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PGA Professional National Champion Scott Hebert said his struggles off the tee hurt him the most. (Photo: E.M. Pio Roda, PGA.COM)

Hebert Blog: I'm disappointed, but determined to return

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In his final blog entry from the 90th PGA Championship, PGA Professional National Champion Scott Hebert looks back on a week that was fun, difficult, thrilling and ultimately very memorable.

Each day of the 90th PGA Championship, PGA Professional National Champion Scott Hebert shared share his thoughts about competing in the season's final major and playing front of the home folks.

BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. - Well, my third blog entry is my final blog entry
as my hopes for a long stay here at Oakland Hills were cut short by rounds of 80-76. I still had an incredible time, and all this week has done for me is to motivate me even more as I go to the PGA Professional National Championship next year. This is my second PGA Championship and I'm already looking forward to making a third appearance.

I played pretty well today, hit some good shots, made a few good putts, even hit one bomb that got me some TV airtime, I'm told. Those are always fun. I can leave knowing that I gave it my all, I never quit and at times, I played some pretty good golf.

Of course I'm a little disappointed, I really thought I would get around within a shot or two of par each day. And as I look back on the week, I could have. I can think of maybe one putt that I missed that I would absolutely expect to make every time. My putting wasn't my Achilles heel this week, it was my driving.

The fairways just seemed to shrink this week. And like I said yesterday, that's the frustrating part since that is what I had worked on and focused on so heavily coming in to the championship. Golf's a lot easier when you have an opportunity to hit the green in regulation. That just wasn't the case for me enough.

I know there will be some people who want to point out that none of the 20 PGA Club Professionals in the field made the cut. I think that we club professionals have represented ourselves quite well overall in this championship, and I think two to four making it to weekend play can be expected.

Sure, every once in a while, you're going to have weeks like this one where we don't make it to the weekend. But it's important to point out, if you look at the leader board, you'll see that a number of club pros beat a lot of very, very good players. This was a brutally tough course under extreme conditions. I think we can be proud of our effort while still being disappointed that the results weren't more positive.

So yes, there is a significant gap between my expectations coming into the week and the way things worked out, but I don't really have any regrets. Every time you get an opportunity to compete at this level, on this type of venue, it's special, and I'll remember it as such.

I've enjoyed my blogs,
all three of them. I wish I could have done two more. But who knows, maybe I'll get that chance next year.

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