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Q. What are all of the things I'll be able to do with the PGA Championship App?
A. The PGA Championship App gives you live coverage of the 91st PGA Championship with leaderboards, scorecards, daily video highlights and news. It also lets you follow along with live video from the course each day, player alerts that you select, a customizable My Leaderboard feature, and a unique look at Player Trends. Plus, video golf tips are available exclusively from PGA Club Professionals across the country. Click here for a full list of features.

Q. I have an older iPhone or iPod touch with OS 2.2.1. Can I use the PGA Championship App?
A. No, but for a reason. The PGA Championship App was built to take advantage of the core functionality of OS 3.0 around live video streaming and push notification for a more personal experience. Therefore, it won't work on lower OS versions. If you want to follow the PGA Championship, but don't want to upgrade your iPhone or iPod touch, use our mobile web site instead by going to in your Safari browser. You'll still get updated leaderboards, scorecards, and news.

Q. When can I expect to see live scoring and video?
A. Players tee off Thursday and Friday at 7:15am central time (local time). Live video will begin once the first Marquee Groups tee off or groups begin to hit the Par 3 holes - approximately 8:30 or 9am.

Q. When will I know who the Marquee Groups will be each day?

A. Check PGA.COM or check in with the App each day. We will update listings as we know them. If you have alerts turned on, you should also receive a daily update on the Marquee Groups.

Q. Why are some player's scores blank in the leaderboard?

A. They have not yet begun play. Check their Tee Times to see when their round begins. All players on course will have a score once they've played the first hole (which will either be 1 or 10 on Thursday and Friday).

Q. I set a player as my favorite on My Leaderboard. Why isn't the App sending player alerts?

A. Not everyone wants alerts, so we designed the App to allow you to choose the way you want to follow along. My Leaderboard was designed to let you follow your favorite players without notification. If you want to also receive Player Alerts, go to the Alerts section and check, or uncheck, the players you want to receive notifications for.  This was designed to keep you up to date even if your phone is in your pocket and you are stuck in a meeting.

Q. How many players can I set on My Leaderboard?

A. As many as you want. Only the Player Alerts are limited to 5 Players. You can also add or remove Players as often as you want throughout the tournament.

Q. Why aren't my favorites on the Top Ten Leaderboard?

A. The Top Ten Leaderboard is designed to let you see who's within striking distance of the leaders without having to scroll as much. Simple and easy.

Q. Do the alerts I set apply to every player I select in Player Alerts?

A. Yes. Choosing which players have which alerts could get confusing fast. The PGA Championship App is designed to make it easy, and not complex, to follow players. You can also always turn alerts off with a single switch on the Alerts screen.

Q. How do I reset my player alerts?
A. Just uncheck them in the Player Selection screen. The App will tell you how many players you have left at the bottom of the screen.

Q. Why am I not able to watch video highlights or live stream?

A. We've optimized the PGA Championship App to take advantage of the latest iPhone 3.0 video streaming technology. But it still won't work if you happen to be out of coverage (like an elevator or subway) or don't have enough bandwidth available for a good video experience. Fortunately, live scoring takes a lot less bandwidth, so you'll still be able to follow along until your coverage improves.

Q. Will I get the same video quality over the 3G or EDGE network as I am over WIFI?
No. The advancements available in WIFI video streaming are significantly further ahead of other types of wireless networks.

Q. What will happen to the PGA Championship App after the PGA Championship is over?
There will be post-tournament coverage including the Ryder Cup press conference on Monday. Plus, the PGA Professional instruction videos will continue to be available the rest of the golf season.

Q. What if I have feedback, questions or comments about the PGA Championship App?
Email us at 

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