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Chip Sullivan appreciated the support he received from friends, fans and family at Southern Hills. (Photo: E.M. Pio Roda)
Chip Sullivan appreciated the support he received from friends, fans and family at Southern Hills. (Photo: E.M. Pio Roda)

Sullivan Blog: Though I struggled, I enjoyed the week

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In the final edition of his blog from Southern Hills, PGA Professional Chip Sullivan discusses his feelings about his play and the memories he'll take home with him. He also reveals the golf challenges he's most looking forward to next.

TULSA, Okla. --- Thank goodness I can keep a smile going because today may have been the poorest display of golf I've had in quite some time. [Sullivan missed the cut with a 78-80).]

The company was great, the venue was fantastic, and I really enjoyed playing with Corey (Pavin) and Denis (Watson). I'll take those positive memories with me forever. It was also great to have some good friends in the gallery follow me around. I wish I could have performed better for them, but they certainly lifted my spirits with their support.

Days like today, you just appreciate the days when you do play well. You realize it's not automatic and you can't take good rounds for granted. I'm sure I'll have a few more bad rounds in my lifetime so I'm not going to let this week wear on me or get me down. The good things from Southern Hills far outweigh some bad shots or bad putts.

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I am really proud and appreciative to have represented the PGA of America as their Professional National Champion this week. Having so many people come up and congratulate me, offer me their support and best wishes, and welcome me here to this tournament
was one of the great experiences I've had in golf.

Of course I'm disappointed in my play; I know I could have done better. I've said all along that any time you come to a major, if you're not hitting on all cylinders, you can get beat up. I'm not sure I was hitting on any cylinder, and I got roughed up pretty good. When you miss fairways and greens here, you're not going to do too much special.

So what's next? Well, the one thing I'm most excited about is seeing my family tomorrow. I miss them a lot and though I wish they were coming to see me here because I was still playing, it will be great to go home and see them.

On Monday, I'll be competing in the Middle Atlantic PGA Section Championship. It will be nice to see a little less rough and a little less distance from the tee boxes to the greens. I'm the defending champion there, so there's no time for me to dwell on this week's performance.
I have to get back up and get ready to play again.

In September, I'll be at the PGA Cup at Reynolds Plantation, and I'm looking forward to that. I hope I can represent the PGA of America a little better there and win some matches for us. And in 2008, I have an exemption into six PGA TOUR events. So there's plenty of championship golf in my future and I'm excited about taking part in those events.

So my golf and time at the 89th PGA Championship is over. Again, I'm disappointed, but I'm okay with it, too. Golf is my passion and I love it, but it doesn't define me or who I am.

Tomorrow I'll be home with my family, and I'll be getting ready for the next time I get a chance to compete. I'm honored by all the great things that have happened for me since winning (the 2007 PGA Professional National Championship) at Sunriver, and I'm looking forward to facing my next challenge.

Thanks for reading. See you at Reynolds Plantation.

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