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Justin Rose believes improvements in his mental game played a big role in his success in the majors this season. (David Cannon/Getty Images) 
Justin Rose believes improvements in his mental game played a big role in his success in the majors this season. (David Cannon/Getty Images) 

England's Rose is happy with his run in the majors

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Justin Rose finished in the top 12 in all four majors this season, and he credited his preparation for his success. Now, he says, if he can just execute a little better, there's no reason he can't win a major for himself down the road.

TULSA, Okla. (PA) -- Justin Rose wrapped up a pretty successful run in the 2007 majors at the PGA Championship and believes he is on track for a breakthrough.

A 1-under-par 69 at Southern Hills on Sunday moved Rose into a tie for 12th place. Added to his tie for fifth at the Masters, a tie for 10th at the U.S. Open and a share of 12th at the Open Championship, and Rose has had one of the best runs in majors of anyone not named Tiger Woods.

About the only thing Rose didn't do was win, but he feels there is very little standing between him and his first major championship.

"I think I need to follow the same sort of preparation. I think I prepared well for the majors," Rose said. "I got myself up for them and, scheduling-wise, I've been fresh for the majors and next year I intend on doing the same.

"Golf-wise, I have to keep getting a little better. It's a fine line," he explained. "That's what we're dealing with, that last one percent. I am not trying to reinvent the wheel for next year, that's for sure."

Rose shot his lowest round of the tournament, despite a bogey on 18, because the 27-year-old believes was able to handle the pressure of playing in a final round of a major and the 100-degree heat much better than he would have been able to in the past.

"In majors this year I am a better player, but I would say mentally is the biggest improvement," he said. "There are a lot of time when you are tested in majors patience-wise more than anything.

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"Today I didn't play that well but I was making sensible decisions, hitting the ball in the middle of the green. I hardly went at any flags," he added. "I didn't feel great with the putter, but I didn't leave myself too many 3- or 4-footers, which is key. A year or two ago I would have struggled."

As for Southern Hills itself, Rose had only compliments for the course, despite temperatures that averaged 101 degrees.

"It's been a great golf course," Rose said. "It just goes to show that is doesn't have to be long to be difficult and doesn't need knee-high rough, either. It's been another great major."

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