Round 4 Quotes: August 14, 2004

Jeff Coston (5-over-par 77 to finish at 13-over-par 301)

(on the PGA Championship experience) "I've played the PGA Tour and the Nike Tour but this is my first PGA Championship. So, at 48-years old this is something I'll remember for a long time."

(on the gallery) "The people were very nice, very embracing. It was a great experience that way."

(on Whistling Straits) "If a good pro played this course everyday they would never fear anything. It's a great golf course, very beautiful. I noticed that the greens are much faster today and much more firm, which made a big difference. Just like everyone's said all week the PGA set the course up very fair. It [the course] demands good shots and if you hit good shots you'll get rewarded. I think that's very admirable, and I'm very proud of that. It's a great golf course and I'm sure they'll have other major events here in the future."

Todd Hamilton (4-under-par 68 to finish at even par 288)

(on his start of his round today) "I think that all the putts I missed on the first three days I made today, at least on the front nine. I was playing pretty good, hitting a lot of good shots. I kept it on the right side of the hole today. I didn't have any real big, breaking putts. I finally made a few putts, which was nice."

(on the course conditions) "For us it wasn't too bad starting off. The wind was blowing a little, maybe 5 to 10 (mph), but it looks like it's picking up. I'll tell you, the last four holes were playing pretty tough. So, if you're going to expect to make a couple of birdies or a birdie coming in, good luck to you."

(on his birdie on hole 17) "Shingo and I both made birdies. I think we had probably 5 feet for the both of us. He was just inside me, so maybe, 10 feet total for the two of our putts. When you hit shots like that you've got to take advantage of them on a golf course like this and we did that."

(on how his life has changed since winning the British Open) "Well, I seemed to be recognized by a lot more people. I've got a lot more friends than I thought I had. Sometimes it's hard because you feel like you've got to sign everybody's hat or program, and you just can't do it when there's 40,000 and 50,000 people everyday coming out. I try to get the kids that want them. But it's a good problem to have. It's nice to be able to be recognized here and there. I don't know if I'd like to be in Tiger's shoes, to be recognized like that, but it's nice when people know who you are."

(on his Ryder Cup chances with Hal Sutton) "I definitely wanted to play well today, especially the first three days. I hit a lot of good shots the first three days and just could not putt well at all. It's usually just the opposite for me. I don't hit the ball quite as well, at least I hadn't until recent months. I usually putt and chip well. But, I wanted to have a good round today to make Hal have a little less sleep overnight. But, he's got a lot of good players to pick from and I'm sure he'll do a good job and make good choices."

Skip Kendall (8-over-par 80 to finish at 16-over-par 304)

(on his play) "It was a frustrating couple of days. I've had some real good tournaments where I've played well on the weekend. Sometimes this happens. I just wasn't playing well, which is unfortunate because I felt like I was playing really well on Thursday. Things just went downhill from there."

(on Whistling Straits) "I sure hope that there will be more major championships coming back here. I think it's a great course and it's such a challenge. It presents its problems, but you can get at it too. If you play well, you can score on it."

Chip Sullivan (1-under-par 71 to finish at 1-under-par 287)

(on his reception coming up No. 18 fairway) "I'm choked up. It's been a fun week, a hard week and an emotional week. I don't know how I found it today, but I played great golf. I doubled four and three-putted 17, but other than that I wouldn't trade any of the shots I had out there. Making a cut in a major and the reception I've received all week from people here in Wisconsin has just been tremendous. Everyone was pulling behind me and they gave me a warm reception every hole. I'll cherish the moment for the rest of my life."

(on finishing under par) "It means a lot. I was 2-over after four and I knew I had a lot of hard holes ahead of me. I pulled off just a slew of good shots. Looking back at this round today, even though I was only 1-under it felt like I shot 8 or 10-under."

Paul McGinley (3-under-par 69 to finish at 6-under-par 282)

(on making the European Ryder Cup team) "Certainly the job is not finished yet. I have a long way to go. There's a lot of real quality players out there. I'm certainly not dismissing a possibility for a wild card. But mentally I don't want to go down that road mentally. Mentally, I want to be focused on making the team. It's within my grasp and I want to make the team."

(on his round today) "I felt I played really well. I started out well, birdied the first hole. I had some tough holes and made some bogies in there. Obviously, I jumped a bit, which is really nice."

(on the course) "The course is a lot tougher today. The greens are quicker than they have been. Pin positions are obviously quite tough. The wind is blowing quite strong today and the last five holes it's almost like the golfing gods said, "okay, let's have the last five holes into the wind and make it really tough and see who's really going to be the champion."

Roy Biancalana (7-over-par to finish at 11-over-par 299)

(on his round) "Yea, it was interesting - I was even par all week for the last four holes."

(on his back nine) "Well, on 11, I played the hole okay. I had a wedge shot onto the green. I played it way over the pin and it bounced over to the left bunker and it took me two to get out of it. And then I hit a decent shot on the par 3, but it just went with the wind, it missed the green, went in to the bunker and I three putted it."

(on the PGA Championship) "It's huge being here today and this weekend. Today I missed a lot of fairways and I missed a lot of greens, but it's a huge accomplishment. I'm too competitive to not to want to be right in it, but I have to step back and just be happy I just made a boat load of money."

(on his round today) "I didn't play that differently than I did yesterday. I just had a few more times when I hit a shot and I was in a really bad place. The first couple days I had hit a couple bad shots but I was able to get away with it because I was able to get them up and down. I played pretty conservative all week. But in the third round I got myself to a place where I could be a little more aggressive. And today I came out and was a bit more loose, but the wind just wouldn't cooperate."

K.J. Choi (2-under-par to finish at 6-under-par 282)

(on his play today) "Today's back nine are very, very tough. The wind was very strong and I was very nervous on 17 and 18. The only shot I missed was on the 18th hole, my second shot. And then there was a little bit of a downswing and then I hit it 191 yards with my 6-iron. And then I rolled it short to 10 yards. Well, then, there was a bogey. I leave the PGA (Championship) tied for sixth, which is very good. I am happy with the weekend."

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