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Copy and paste either of the following podcast subscription links into your podcast software
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PodcastiTunes Enhanced

PodcastStandard podcast


You can take it with you. The latest news from the PGA Championship is now available as a Podcast. Podcasts are radio shows automatically delivered over the Internet to your computer. Subscribe for free, and you'll always be up-to-date.

An Apple iPod™ is not required — you can listen anytime on your computer; and anywhere, just by syncing with your portable mp3 player.

What do I need to listen?

The basic requirements for podcasting are a computer (PC or Mac) and podcasting software. Recommended software includes one of the following:

iTunes 4.9 (PC and Mac (Free))
iPodder (PC (Free))
iPodderX (Mac)

How to add the podcast to iTunes

Click on the "iTunes Enhanced" link above and the podcast will be opened in iTunes. You can click "Subscribe" within iTunes and new files will be downloaded automatically as they are available.

Other MP3 players

For software other than iTunes 4.9, copy the "Standard podcast" link above and refer to your player's Help documentation to learn how to add a podcast link.

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