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"Every golfer worthy of the name likes to think that he is just as good at the man-to-man competition as he is shooting against par." Ben Hogan, 1947

"All that Barnes needs to win a golf tournament is a golf course, a putter, and a liberal supply of the clover-leaves that he carries in the corner of his mouth." (New York Times, October 15, 1916)

"It seems that it never will be safe to count Hagen out when he is playing for money, marbles or glory." Gould B. Martin, Metropolitan Golfer, 1925

"Having won the PGA championship twice (1940 and 1945) I can speak with some authority about the prestige that this crown brings to the man lucky enough to hold it." Byron Nelson

"I don't care what you say about me. Just spell the name right." Gene Sarazen

"...I think it's got to go down as one of the best duels in the game, in a major championship." Tiger Woods reflecting on his win over Bob May at Valhalla Golf Club, 2000

"The log of the PGA tournament since it first set sail in 1916 is rich with golfing feats such as no other event boasts. It is the only major show in which professionals meet at match play." Charles Bartlett, Chicago-Sun Times, 25 November 1937

Jim Turnesa 1942: Against a backdrop of WWII, U.S. Army Corporal Jim Turnesa and U.S. Navy recruit Sam Snead met in the finals of the 25th PGA Championship at Seaview C.C. in Atlantic City, N.J., with Snead holing a 60-foot birdie chip shot for his first major championship. More

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