a member and to be here."

(on his strategy for going into tomorrow) "Obviously, tomorrow I'm going to have to hit a lot of fairways and position my ball well on the green. I'm going to have to make a major comeback to make the cut so that is my goal: to try to go out tomorrow and make some birdies."

(on the weakest part of his game today) "My tee shots. I hit a lot of tee shots that were pretty close to being in the fairway but they ended up in the rock and five yards makes a lot of difference out here."

Robert Gamez (even-par 72)

(on playing today) "It was a different wind than I've seen and I didn't know exactly what to expect. The golf course is in great shape though."

(on how he thought he played) "Wonderful. I had two bogeys on par 5s which is pretty frustrating. I laid up on five out of the water and then three putted 16 but other than that I'm pretty happy with my round."

(on the weather today) "Well, nine played in to the wind when we got there and 18 would have been into the wind but now its downwind. It just switched around, I mean, I never thought I could get to No. 2 and I hit it 12 feet from the hole for an eagle, so it's just played differently than I'd seen it. Now granted, like I said I played it three weeks ago and this week I played the front once and the back twice and I only played nine holes because I wanted to save my energy and my wits about me for the tournament."

(on his strategy for tomorrow) "I'm just going to keep playing like I did. I had 16 birdie putts today. I'm hitting the ball great, but I'm struggling to putt a little bit. I rolled it a lot better today. I didn't make many putts. I think I had 35 putts today. I just need to keep playing solid golf."

Jeff Sluman (even-par 72)

(on the course set-up) "The wind switched about halfway through - it was coming out of the northeast so I hadn't seen that wind. I hate to say it but there was a chance to shoot a really good number out there today. I'm not going to say they made it too easy because we'll get tortured the last three days but they (PGA) did a very good job setting up the golf course. It's almost like they tease these guys into the championship. Almost every major they don't try to get you reeling on the first day. They want to let you get a feel on the golf course how it's playing how fast it's playing. Like I said the PGA did a good job and you can see some low scores out there today."

(on setting up the course - the PGA perspective) "I think the PGA has a little different philosophy. There were a few tees out there today that kind of surprised me. I thought that there were going to be some pretty low scores and we definitely won't be seeing those tees in the same places again."

Adam Scott (1-under-par 71)

(on how the course played) "It played a little weaker than yesterday just because the wind wasn't quite as strong, I guess. But it was definitely tough enough. It certainly isn't the toughest course I've ever played. I think the wind was going about 10 miles an hour or so."

(on moving the tees on several holes) "I know they moved 18 but I don't know if they were expecting the wind to be the way it was. It was good they moved 11 up and maybe the eighth as well. I think they may be disappointed they moved 18 because it is down wind now." Sergio Garcia (1-over-par 73)

(on how the course played today) "It played pretty consistent. I was playing much easier because of the wind direction being a bit softer."

(on the hardest holes and effects of the wind on play) "I think eight was pretty hard. The wind definitely made some of the holes too short. Eight was still playing pretty long but a couple of them were fairly short. There probably could have been a bit more wind and that could fix that. Today the wind, it was absolutely perfect because we were used to playing every hole with a cross wind and now we are playing it straight in and that makes a big difference. Today you could play your drives a lot longer, but I still think it is a tough course and you still have to play well."

Jerry Kelly (4-over-par 76)

(on his play today) "I'm not even close to the position that I thought I'd be in, that I want to be in, so I'm a little mad, but all I can do is go forward and get those birdies tomorrow, play solid over the weekend and get myself back into the tournament."

(on his slow start) "I've done it all year, I haven't been starting well all year - my last four or five events I've put myself in this position. It's nothing new- I need to have a good Friday for me to have a good weekend."

Stephen Ames (4-under-par 68)

(on his round today) "Driving the ball was exceptionally well for me. The course didn't play the same today as it did in the two practice rounds so it took some to get used to, but I putted well. I hit some occasional bad shots and some occasional good ones, but I stayed away from the double bogeys which is what you have to do out here."

Nick Faldo (even-par 72)

(on how the course played) "The course played tough. It was hard at times because of the wind. I played well and had 32 putts, so if I hit a lot of those I'll do great."

Joe Durant (1-under-par 71)

(on getting into the Championship) "I found out I was going to be playing about quarter till We got here about six this morning and hung out and watched everyone in the morning group tee off and no one pulled out. I really wasn't expecting anyone to pull out in the afternoon but then Greg Norman did."

(on whether he had played the course before) "No, I came yesterday - I flew up yesterday morning and got a practice round in, so I didn't play it blind. There's no way you could play it blind - there's way too much going on to play it blind- I would've had no chance playing it that way. I'm just lucky that I have a good caddy that maps it out well and everything worked out."

(on his strategy for tomorrow) "You know, this is a very tough golf course - I was very surprised by some of the scoring. There were some low numbers shot, but I think some of the officials decided to be a little conservative with some of the set up today but I think it will be a lot different tomorrow and through the weekend I'm sure."

(on the opportunity to play) "I'm happy to have the chance to play and I had some good shots today, but I just didn't capitalize on some situations, but I'm not going to complain. I'm still feeling my way along the golf course a little bit so I'm just taking it one hole at a time."

(on any difficult holes today) "The only trouble I had was on the par 5 No. 5. I had a bad third shot with a wedge and I pulled it in the bunker and wasn't able to get up and down to make bogey. I think I virtually hit every other green today and I drove it well, so it was a pretty solid round overall."

Quinn Griffing (4-over-par 76)

(on being at the PGA Championship) "It means a lot. I mean, you work towards it your whole life, so it's been really enjoyable."

(on how the course played) "I thought the course played relatively easy . If I could have hit the driver well, I could have shot under par - I know I could have. But, I missed a lot of fairways."

(on moving the tees today) "They threw a curve ball at us. But I think the PGA as an organization is really fair. They wanted to make sure they had a jump start in the right direction and didn't want a lot of controversy right out of the chute."

Geoff Ogilvy (4-under-par 68)

(on today's weather) "It was different. It changed the lines a lot off the tees because the wind was going opposite, I guess. I'll give you an example on nine: You can't really see the fairway off the tee and I hit it straight into the wind up the left and it was playing downwind and to the right. The difference is about 40 yards, which is a lot, but there were a few holes where you just had to think on your feet and here's where your caddy makes his money today just to pick the right line for you."

(on the scores today) "I think the PGA won't be too happy with the scores - I don't think they wanted to see 7-under, but nobody's perfect. You can't play well here and have a good score. But that's what golf's all about. If you hit a good shot you should be awarded and if you hit a bad shot you should be penalized. I'm sure it'll get tougher. The pins were not that frightening and the tees were moved up, so I don't think the PGA was happy but I think it was smart of them."

(on his score) "Any time your under par at a major is good - I don't care where you are, so I'm pretty happy with it."

Sean English (3-over-par 75)

(on being at the PGA Championship) "It's absolutely incredible. Just to play in a major. I'll be happy to be here for two days, but hopefully we can make it four. I'd like to stay. I'm sure going to play my best in these conditions and see how the other guys shoot. I shot a 75 today, you know and I looked at the guys scores this morning and I saw that they were pretty low and I was surprised, but then again, these are the greatest players in the world. Getting off on the golf course and competing with them on the same course, the same tees on the same day was a great experience. I can't say that I'm disappointed because my goal coming out today was to shoot a 75 and I was able to do it. You know, I had a few moments on the back side, I wish I could have done a little bit better on the front, but we're in good shape and looking forward to tomorrow."

(on his shot at 15) "I hit way right off the tee and was able to get it to about 5 yards short and was really just trying to get it close to the pin and then I gave it a few huffs and puffs and the next thing I know it kind of dropped. It was definitely a great moment and something I will always remember for the rest of my life."

Roy Biancalana (1-over-par 73)

(on touching the twig in the bunker) "I was in what turned out to be a fairway bunker - it was way outside the ropes off to the right and people had been trampling over this bunker and about a yard and a half and I mean it was out of play. I just kicked a stick with my foot and well, I'm pretty sure I touched it, and I just swatted at the stick with my foot and touched it. I don't think it moved, but we had to go back out there and see if it was a sand path or a bunker. And it was a bunker, so it was a two stroke penalty.

(on if it was hard to call the penalty on himself) "It - well, I didn't want to but I wouldn't have slept well and I probably would have played like crap tomorrow so I had to ask them about it. I actually thought that if it didn't move it wouldn't have been an issue, but it clearly states that you can't touch it."

(on when he recognized his error) "I recognized it right away at the time that I might be in a bunker here, but I chose to just let it go until I was done. I didn't want to get in a discussion with the rules official when I played because I knew there'd be know replacing the ball or dropping the ball involved so I just finished and thought I'd ask him them."

(on whether this had ever happened before) "Usually when I have penalties they are obvious, you know, they go in the water or something. This is the first time I've actually had to call something on myself."

(on his strategy for tomorrow) "Play like today. Don't swat at things in bunkers. I played solid today- I hit a lot of fairways and I hit a lot of greens, played a couple of nice putts. Of course, the course didn't play too awfully hard today, as you could tell by some of the low scores."

Craig Parry (2-under-par 70)

(on his round) "The golf course probably played a little bit easier than everyone thought it was going to play. The flag placements were a little bit easier and the greens were receptive. You've got good greens to putt on which helps scoring."

(on the weather) "It got pretty blustery early and things died down just a little bit on the back nine. We were just fortunate that it did die down as it could have been a lot harder."

Patrick Sheehan (2-under-par 70)

(on his round) "I played pretty well today. I got off to a great start. I birdied the first three and just kind of hung on from there. It's tough. They had the tees up on some key holes which helps. That's why I think the scoring is so low. Eight played pretty short and a couple of par 5s were playing short. There's a totally different wind from the practice round so you're guessing where you're aiming now. The course was set up good. It didn't play very long."

(on tomorrow's round) "Everything depends on the wind out here. I'm early tomorrow, really early, so I don't know what the wind will be doing. The course is going to change depending on the wind. The wind is a big factor here."

(on his expectations) "This is my first one (major) so I'm just kind of going out and treating it like any other tournament. It's a lot of fun and there's a lot of people out here so it's great."

Chris Riley (3-under-par 69)

"I'm happy with 3-under. The greens were pretty forgiving. Hopefully tomorrow it will get harder. I just hope it gets a little more windy and a little more challenging. I feel real comfortable out there. Last week was my first tournament in about a couple of weeks and I felt good about it."

(on his eagle on 16) "I hit a driver, 3 wood in there about 10 feet and made it. I was coming off two bogeys so I needed it."

(on making the Ryder Cup team) "I want to make it. I really didn't give myself a great chance to make the team but it's been good. (Hal) Sutton is really nice. He's left some messages on my locker and encouraged me to make a lot of putts. I really don't think it's a longshot. I think if I play well enough, I can make the top seven. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be."

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